5 Health and Grooming Tips for Busy Working Men

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The 21st century working environment is hectic and fast-paced, and nobody is blaming you for still not getting around to your New Year’s resolutions.

Luckily, there is a solution, a way you could fulfill your health goals and ensure long-term well-being imbued with positivity, vibrancy, and energy. Follow these five health and grooming tips and you will find yourself in the fast lane to success!

Power naps

Did you know that napping at work is acceptable and even encouraged in Japan? Well, there is a good reason for it, as sleeping is crucial for maintaining health and mental clarity, allowing you to focus and recharge your batteries just enough to ensure a day of energy and enthusiasm.

No need to relocate to Japan, but you do need to introduce scheduled power naps into your busy day. So instead of reaching for your smartphone during your break, whip out a pillow from your drawer, put on a nightcap and some chillaxing music on the computer, and set the timer for 20 minutes. Your future will thank you.  I recommend the Night Cap by Headcovers Unlimited (available on Amazon).

Meal prep

Few bad habits in life can endanger your health and long-term wellbeing such as a poorly balanced or nonexistent diet plan. You are what you eat, and if you want to be an enthusiastic, energetic winner day in and day out, you need to schedule your meals, calculate your nutrition, and part with your favorite bakery for good.

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No matter how busy you are, you can devote a couple of hours to meal prepping on a Sunday afternoon, cooking vegetables, and lean meats along with healthy dairy products supplemented with nuts, seeds and organic smoothies. Pop the ingredients in glass containers to prolong their life and you will have fresh, healthy meals for a week.

Frequent the doctor’s

Modern medicine has gone a long way in helping busy people successfully work appointments into their schedule, so sorry, you have no excuse for missing yours. You can schedule appointments online, on the weekend, before work or after, there are plenty of convenient possibilities out there.

There are only a handful of checkups you should get frequently, while others can be done biannually. First, you need to check your teeth regularly as they start to rapidly deteriorate with age. Make sure you find the perfect dentist in Sydney to cater to your specific needs; one that is flexible and can fit into your schedule easily.  I good tip is to use a water pik to clean between your teeth.   I recommend that you read my article on the best water piks (available on Amazon) by clicking here.

Next, you want to check your eyesight once a year, and do a complete physical annually. If you’re over 30, get a prostate exam every six months and don’t forget to get a blood test at least once a year to make sure your triglycerides are in order you cholesterol is normal. Finally, do regular self-exams and check your blood pressure every week.

Grooming with a schedule

Sometimes, you do not have the time to trim your facial hair perfectly due to the hectic nature of your lifestyle. That is why everything, even the smallest of chores, need to be a part of a schedule. If you know your body pretty well, then you can roughly predict when the shade on your face is going to appear, or how many days it would take for your beard to become messy and in need of a fresh trim.

Therefore, you should not only strategize your grooming routine and devote an extra 15 minutes in your schedule to manscaping, but you should also make sure to always have your essential grooming products at hand, such as razors, trimmers, combs, and beard oils as well as skincare products.

Make exercise a habit

Finally, fitting regular exercise into your busy schedule is simply a matter of organization and willpower. More likely than not, you will feel reluctant to work out after an exhausting day at the office, so better make your evening training session a morning routine!

Getting your workout out of the way before the day has even begun is the perfect way to stay on track with your fitness goals and promote a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you’re wearing quality gym clothes to stay dry, and you will feel like you are beating the day and getting ahead of the competition, which in fact you will be doing, as nothing can boost your energy levels and inspire clarity, enthusiasm and creativity like a good sweating session in the morning.

The modern-day working environment can be hectic, time-consuming, and it can induce stress that will ruin your entire day and discourage you from reaching your health goals. Fortunately, by following these five essential tips you will be well on your way to establishing a healthy lifestyle and ensuring long-term wellbeing and happiness!

Peter is a men's health and grooming writer at The Beard Mag magazine from UK. Besides writing, he worked as a men's grooming consultant for many fashion events. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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