The 5 Best Swim Trunks for Short Guys (Who Said Short is A Deal Breaker?)

If you are a short guy, no matter how much the world tries to tell you differently, you know that there are its advantages. It is cliché but it does not mean that it is not true that the best perfumes come in small packages.

Now if you want to look good in a swim trunk and not feel like they’re too large for you check out these best swim trunks for short guys.

The secret to the best swim trunk for short guys is that you have to pick the trunks that go up to the middle of your thigh. This is due to the fact that this creates the illusion that your legs are longer, thus making you look taller.

Another great tip that we have is to pick certain prints that give depth to the swim trunk. They not only make you look good but they also make you look taller.

Who knows maybe after getting the right swim trunk, you will look yourself in the mirror and think you grew a few inches. So, below is our best selection if you want to look great on a pool or beach day.

The 5 Best Swim Trunks for Short Guys (Too Short? Don’t Fuss!)

Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Short with Pockets

If you have any experience buying yourself some clothes, you know the power of high-quality material when it comes to your wardrobe. A high-quality fabric can make any man look better. This is why the Neleus short got into our selection. They have a huge variety of colors for all tastes.

I dare you to not find your favorite color. And if you think that favorite color is for kids and you are an adult, great buy them all. Now, being serious, what makes this swim trunk great is that it will make your legs look longer, thus you looking taller.

The shell 100% nylon with mesh brief inside lining, makes you not only look incredible but it also makes more comfortable to wear it. So, yes you are going to look taller, better, and feel more comfortable. This is why we had to put this one on our list.  Click here to view Neleus Dry Fit Short with Pockets on Amazon.

Men’s Swim Trunks and Workout Shorts – Perfect Swimsuit Athletic Shorts

This swim trunk checks all the boxes for a perfect beach-day outfit. It has the right length on the legs, making you look taller. It is made of high-quality fabric. The hybrid fabric allows your skin to breathe and your whole body to stretch, move, and flex any way you want.

It has an interesting variety of colors to choose from, and it comes with a storage bag. Its design and colors make this swim trunk extremely versatile, allowing you to wear it not only on the beach but also at the gym and other occasions such as hiking, surfing, running and etc.

To get to the final list, we excluded everything that did not fit a certain criterion. This is the length, design, and quality. Perhaps, quality is where this swim trunk stands out. You will not get such high-quality swim trunks for this price. For this reason, this swim trunk is on the list.  Click here to read more about Men’s Swim Trunks and Workout Shorts on Amazon.

Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Performance Short with Pockets

This list is not ranked from best to worst or vice versa. If it was, this one would have a big chance of being in #1. The Neleus’ dry fit swim trunk has all the qualities of the best swim trunk for short guys. This model is similar to the other Neleus model above, but they are not the same.

This swim trunk has breathable fabric that gets you more comfortable throughout the day and allows your skin to breathe. The dry-fit fabric makes the trunk dry out faster in case you go swimming.

The color selection is bolder than most models, so it is perfect if you want to stand out in a nice way on the beach. The 100% nylon and polyester mesh makes it comfortable to wear while also making you look great.

So, recapturing, you need the right length on the legs, high-quality fabric to make you look good and make it comfortable to wear, and a nice selection of colors. This swim trunk checks all these boxes.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on Neleus Dry Fit Performance Short with Pockets.

Speedo Surf Runner Volley Swim Trunks

If you get excited about technology in everything, be prepared. You are going to love this one. If you did not think about swim trunks as something that could contain ultimate-technology, you are going to be surprised.

The speedo swim trunk has Block the Burn UPF 50+ technology that protects against UV rays. This is perfect for spending the whole day on the beach.

The great thing about this sort of protection is that it protects a greater area of your skin and reinforces the protection of the sunscreen in the area.

The length is also perfect to make you look taller, and the mesh liner with the 100% imported polyester makes it comfortable to wear. The color variety is not as many as the previous swim trunks but you can still find the perfect one with all the main colors represented.

Uyue Men’s Swim Trunk, Beach Shorts Quick Dry Beachwear Summer Sports Shorts for Swimming Surfing Running

This swim trunk is not for everybody. It is the boldest selection on our list. Now, if you love to innovate and stand out, you can definitely pull this off. It has interesting print options. The great thing is that if you do have the confidence to wear it, you are going to stand out in a nice way.

The quality of the fabric is outstanding with quick-dry technology, which makes it perfect for a beach-day. The mesh lining makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. The light-weighed fabric creates a good sensation while wearing it.

Besides fitting the basic criterion, which above all else is quality, this swim trunk is on the list for its bold design and versatility that allows you to wear it in any outdoor activity.  Click here to read reviews posted about Uyue Beachwear Summer Sports Shorts on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

 Now that you know what makes a great swim trunk for short guys and have a great selection to choose from, all you have to do is pick your favorite. If you like to innovate and always look good get more than one for different days.

Just always keep in mind to look for the length of the swim trunk legs, to make sure you not only look taller but that you do not look smaller.

Now, us guys must stick together, so let us help the community by sharing this article on all your social media accounts and leaving a comment below telling us your favorite swim trunk on the list. Do not worry, it is not cheating if you pick more than one.