Barbering Machines (5 Tools to Set Up Your Shop)

Whether you’re training to become a professional barber, or simply want to create your own barbershop-like environment at home, the most important thing you need to do is make sure that you have the right barbering machines.

Barber Equipment List 

Being a good barber is more than just building up skills and having proper barbering machines. It’s an art that takes time and patience to perfect. If you’re thinking about taking the leap into the world of barbering, at-home or professional, you need to prepare.

The first thing to do is make a list of things a barber needs. Writing down what you need will ensure you don’t forget any important tools or accessories.

Here’s what to put on your list:

  • Clippers: it will be helpful for you to look into investing in two different types of clippers: adjustable and detachable. This will allow you ultimate control and flexibility in your styling.
  • Trimmers: you need to have trimmers as well as clippers because trimmers often do the work in small or curved places that your clippers have a harder time reaching. Also for areas like nose hair, you’ll be using a trimmer, not clippers.
  • Barber Scissors: cutting hair can’t be done with just any shears. You need specific types so that you can do your work properly. You’ll need a few pairs of scissors. You want a big pair for the main cutting with combs, a smaller pair for finger cutting, and a texturizing pair.
  • Straight Razor: the reason to keep a straight razor is for your facial shaving needs and extra close cuts in your hair lineup.
  • Combs and Brushes: different types of styling varying textures.
  • Hair Dryer: for when the cutting and shaping work is finished.
  • Tweezers: sometimes you need to do really particular area cleaning.
  • Shave Oil and Bump Care: to keep the skin safe and smooth before, during, and after styling.
  • Towel Warmer: it helps to have warm or hot towels to apply during styling.
  • Styling Products: to finish off looks, you’ll need products like sprays, gels, and mousses.
  • Hair Dye: you never know when coloring will be needed.

This list is a great place to start when building your barber equipment collection. Keep in mind that you’ll also need an appropriate styling chair and mirrors.

How to Choose Barber Shop Clippers

One of the most important things for any barber is their clippers. That is why choosing the right pair is vital. There are different factors to consider when searching for your barber clippers.

Keep these features in mind:

  • Blade Type: look at blade material and ability to detach or be adjusted.
  • Motor: you want a strong motor that will work with different hair textures.
  • Cord Status: decide if you want corded or cordless clippers.
  • Comb Attachments: look for versatility in comb attachments for cutting various lengths of hair.
  • Ease of Cleaning: learn how to clean the clippers, and observe if blade oil is included.
  • Storage: it would be helpful if your clippers came with their own storage box or case.
  • Safety: if you’re still learning, you might want to choose rounded blades designed to cut hair, but not skin.

Thinking about these factors in advance will make your search process smoother. You’ll be able to narrow down options from the start to find what you need.

Top 5 Barber Machines

Now that you’ve learned what you need to get started as a barber, take a look at the top 5 tools, to begin with.

1. Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Hair Clipper, Haircut Kit 


Whether you’re starting your barber shop at home or professionally, this Wahl kit is an affordable option providing full flexibility. The kit includes 24 pieces with various comb attachments, standard combs, styling scissors, and hair clips.

You can use these clippers for whole body grooming of all hair types. The self-sharpening blade will stay in good shape for years on end. You’ll even be able to use one of the trimming combs to work on eyebrows with fine control and precision.

 2. Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer with T-Blade

  • Click Image to See Amazon Pricing

If you’re looking for a t-outliner that will give very close cuts, then the Andis trimmer is a great option for you. A slightly more expensive investment, you will pay for the quality and reliability of a shaping and fading tool that will stay with you as long as you’re playing barber

The high-speed motor will cut through all hair textures, and the adjustable blades help you control your cut. This trimmer works very well for dry shaving, and all you need to do to keep it in its best shape is oil the blades after each use.

 3. Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100 Grooming Kit – 18 Length Settings QG3364/49 

  • Click Image to See Amazon Pricing

This Philips Norelco kit gives you 7 tools that will make your barbering more convenient right away. With standard clippers and various trimming and comb attachments, you will be able to style in various ways.

The tool is cordless and rechargeable, making it super easy to use literally anywhere you, please. The steel self-sharpening blades will stay in good shape over time. Another helpful feature is the rounded blades, which provide extra safety against cutting the skin.

 4. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 

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The Oster clipper is a good investment for adding quality to your barber collection. The clipper comes with 4 comb attachments for variety in cutting length. It also has a very long (8-foot) cord so you are flexible in where you trim.

Whether working with wet or dry hair, the Oster’s powerful motor will remain quiet while working. Your kit comes with blade oil, a blade guard, and cleaning brush.

5. Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer #8685 

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To be a traveling barber with ease, choose the compact and sleep Wahl Peanut Clipper. With 4 different comb attachments, you will still have great control over this small tool. The motor is just as powerful as larger designs, and your cutting will be successful.

Even keeping this tool as a backup in your equipment kit will be helpful because you can take it anywhere. It trims as close as a shave for a clean and neat look.

Final Thoughts

Having the right tools is the first step in working towards becoming a barber at home or professionally… . v


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