Actors with Big Beards (Rocking the Bolder Look)

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The big beard has been making a comeback, as of late. You’ve probably noticed that more and more men are starting to grow their beards what seems like as long as possible. Just a few years ago, this may have been viewed by others as an extreme or messy look, but not anymore. That’s all thanks to a large number of actors with big beards.

Notable Celebrity Beards

The company of actors with big beards gets bigger and bigger as time goes on. While these professionals may have to keep their look a certain way for roles they play, when you see them in public appearances, they’re often sporting full beards.

Seeing these popular and successful actors walking around with big, shaggy beards may inspire you to sport the style yourself. If you’re still on the edge of whether to commit growing out your full beard, consider these actors who have worn the style themselves:

  • Tom Payne: ‘The Walking Dead’ fans know that actor, Tom Payne, sports a big, long beard to go with his long locks.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal: an actor that has played multiple differing roles throughout his career, Gyllenhaal seems to have hit his personal style stride with his full, natural-looking beard.
  • Jeff Bridges: this great actor is the kind of guy that you can’t imagine without a big, full beard.
  • Jim Carrey: the funny guy has gone through periods where he suits a full-on, long beard to balance out his mid-length hairstyle.
  • George Clooney: his full beard adds to his signature put-together style when he sports it.
  • Shia LeBeouf: this actor’s full, shaggy beard usually adopts the rougher, unkempt but stylish look.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis: after he starred in ‘Lincoln,’ it felt natural to see this actor with his full beard.
  • Sir Ian McKellen: it would be wrong to see Gandolf in any other way than with a full beard.
  • Robert Pattinson: even the ‘Twilight’ starlet it all loose and gave into the full bear look.
  • Mel Gibson: while he goes through stages with his looks, recently, he has kept a full and long beard.

These are just some of the famous actors who have picked up the full beard trend in the past few years. With their example, it has become not only acceptable but fashionable to let your beard grow to its full extent.

Black Celebrities with Beard

Beards are not limited to the fair of skin, and plenty of black celebrities have made that known by wearing their own beards loud and proud. These black actors have experimented with their look and tested the waters of the beard:

  • Michael B. Jordon: this young, popular actor tends to stick with a short and neat beard.
  • Idris Elba: he goes with a classic and timeless look, the goatee beard.
  • Will Smith: he has worn his beard from stubble length to full and long, and each style has suited him.
  • Jaime Foxx: the musician movie actor has sported looks with various beard styles.
  • Don Cheadle: another black actor who can pull off looks with and without facial hair, his beard styles tend to give him a more sophisticated look.
  • Mekhi Phifer: he keeps his beard short and neat, most of the time, but has also ventured into the fuller styles.
  • Denzel Washington: although he tends to go cleanly shaven a lot of the time, his bearded look gives him a stronger edge.
  • Ice-T: this actor wears his goatee beard at different lengths depending on whether he’s acting or making a public appearance.
  • Terrence Howard: when he goes full, he keeps it at a nice short goatee beard style.
  • Morgan Freeman: yet another black actor who can sport the full range of looks, from no facial hair to full, long beard.

This collection of black actors, along with many more, demonstrate the fact that the bearded look is one that knows no race, and can be suited by any man who knows how to style their beard.

How to Wear a Huge Beard

If you’re inspired by any of these actors, or the plenty of others who have worn a full beard, you may be thinking about committing to suiting your own full beard. More power to you. All you need to do is make sure that you’re prepared for everything that comes with having a very big beard.

If you’ve never worn a full, big beard before, here are some things to think about:

  • Patience: growing a beard takes time, depending on the length you’re going for. There are the classic milestones: 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year. If you’re interested in pushing your limits and seeing just how full your beard can get, then you’ll need to let it grow for a full year.
  • Itchiness: when you’re letting your beard grow out, especially if it’s your first time, you’ll probably experience some itchiness. This can increase if you decide to shave throughout the process to keep it growing in a neat fashion. To deal with itching, invest in a beard oil or balm.
  • Trimming: growing your beard takes as much maintenance as having a full and styled look. While you’re growing your beard, you need to make sure to keep it under control by trimming every couple of days. Be cautious, less is more. You’re trimming to keep your beard neat, not to cut it off or style it.
  • The Change: deciding to grow a full beard is a big change, and you need to prepare yourself psychologically for the commitment you’re about to make, and also for the reactions of the people around you. You can even discuss it with the people closest to you so that they know your intentions and are prepared for the gradual change.
  • Flexibility: remember, your beard is just hair. If you’re interested in seeing how you feel about having a full-bearded look, go for it, but don’t worry about being tied to it. After all, you can always buzz it off, if you’re not happy.

Think of your full beard like a project in progress. You can make adjustments along the way depending on how you feel.

Final Thoughts

The flood of actors wearing their beards full and long has prompted a movement among the men of the world. There’s nothing stopping you from testing whether you’d like to be a part of that movement. Commit some time and check out the style for yourself.


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