The 5 Best Suits for Men Under 500 Dollars (Look Good and Suit Up!)

Nothing suits you like a suit. No truer words have ever been spoken. Of course, wearing the right suit can do wonders for you. Now, finding the best suits for men under 500 can be tricky.

If you do know how to pick the right suit, it can make you look better, thus increasing your level of confidence, and as anyone who has some can tell, confidence is everything in life.

Research shows that confident people are happier and earn more money than their less confident counterparts. Now, you did not need a university study to know that.

Now, what you probably did not know is that confidence does not always come from inside out. The two best methods to build confidence from the outside-in is to dress nice and take on confident behaviors.

So, this article is all about helping you build this confidence from the outside in. How do you do that? By wearing the best suit, you can. Of course, if you frighten at the mention of high-quality suits because you believe they must cost thousands of dollars, you are completely wrong.

With such competitiveness in the marketplace today, it is totally possible to find incredible suits for less than 500 dollars. And, I’m not talking about those suits that your friend bought for $20 and tells you it is good. I’m talking about the kind of suit that makes people pay attention to you. The kind that emanates success.

Fear not, my friend, after reading this guide, you are going to have the nicest suits around. So here is our selection. It is not ranked from best to worst or vice versa. All suits here are great choices. We took into consideration the quality of the fabric, how well it fits in the body, and the design.

The 5 Best Suits for Men Under 500 Dollars (Look Good and Suit Up!)

1. Ralph Lauren Navy Plaid 2 Button Modern Style Fit Dress Suit

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The first thing you have to know about this suit is that it is made of superfine wool. Now, if you have no idea of what I’m talking about, relax. Basically, superfine wool is a high-quality wool that makes the fabric soft to the touch, lasts longer than other kinds of wool, and provides warm while still being light weighed.

So, you bet this is worth every penny you are paying for. This suit is great to dress up with a white shirt, giving you professional, fancy look.

Now, if you are some sort of suit nerd, this one has two buttons with a modern style. It adjusts well on the body. It also comes with matching front trousers and side seam pockets. Besides the notched lapel and the side vents.

2. Calvin Klein Men’s X-Fit Two-Piece Suit

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If you love a modern cut with a slim fit, this suit is for you my friend. This Calvin Klein suit is one of the best deals out there. This is because the imported wool makes a nice fit on the body. The high-quality bi-stretch fabric makes movement easier even though it has a slim design.

So, if you need to make certain movements with your arms, you will not feel like a robot. For this price tag, you will not find a better suit. It is important to point out that this one is a dry-clean only.

This suit is great to innovate with your shirts. Sure, it goes great with the classic white shirt, but with its modern cut, you can totally innovate with the shirt colors and design and also with your ties.

If you are a little conservative with your wardrobe this can be a chance to change a little, or if you want it still goes perfectly with the classic white shirt and dark colored tie.

3. MANGO Men’s Slim-Fit Check Suit Blazer

This suit is a steal. I dare you to find a suit this good for this price. The MANGO suit is perfect for formal occasions in business, and also in life such as weddings and funerals.

The check-pattern, structured shoulders, notched lapels, and welt pocket at chest, all contribute to give this classic style to this suit. Now, classic does not mean outdated. This suit still has a modern cut while respecting a more traditional design.

The tailored line and slim-fit are composed of a textured fabric that makes this suit of high-quality. The advice is to wear it with a black tie and white shirt. This creates a sleek, contemporary silhouette while still being formal and classic at the same time.

4. Brooks Brothers Mens Cool Madison Classic-Fit Wool-Blend Suit with Pleated Pant, 40R, Blue

If you want to change a bit and is tired of wearing black suits, this navy plaid colored suit can be a great choice for you. The shell is made of 85% wool and 15% polyester, which makes it not only high-quality but also comfortable.

The more classic design makes it look great on you without the need to be too tight. The unfinished hem makes it great for tailoring, which is an interesting feature because often times you do need to make adjustments. Be it when you buy the suit or after a few months or years.

The Brooks Brother suit comes with lots of pockets. As any suits aficionado will say, pockets matter. This suit has a left chest pocket, three interior pockets center back vent at hem, and two front flap pockets. This one goes great with light-grey ties and sober colored shirts.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Black Weave 2 Button Side Vent Trim Fit Suit

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If you want to go for simplicity and durability, the Tommy Hilfiger suit is the one for you. This weave 2 button side vent trim suit is great for those who want to look good but do not want to take many risks.

If your motto is better safe than sorry, then go with this one that you are guaranteed to look amazing. Made of 100% wool, the suit has a slight texture and a great adjustment to the body. Just pick this one and be ready for lots of compliments.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have all the tools to pick the perfect suit for your style, just go ahead and get one for you. Take into consideration the quality of the fabric and the design.

If you do that, you are sure to buy one that checks all the boxes for you. Now, do not forget to share this article on all your social media accounts to help other guys. Also, share a comment below of your favorite on the list.


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