Best Balding Clippers for your All Your Balding Needs

Bald has been the new favorite hairstyle of most men. The reasons are not hidden; most men are too busy to have their haircut too soon. Plus, the cost of maintaining a bald head is much reduced than that of other hairstyles. There are more other reasons for this. Most men have the problem of receding, thin hair, flyaway or just tired of everyday hair. Whatever the reason might be, keeping a bald head requires less maintenance and is hassle-free. Once you have the best balding clippers to keep a bald look instead of using razors.

The 5 Best Clippers For Balding Haircut Style

Are you looking for the best balding clipper for yourself? Look no further. I have compiled a list of the top 5 cordless balding clippers based on public feedback.

1.     Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade

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Andis T clipper is equipped with a very close cutting blade which is perfect for close shaving. The cutting teeth of this clipper are great for making great designs and fade. Furthermore, the blades can be personalized to suit your shaving experience. This clipper is perfect for shaving and trimming mustaches, beards, necks, and ear edges. It comes with a contoured case which is comfortable to hold plus its 8-foot cord facilitates the shaving process.

Andis T Outliner is made with a powerful magnetic, high-speed motor that sounds quiet and runs cool to ensure comfort for you and your client. It is also stocked with strong and sturdy high-quality carbon steel blades which ensure durability and longevity. All in all, this clipper is excellent for outlining and balding.

2.     Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper 8110

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Wahl cordless clippers are known to be of top-quality and high-efficiency. The Wahl balding clippers v9000 and 8110 are well-known products from this company. This professional 5-star balding clipper delivers a sharp performance needed by experts.

An impressive feature of this clipper is the powerful electromagnetic motor that can cut two times faster and efficient than pivot motors. The clipper does not overheat and cut very close to the scalp. More so, Wahl balding clippers blade is very sensitive and can effortlessly make a bald fade quickly. So, make sure you are more careful when using it.

Wahl Pro balding clipper 8110 is packaged with cleaning brush, two-attachment combs, red blade guard, clipper, and instruction note. What’s more, it is made of a chemical-resistant 8-foot cord and professional grade. This clipper is highly recommended for precise, fast, and easy shaving.

3.     OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

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Oster classic motor clipper is another popular balding clipper for men. It is built with a powerful, universal, and single-speed motor for easy use. One interesting feature of this clipper is the detachable blade system. This allows for easy cleaning and changing of blades with sizes 000 and 1.

Although this clipper is a little bit heavier and noisier than others due to its heavy duty, going for this clipper really worth the investment as it can last a lifetime. For improved shaving and balding experience, you can re-oil and re-grease the main gear 2 times in a year. Interestingly, the clipper is packed with lubricating oils, cleaning brush, clipper grease, blade guard, and 9 ft. power cord. The presence of a longer power cord makes it easier to shave and bald more efficiently.

4.     Philips Norelco QC5580/410 DIY

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When it comes to electronic devices, Philips is a very common manufacturer. Their Norcelo hair clipper comes with 180° rotating head shaving attachment for easy navigation and movement. It also has 14 length settings you can easily choose from for your custom haircut. More so, the attachments are easy to organize and maintain. It also has an automatic lock system which helps to keep your styling and shaving experience great and safe.

This clipper also has an equal charge-to-use hour ration. You can use the clipper for 60 minutes after an hour of charging. This is made possible by the presence of lithium ion battery embedded in the gadget. Hence, Philips Norcelo PRO clipper can be used as a cordless gadget which makes it portable and easily movable. Furthermore, it is very light and comfortable. You can take it along with you wherever you are going in order to maintain your bald look almost everywhere you go with less effort.

5.     Philips Norelco QC5550

This is another Philips device coming up on our list. Philips products have been excellent in every of their category. Again, just like the Norelco QC5580/40 mentioned above, this QC5550 has a 180° rotating head for easy navigation and movement. It also has the length settings which provides for simplicity and personalization of shaving experience. The balder attachment provides for smooth and precise shaving experience also. The product contains a comb that moves with your head’s contour to avoid possible cuts.

What’s more, the clipper comes with a strong lithium-ion battery which allows you to use it for extra 60 minutes after an hour of charging. Due to this, you can use the clipper without cord (i.e. cordless) which makes it more convenient to carry around. All in all, it is a fast-charging clipper and one of the best cordless balding clippers in the market today.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a balding clipper for yourself, it is essential you consider the available options. One of the reasons why you should choose a good clipper for yourself is to avoid the risk of barbing-related diseases. Such cases have been reported and severally linked with balding using a common razor. With the list above, I hope I have narrowed down your options and facilitate your decision on the best balding clippers for your new haircut style.


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