How to Grow a 5 O’clock Shadow Beard

5 o'clock shadow beard style

It used to be that men would do all they could do to avoid the dreaded five o´clock shadow. Not too many years ago, having a little excess stubble growing around the face was a sign of carelessness and negligence. The clean-shaven look was synonymous with maturity and respectability. To see the shavers that I recommend for creating a 5 o'clock shadow, click here.


However, the times they are a changing, as Bob Dylan would tell us. In today´s world, the 5 o´clock shadow beard is gaining more and more converts and figuring out how to keep a 5 o'clock shadow is being very important. Not only is it worn by rough and tough outdoorsmen types, but also by everyone from musicians to actors to professionals. The five o´clock shadow is here to stay and is no longer considered “scruffy”, but rather refined.

In this short article, we´ll talk about why you should sport this five o'clock shadow look that is both hip, classic and cool. We will explain what is a 5 o'clock shadow and we´ll also share with you how to maintain a five o´clock shadow and give you some tips about the best way to keep it trimmed and well groomed.

Why grow the Five O´clock Shadow?

If you hate going into work with a bunch of pieces of bloodied toilet paper stuck to your face from the morning razor cuts, the 5 o´clock shadow beard may be the look you need. Beard trimmers are a lot less threatening than your everyday razor and will keep your face better protected from the nicks that so often come with a hurried morning shave. So, do thorough research when you purchase a 5 o'clock shadow trimmer.

Another reason to grow out a beard of this type is that it offers a signature look that is increasingly accepted in work places all around the country. The coarse and rough look of the five o´clock shadow is stylish and can be adapted to individual face features. It can highlight the angle of the jaw and even slim down one´s face resulting in a more manly appearance.

Lastly, the five o´clock shadow is a look that many women (and men) consider attractive. It goes well with a variety of hairstyles and can be adapted to your own individual personality and aspect. Therefore, there could be a 5 o'clock shadow length that fits you perfectly.

How to Get a 5 O'clock Shadow Look and How to Maintain It

Though the name comes from the look you get after a long day in the office, the modern day five o´clock shadow beard takes a lot more work than simply laying off your shaving routine for a few days. Facial hair grows at different rates, and if you don´t do the work to keep it up by using the correct 5 o'clock shadow razor, it can become rather unsightly and get out of hand.

The first step to start your one of the 5 o'clock shadow beard styles is to let your facial hair grow out to your desired length. If your beard gets over ¼ of an itch, you´re pushing the borders of what can be considered a five o´clock shadow. Once you´ve got sufficient hair on your face, the next step is to get rid of the neck beard. Since you´re not going for a full beard look, it´s best to shave a clean line between your neck and chin, usually somewhere directly above your Adam´s apple.

Next, you´ll have to find an electric razor expressly used for beard trimming. There are a lot of options out there that can be used specifically as a five o´clock shadow trimmer that are inexpensive and useful. Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, you may need to keep it trimmed every day. If you prefer to let the length grow out and then trim it back, then you can push the trimming back to every 2-3 days.

5 o'clock shadow beard

It´s always good to experience with different lengths to see what look is best for you when toying with how to get a 5 o clock shadow. Start with the highest setting on your electric beard trimmer and continue to go shorter until you find the best length for your face. If you do choose to keep your five o´clock shadow on the long side closer to ¼ of an inch, then you´ll probably want to trim it shorter near the edges of the beard, especially near the neckline and cheekbones to help the beard blend in with your shaved skin.

Using a quality shaving oil that doesn´t lather up will help you during your trimming while not taking away visibility. Shampoos and other beard creams are also available to help you keep your beard looking good after trimming your 5 oclock shadow. I recommend Prof Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo (available on Amazon).


5 O'clock Shadow Deductions by Stubble Patrol 

For a look that is both sophisticated and manly, the five o´clock shadow is hard to beat. It takes some time to learn how to maintain your 5 o'clock shadow and keep up, but with a little bit of effort you can have a beard that will give you a whole new look.

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