The 5 Best Beard Trimmers with a Charging Base (Say Bye to Wires)

Growing, grooming and styling beards have become a raging trend in the last few years, and we doubt that it will be disappearing anytime soon. Grooming beards have existed for years; however, a good trim has now become more critical than ever.

The beard style favored by men is slowly evolving as many men are now ditching the scruffy beard look for a more professional, and a neatly trimmed beard look. In order to achieve the latter, you need some efficient and reliable beard trimmers with a charging base.

There are lots of beard trimming products on the market that claim to have all that it takes to help you achieve that perfect trim, but not every beard trimmer is suitable for everyone or quality enough to be worth your money. Not too worry though; we are here to help you make the right choice.

Some important factors to consider when choosing a beard trimmer include the sharpness of its blade, how good it feels in your hands and finally, whether it has a charging base with a charge capacity that lasts for a long time, instead of dangling with wires. In fact, any beard trimmer that fails to meet all of these requirements shouldn’t even be considered a good beard trimmer.

The 5 Best Beard Trimmers For You!

1. Philips Norelco One Blade 

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One of the best beard grooming products to achieve that amazing beard trim you desire is the cutting edge Philip Norelco One Blade Qp6520.

Philips remains a formidable force in the market of electronics, including beard trimmers. It has been in existence for ages. The Philips Norelco line is superior compared to other beard trimmers, owing to its simplicity and durability which is significantly expressed in the model Philips Norelco One Blade Qp6520.

With a Sole blade, the Philips Norelco One Blade promises everything in a single package- you can trim, edge and shave with just one blade to any desired length without the added stress of switching between blades.

It achieves this feature with its 200x fast moving rotor speed allowing for a quick and clean deep shave as well as a classy trim. The One Blade comes with a Li-ion battery that offers you 90 minutes of shaving following a one hour charge.

It is one of the best bread trimmers as it possesses a quick charge ability of 45 minutes with the added advantage of 8hrs use time without charging.

2. Phisco Electric Shaver Men 2 in 1

The Phisco Electric shaver Men 2 in 1 is among our list, as it promises a great trimming and shaving to whatever grooming style you desire while offering an added advantage of a deep clean with its pore cleansing brush.

The deep cleaning brush, one of its kit contents, is the sole tool that makes it possible to clean beyond the pores of the skin, therefore, ensuring no skin irritations occur after shaving.

Another great feature of the Phisco Electric shaver Men 2-in-1 is its rechargeable and charging quotient. You can charge the Phisco Electric shaver for just under an hour and be able to use it for more than 120 minutes, making about 30 shaves per a single charge.

This unique feature makes the Phisco Electric Shaver Men 2 in 1 an excellent tool for that hiking or Vacation trip you have been planning. The Phisco Electric Shaver Men 2-in 1, therefore, earns its rightful spot on our list for its splendid charging abilities.

3. Hatteker professor 1 Electric shave 4-in-1 beard trimmer

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The Hatteker professor 1 Electric shave 4-in-1 comes with several unique features making it a worthwhile purchase. Like the Phisco Electric shaver Men 2-in 1, it possesses a facial cleaning brush.

This ensures a deep clean of your pores after getting that trim. This model graces our list because it has a 4 in 1 feature. It is perfect for a nose trim, ear trim as well as shaving and trimming your beard. Thus, helping you achieve an all-around facial trim.

It also gives an excellent advantage with its 3D shaving blade, enabling for convenience even in very uncomfortable situations or difficult angles. As with the Phisco Electric shaver, it provides for 90 minutes charging time and can be used for about 1hr 30 minutes worth of shaving time, making it also a nice addition when taking a long trip with no power supply nearby.

4. Panasonic Body and Beard Trimmer

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When it comes to precision and durability in a single package, we recommend Panasonic Er-GB80-S. This unique product makes our list of best beard trimmers with a charging base owing to its amazing feature of allowing for 54 minutes use without charging; a feature that’s sure to be frowned upon when compared to other products on this list. However, the Panasonic products is a remarkable product in any market it lands.

It also affords you adjustable and personalized trim settings with an increment of 0.5mm at each level. (0.5mm-20mm). That way you can acquire the right and most accurate trim, you desire.

This is made available through its set of trim blades attachments. It allows all corners of your face to be trimmed with the precise piece. Therefore, leaving no room for errors of any kind. The rubber handle is quite sleek and lightweight therefore ensuring convenience in handling.

 5. Braun Men’s Beard Trimmer

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The Braun BT3020 Men’s beard trimmer is another precision-induced men’s beard trimmer and quite an excellent tool for facial styling. It has a unique feature of a 20 precision length setting.

It offers you personalized trim settings with 0.5mm increments ensuring absolute precision. The Braun BT3020 graces our list because it allows for extra 46 minutes of use without charging.

It guarantees convenience without any change in efficiency. An amazing feature of this product is that it is water resistant. You can achieve any beard style you prefer.

Whether it is short, stubble, or cleanshaven, the blade gives no room for error. It only allows a precise and professional trim for your comfort. The Braun BT3020 also comes with dual batteries inclusive. This will allow you to use it without charging at that moment when you need to use it but forgot to charge it.                                                                              

Final Thoughts 

There you have it, our list of the 5 best beard trimmers with a charging base on the market. We hope you have found these recommendations helpful when making that choice of the best beard trimmer to purchase. If you are a woman, this list could help you pick the perfect gift for your bearded dad or partner. As an additional gift, we would like to leave you with a video on some tips and tricks on how to trim your beard


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