Andis Master Clipper for Men, One of the Best, in Choice Razors

All companies are looking to add one or more features to their men’s clipper set to meet with the ever-changing market of today. On the other hand, more men are turning to body grooming as a way to appear physically appealing and to avoid a breeding space for germs. Aided barbing started with manual clippers which were very tiresome and time-consuming.

Later, there was the introduction of corded electric hair clippers which allows you to cut and trim your hair easily whenever there is electric power. Nowadays, you can get cordless clippers that are either made of plastic for portability or made of aluminum of high quality.

With the incessant increase in the number of clipper brands and products in the market today, it is necessary to review many of them in other to compare their features and identify their weakness. Andis master clipper is such a popular clipper on the market today. Below is the detailed review of this gadget.

Review of Andis Clipper – Andis Master Review

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Andis clipper is made of aluminum that can withstand the day-to-day activities without wear or tear. It also has adjustable carbon-steel blades that can be adjusted to fit all types of hair; from line to coarse.


Andis clippers do not come with any accessory. The blades are in-built and can be adjusted for rough or fine hair. There are Andis master guards available but you need to purchase them separately. However, you should check the compatibility of these guards before you buy them. Andis clipper models look similar and anonymous reports stated that they don’t always fit with each other.


As common to all Andis professional clippers, there is a magnetic motor that rotates at a very high speed in order to power the T-Outliner trimmer. This motor produces a considerable amount of heat if left running for a long period of time.

Hence, I recommend that you use this gadget for a short period of time or create a break to allow the gadget to cool. Although this is one of the downsides of this gadget, it is still a feature Andis is probably happy with as there is no better alternative than a magnetic motor. However, if you can take their advice and work for a shorter period of time, Andis clipper is a perfect gadget to work with.

It has close and adjustable teeth which can be adjusted to cut the different types of hair. The blade’s sharpness, as well as the high-powered motor, provides for its efficiency and effectiveness.


Andis professional clippers require little maintenance. The only form of maintenance is to ensure that the blades are kept lubricated and well oiled. The reason is that Andis clipper generates a friction when hot. Hence, the lubrication on the blades will ensure that the blade is functioning properly.

Furthermore, you need to adjust the blades positions periodically to ensure they are well placed. This is done by loosening the mounting screws and adjusting them to suit properly.


The key features of Andis clippers are as follows.

  • Casing: aluminum
  • Blades: Carbon steel
  • Power: High-speed motor
  • Dimension: 2 x 1.8 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound


One of my favorite features of the Andis Hair Clipper is its aluminum casing. It is very strong and sturdy and can withstand daily activities without wear or tear. Aluminum is a very strong material. So, you can expect to use the gadget for a considerable long period of time.

The magnetic motor is another amazing feature of the clipper. It provides the power needed to establish a precise cut which is what you really need.

Some other reviews of Andis clipper indicated that the gadget is good for cutting the hair of different lengths as well as trimming and styling the beard.


Few reviews provided by people who used the Andis professional clippers claims that the motor can heat up if used for a considerable long period of time. Approximately, the clipper will heat up if you use it for up to 30 minutes. Hence, you may need to give some minutes break between your barbing sessions to allow it to cool. This is, of course, a notable downside of the clipper.

Another major downside of Andis is its loud noise. The vibration noise produced by the motors can be irritating and sometimes too loud to hear.

Although the aluminum casing makes it sturdy and strong, it also makes it heavy at the same time. Hence, it may be too difficult to carry around. Some other Andis master review noted that the clipper cannot be used for an extended period of time due to the weight. It may result in fatigue of the hand, making you rest your hand too often while trimming your hair.

All these downsides combined may mean that you will not be able to experiment new styles or achieve your desired style before you become exhausted or turned off.

How to Reduce the Noise

However, there is a simple way to fix this problem. You only need to adjust a screw on the side of the clipper to reduce the noise. To do this, first clean and lubricate the clipper blade, and then tighten or loosen the screw found on the side of the clipper.

Make sure the clipper is powered on and working while doing this so that you can monitor the progress of the noise. You should also note that the movement of the blade can be hindered if the screw is tightened too much. Hence, you should pay attention to this.


Final Thoughts

Andis master clipper is a sturdy and strong gadget due to its aluminum casing. If you are looking for a clipper that is durable and versatile in terms of hairstyles, Andis clipper is what you should consider. However, the issue of the motor heating up is a factor to be considered. Since the clipper may heat up upon long usage, Andis clipper may not be a perfect option for you if you intend to use it for a commercial purpose.



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