What Are the Basic Essential Oils for Beard Growth? (Look On, to Get Your Groom On!)

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Essential oils are volatile liquids that contain highly concentrated compounds from a specific plant variety. Although they are called oils, they are not oily to the touch. In fact, many of them are colorless while some assume a yellow or amber coloration. The color of an essential oil largely depends on the plant from which it is made from.

Essential oils are made by extracting liquids from a specific plant species. These oils can be extracted from different plant parts, such as seeds, flowers, stem, root, leaves, and the wood. More so, there are several different types of extraction methods while the most common one is steam distillation.

Essential oils can either be sold in its pure form (i.e. made from only one plant) or as a blend form (i.e. made from the aggregation of two or more plants species). Also, these blending usually have a specific formula depending on the target purpose of the oil.

Buying blended oil saves you the headache of having to look around for different oil types. Likewise, buying oils differently can be a little bit costly. Hence, buying blends can be more affordable and as well save you from unnecessary headaches.

There are different purposes by with which essential oils can be used. One of these purposes is growing of beard hair. Essential oils have been investigated to facilitate the growth of beard hair. Covered in this article are the major types of essential oils and the uses of the homemade beard growth oil.

Growing Beard Hair

As earlier stated, essential oils play an important role in the growth of beard hair. More still, beard hair needs a boost in order to keep it fresh and shinning. The best way to enhance your hair growth and keep it physically upright is through the use of essential oils.  I recommend Growther Beard Growth Oil by Beard Farmer (click here to see current pricing).

There are several sources of essential oils but for the sake of this article, we will highlight only a few of them.

1.     Olive Oil

Olive oil is an excellent ingredient you can use to treat your hair. It adds a bit of nourishment to the hair and this, on the overall, makes the hair more attractive and well developed. Generally, olive oil has the essential ability to nourish and condition the hair which improves the structural strength and elasticity the hair.

Olive Oil Formula

You can decide to buy a blended pack of olive oil or decide to create a homemade formula yourself. To do this, you will need a half cup of olive oil, 5 drops of any favorite essential oil, and a plastic container for storing the formula over a long period of time. Simple mix the oils and allow it to cool overnight.

Direction for use

To use the formula, first, rinse your beard hair with warm water. If you have a slight scruff or no beard, clean your chin surface with warm water using a hand towel. Pour a small bit of oil on your palm and gently rub through your shin skin in a circular motion using your fingertips. Continue this process until the whole surface is touched.

If you have hair already, rub the ends of your hair as well. Protect your beard with a plastic bag and allow the oil to remain on your hair for at least, 30 minutes. This will make it soak properly. After this time duration, remove the covering and rinse the oil away with running water. For an extra touch, you can shampoo the hair and allow your beard to dry.

2.     Castor Oil

Castor oil is known for several different functions. For instance, it is known for quality medicinal use and excellent beauty product constituent. More so, castor oil is an effective substance used for treating various forms of acne and deep scars. And, more importantly, castor oil has a number of benefits for the hair. It nourishes the hair, keeps it shinning, and promotes the growth of new hair.

Components of Castor oil

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid that helps to protect the scalp and shin against hair loss. More so, this oil also contains Omega 9 fatty acids which keep the hair moist and prevent dandruff. Castor oil is popularly used due to its ability to produce thick and lustrous beard hair. Castor oil is highly beneficial to people with thin hair or hair loss problems.

Furthermore, castor oil is a humectant. This means that it can draw more moisture to the hair. Applying castor oil to the beard on a regular weekly basis can help to enhance a quality beard hair growth.

3.     Almond Oil

Almond oil is another source of essential oils for beard growth. Generally, almond oil has a lot of health and beauty benefits and has been used for many years to improve beard growth and strength. It is also a natural treatment for over processed and dry hair. Almond oil contains magnesium and vitamin E where both are great for improving hair luster and strength. Moreover, almond oil also helps to control hair loss by providing essential nourishment to the hair follicles.

4.     Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is known for its ability to stimulate hair growth and has been widely used over years for this same purpose. The oil is believed to induce a rapid cell division and dilate the blood vessels which help to stimulate the hair follicles for beard hair growth.

5.     Lavender Oil

Lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory substance that helps to maintain a healthy beard skin surface. It also helps to improve blood circulation which stimulates rapid beard hair growth.

6.     Cedarwood Oil

Hair follicles can become weaken when there is an insufficient supply of blood. However, Cedarwood oil helps to stimulate rapid blood circulation to the beard follicles  Cedarwood oils also contains anti-fungal properties that prevent infections that can induce hair loss.

Other Essential Oils

Other notable essential oils for inducing beard growth include the carrot root oil, peppermint oil, and coconut oil. Carrot oil is known for its ability to stimulate and regenerate hair follicles. Coconut beard oil is gotten from coconut fruit and is also useful for inducing beard growth. Likewise, you can also make use of the peppermint oil for beard growth.

Generally, you can blend all these oils together in order to achieve a more effective essential oil blend solution. There are several formulae for preparing hair growth recipe.

Final Thoughts


One of the best, safe, natural, and most effective ways of promoting healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss is through the use of essential oils. There are several essential oils for beard growth available on the market today. Some of them are available raw while some are sold in their blended form. In any case, we hope the above guide will help you in making a wise decision.

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