Andis Fade Master (Get The Clean Cut, and Stay Classy)

The Andis Fade Master Clipper is the fancy cutter on the market. You can expect to pay more than you would for another set of clippers, but you can also expect a long life and a professional cut. This set of clippers is almost like a piece of jewelry for men. It looks nice and feels nice in your hand. You’ll want to show it off to your buddies. Brag a bit.

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Andis Fade Master Pros

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The aluminum casing on this trimmer keeps it lightweight but makes it durable. It will shine like chrome but won’t weigh your hand down as you trim. There has never been a time when men don’t like shiny things. Now you can have a trimmer that is not only functional, it is also attractive. You can’t beat that.

By functional, I mean it is unbreakable. You cannot wear these clippers down over time. They will stand the test of time and stay in great shape all the while.

Care and Clean

Because it is highly functional and quite attractive, you will need to keep this trimmer clean. You can buy some oil and a brush when you purchase the fader. Clean it after each use as it needs to be well maintained.

The thing about keeping a machine like this one clean is that you will need to keep it in a clean, dry place as well. You cannot simply clean this trimmer and then throw it in a drawer. There are many, many hair clippers you can buy and abuse. They are meant to be bought and tossed within a year or two. This is not the case with the Andis, nor is it applicable to the Andis Fade Master.

The Andis is a nice trimmer. You buy this one because you hope to invest in a long-term set of clippers. Perhaps you want to run a barber business on the side, or perhaps you already do. This hair trimmer will serve you well if you care for it in return.

Get the Fade

What these clippers are especially good at is fading. You can get a clean fade from bottom up with the Andis. It has adjustable blades so you won’t have mismatched hair on two sides of your head.

The adjustable blades will adjust mid cut, and you can turn the machine on and off with the push of a button on the side. With this set, you will be a professional, whether you want to be or not. You can adjust your hand as you cut, aiming up or down or sideways. Adjustments are a huge part of fading. You want to change lengths as you cut, and you don’t want it to take hours on end.

Fading is a special skill. Fortunately, with the Andis, you can learn on the job if you haven’t already. These clippers are stealthy; they cut at 7200 strokes per minute. Realize that the faster your trimmer runs, the more even your cut will be. Between the grip and the speed, this is an ideal machine for great fading.

Fade Blade

An adjustable blade is different from mere combing guides. Guides will help instruct your hand as you go; the adjustable blade will do the work for you. The bonus to having an adjustable blade is that if you are a pro, you know you are buying expert equipment. But even if you aren’t, you can expect this blade to work with you.

You will never learn how to use an adjustable blade if you practice with combing guides alone. And yes, without them, you may make a few mistakes along the way, but the learning process is nothing if not an efficient one. Once you perfect this adjustable blade, you might just start offering your services to your buddies.

Side Hustle

If you’ve already done that, offer your services to your buddies, then you are in the money. These clippers are fast and efficient. You can push through a day of trims and fades and rake in the dough, even if you are offering your services below market.

While some clippers list their machine as for professional use only, these clippers were designed for professionals. It is not just any amateur guy with a penchant for DIY who will purchase this trimmer. It is a specialized set made to fade.


You won’t be annoying your clients either. You won’t even annoy yourself. These clippers are quiet enough to be a mere buzz in the ear of your client. Be sure to tighten the screws and you will enjoy a peaceful cut.

Andis Fade Master Cons

The primary issue with this set of trimmers is that the motor is too strong. While it doesn’t seem as though this would be an issue, it can really upset your hand if you are sensitive to that much power. It could end up upsetting your wrist, and even making your hand go numb.

Andis Fade Master Clipper Product Line

  1. Andis Fade Master 15 Watt
  2. Andis Professional Fade Master 
  3. Andis Professional Dual Magnet
  4. Andis UltraEdge
  5. Andis Barber Combo

Final Thoughts

The pros vastly outweigh the cons. The adjustable blade will provide you with the cut you need to fade to perfection. Just keep it in good repair and they will last you for years.

When you practice with these clippers, you aim for a clean cut every time. You can start with your own hair, maybe do the neighbors for free, then work your way up to some marketing. You can even sell your customers on the quality of your product.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with these clippers. The Andis Fade Master clipper are a luxury to own and enjoy. You won’t have to worry about these clippers wearing out either. The aluminum case keeps these in top shape for years to come. Who knows? You may find yourself opening up your shop and framing this first pair of clippers that got you there.





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