Andis Slimline Pro: For When You Just Need a Quick Trim

Sometimes you’ll come across a genuine trimmer, a machine designed specifically for trimming and trimming alone. This Andis Slimline Pro review concerns exactly that machine. Often the terms trimmer and clippers are used interchangeably. This mix up is because you can usually do both with any trimmer or set of clippers. If you want to cut hair, use your trimmer. If you want to trim your sides, use your clippers. Or vice versa. Despite one minor glitch, Andis may be the best trimmer on the market.

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Andis Slimline Pro Review

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This trimmer, in particular, is state of the art. It has a high tech lithium battery which will keep it running for at least two hours. It also sits on a charger, so it is cordless, which is convenient for maneuverability. Further, it is the perfect ergonomic fit for any hand, which will make trimming sides all day effortless.


The lithium ion battery is a convenient one to have. It will hold its charge well without getting hot. Often in chargeable mechanics, you will find that the device heats up almost unbearable after a certain point. Have you ever had a laptop on your lap and felt it get progressively warmer as you sit with it? That’s a laptop without a lithium-ion battery.

This battery needs to charge for about two and a half hours and then it will hold its charge for about two hours. Because they are so small and relatively inexpensive, it will be a good investment to just get a couple of these to have on hand if you are a pro and plan to use them all day.

On the other hand, if this trimmer is for personal use only, one is more than enough. Keep it plugged in and charging on your bathroom sink and use it as needed.

As Needed

Which brings me to my next point: you can use this trimmer for so much more than your sideburns. It has a T-blade, which means you can use it to shave your head or trim your nose hairs. It is versatile and diverse. You can adjust it to your own needs. Trim your beard, your mustache, heck, even the back of your neck (it happens) if needed.

The point is, the Slimline is more than just the occasional use kind of device. It will see you through the stubbliest of times. And again, just because it is a trimmer, doesn’t mean you can’t cut with it as well. Obviously, it is not strong enough to hack through the main of the mighty Thor, but if you already have short hair or a shaved head, this trimmer will do the job.


The really nice perk that comes along with a chargeable device is the fact that it is a cordless trimmer. It can be such a pain to cut, trim, or clip with a corded device. Yet often because so much power is required from heavy duty clippers, a power cord is necessary.

Not so with the Andis. Because this trimmer is designed for small jobs, you can whip it out and swing it around with ease, without having to worry about choking yourself or your client with your cord.

It can even be incredibly convenient for cutting kids hair. A toddler may rear back in the face of some heavy duty trimmer, but this small friendly handheld cordless device looks harmless. And it is.


Because it has such a small motor, it is also relatively quiet, another perk for kids. So if you are cutting your son’s hair or the child of a friend, this trimmer is a must-have. It won’t freak the kids out with a loud whirring noise. Just be careful, the kids might think it’s a toy and want to play.

Quiet can also be essential in a busy barbershop. Everyone is talking, yelling, laughing, the television is likely on. You don’t also need a loud trimmer to add to the chaos. Rest assured that this trimmer will do its best not to interrupt critical barbers shop talk.

Creature of Comfort

Perhaps most importantly, the Andis is comfortable. It is designed to meet all your ergonomic needs. This machine is so small that it will fit in any hand and do you the favor of adjusting to your grip. You can trim faces and heads all day long with this Slimline and rest easy knowing your hand won’t harass you for all your hard work.


The only problem we can find across our own uses and hundreds of reviews is that sometimes when you plug it in, charge it, and turn it on, it doesn’t work. That’s right. The power simply does not turn on and you are left with a dud. So just be sure you check it right away when it comes, and send it back to Amazon for their no questions asked return/exchange policy. 

Product Line

  1. Andis Slim Pro Lithium Battery
  2. Andis Slim Line 2
  3. Andis Barber Grooming
  4. Andis T Line
  5. Andis Versa Trim

Final Thoughts

Ergonomics is a fairly new concept, but the people over at Andis have clearly picked up the ball and begun running with it. This trimmer will not only rest in your hand without causing pain, it will also allow you to maneuver according to the cut you are performing, like the “zero gap.” You can’t beat that.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with Andis. It will not only get the job, or jobs, done, it will also make you feel like a million bucks. Set it on the charger, leave it alone, and come back to it when you need it. It will still be there, waiting to make your haircut and your day. Having the Andis Slimline Pro on hand is a no brainer for any man serious about his look. Clean cut or rugged, this trimmer will be an investment you will be grateful you made for years to come.


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