Are You Supposed To Wear Underwear Under Pajamas?

It is common knowledge that human beings are not all the same. But it is topics such as these — whether to wear underwear under pajamas or not — that remind us that we can have different preferences or choices yet still live in harmony without feeling like one person is superior to the other, because it is not all about who is right and who is wrong.

Sleep attire is one such area where personal choice takes precedence. Some prefer to wear underwear under pajamas, and some prefer to wear only pajamas, while others prefer to go for a loose t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Nonetheless, others choose to go to bed with nothing at all.

So, are you supposed to wear underwear under pajamas? It is purely a matter of personal choice whether or not you wear underwear under your pajamas. Go for what you genuinely find comfortable. Even a urologist that is an expert in male reproductive medicine and surgery would tell you that there is zero health benefit or harm that could result from going to bed without underwear or wearing underwear under pajamas.

But being the curious beings that they are men will still find it enticing to interrogate this topic further. Nevertheless, what matters is what you are comfortable in and what you feel is the right thing to do. That is for men. For women, it is a different story, though it remains a subjective matter for both genders.

The health consequences of wearing or not wearing underwear

It is likely that what fuels this discussion is the fear or concern of health consequences that a particular choice may bring with it. Otherwise, —if most men were to find clarity about the existence of health benefits or harm arising from the kind of bed attire they wore—perhaps this debate would not be as heated as it is now.

According to Dr. Michael Eisenberg, it makes no difference (from a health standpoint) whether you wear briefs, boxers, or nothing to bed. There is no harm, nor is there any health benefit.

Perhaps one reason that makes men second guess their choices is the conflicting advice that some experts give to women. But we have to recognize the disparity that exists between the female and male bodies — with the genitals being a key area of concern in this instance.

Dr. Alsyssa Dweck, a gynecologist, and obstetrician notes that it is not mandatory for women to go completely naked while they sleep. She also notes that it is possible for most women to sleep in their underwear without the increased risk of encountering health issues.

She, however, clarifies that for women prone to itchiness, yeast infections, and irritation —for instance, those who suffer from chronic vaginitis or chronic vulvitis— are likely to benefit from going to bed without underwear so they can get more aeration down there.

The explanation for this is that bacteria and yeast thrive better in moist, warm, and dark areas. Therefore, women whose private parts are concealed all the time are by non-breathable fabric and confining clothing are at a higher risk of experiencing a higher concentration of moisture and vaginal irritation in that area. Dr. Dweck says this kind of environment is an excellent breeding ground for bacterial and yeast infection.

As you can see, there is a reason women experts advise some women against wearing underwear while sleeping. While men could pick a thing or two from these explanations, it is essential to understand that men’s situation is different.

If you choose to stick to wearing underwear to bed, we advise you to consider putting on those made from a breathable fabric such as cotton instead of nylon or silk. We recommend Calvin Klein Cotton Boxer Briefs (link to Amazon).

Wearing or not wearing underwear under pajamas does not affect your fertility

Another reason that scares men into rethinking their underwear-wearing habits is the perceived effect on their ability to conceive with their partners.

Dr. Eisenberg clarifies that for men looking forward to conceiving with their partners, no significant difference exists between wearing briefs, boxers, or nothing at all. He had previously undertaken a study, published in the Andrology journal, where he examined whether the absence of underwear or the type of men’s underwear worn affected the ability of a couple to conceive within 12 months.

During the study, researchers questioned around 500 men about their choice of underwear both at night and during the day. Results indicated that the type of underwear men wore (or nothing at all) did not have any impact on conception outcomes. The outcomes analyzed comprised of the compounds contained in men’s semen and the amount of time that elapsed before couples were able to conceive.

These findings only prove what we had already mentioned at the beginning: the only thing that matters is what makes you feel comfortable. And you can rest assured that it will not affect your ability to conceive with your partner.

Dr. Eisenberg also noticed a surprising tendency where several men changed into different underwear types for the day and the night when trying to impregnate their partner. This behavior exposes the unfounded beliefs that some men still harbor.

Still on the topic of men’s fertility and semen quality, while most studies have not found a correlation between underwear choices and male fertility, some studies have pointed out that men who wear tighter underwear may experience an increase in the temperature of their testicles, which may result in poor semen quality. According to the research, men who wear loose fitting underwear are less likely to experience the same issue.

The aspect of overall hygiene in relation to Underwear

Although there are no known consequences of wearing or not wearing underwear under pajamas, there is one aspect of this topic we cannot afford to overlook: hygiene.

If you choose to wear underwear under pajamas, the only clothing you will have to wash frequently would be the underwear itself. But if you prefer to wear your pajamas without underwear, there would be an increased necessity to clean the pajamas more regularly. Likewise, if you go without both an underwear and pajamas, you will have to increase the number of times you wash your sheets.

Now, if you have any bit of concern for managing your expenses or conserving the environment, you would know that it makes more sense to wash your underwear more frequently than your pajamas or sheets. For one, repeated washing tends to wear out fabric, and underwear is made with a material that can take more beating than sheets or pajamas. Moreover, underwear is relatively cheaper than pajamas and sheets, so you can afford to replace them over and over again without feeling the pinch.

That said, various other factors will also come into play. For instance, if you take more frequent baths than the average guy, you will tend to worry less about going without underwear as you will tend not to soil your pajamas or sheets as much. Also, how much you sweat also plays a big part. The more you sweat, the more washing is necessary and vice versa. It is all a matter of convenience and cost. So the real question here is, would you rather trade your comfort for convenience and cost?

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What to do when you are not alone or live with roommates or parents – Should you wear underwear?

If you live alone, there are few limits to what you can do or wear. You can stay naked all day, all night without the tiniest bit of worry. You can wear your pajamas without underwear or even throw away the pajamas, and you will not be bothered by it.

It becomes a different ball game when you have company. It is even worse when there are little kids around. They have no concern for any privacy whatsoever. You can never predict when they will barge into the room without warning, and you surely do not want them to catch you unawares with nothing covering you down there.

The same goes for parents and roommates. If you do not mind being seen naked, good for you. You can go ahead and enjoy your comfort, even in the presence of other people.

Furthermore, considering that it is normal for men to get ‘excited’ in the morning, perhaps even your pajamas alone might not be enough to contain your manhood. You will need some extra support, which the right underwear will readily provide. There are unique pairs of underwear for this very purpose. We recommend Separatec Men’s Underwear (click to view price on Amazon).

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