Our Top Benefits of Shaving Your Head

should I shave my head

If you are tired of having to deal with bad hair days, or if you simply do not enjoy the morning ritual of getting groomed for work, then shaving your head might be the solution for you. There are a number of benefits of shaving your head and every day the smoothly shaved look is more accepted.

Gone are the days when only rough and tough biker gangs donned the bald head look, as you will now find men with shaved heads everywhere from the business office to elementary school teachers. However, before you grab the razor to get rid of the latest case of bedhead, we will offer some of the pros and cons of the shaved head look. For there, you will be able to decide if the benefits of the shaved head is for you. I recommend the headblade motor s4 moto for easily shaving your head (available on Amazon).

Shaving Head Bald Benefits and Advantages

One of the most obvious benefits of having a shaved head is that you will simply not have to worry about taking care of your hair because there will not be any. No longer will you have to spend money on the best shampoo or hair cream and the morning routine of combing your hair and struggling to get that one uncooperative lock of hair into place will be history.

In the summertime, you will stay cool and fresh and you can wear any hat you like without having to worry about the dreaded hat head look. The shaved head is also an attention drawer which one of the shaving head benefits. People will notice your shiny scalp that can accentuate certain facial features and give you a look of confidence and mystery.

Bald heads inherently complement different facial hair looks. The lack of hair on the top can be accentuated by anything from a sleek goatee to a full-grown beard. If you are interested in experimenting with different types of facial hair and are willing to try to enjoy the shaving head hair benefits, then a shaved head will definitely permit you to try out any style that sparks your interest. The mixture of a bald head and full face of hair is appealing and attractive to many people.

In any environment, a bald head is a lot more comfortable than having hair on your head. With so much stress in life, not having to worry about hairstyles is one less thing to worry about. There are a number of benefits of having a shaved head. However, to keep the shiny scalp happy, there are things you will need to do.

How to Take Care of a Shaved Head

Though you may not have to comb any more, taking care of a shaved head takes some time and effort. One of the most obvious things to consider is that you will need a “haircut” a lot more often. Hair grows fast and if you want to keep your scalp shining, you will need to shave it at least 3-4 times a week. Usually after two days of growth, the small hair growth will become noticeable, but luckily, it only takes 10-15 minutes to get your head back to the fresh shaved look.

Furthermore, bare scalps can tend to dry out if not properly cared for. Especially during cold and dry weather, you will need to use certain creams that contain Vitamin B and Aloe Vera to avoid excessive drying. No one wants to have a scalp that looks cracked and dried up. I recommend the Bee Bald Skin Care Kit (at Amazon).

Some Possible Drawbacks to Consider

If you´ve ever asked yourself “why should I shave my head?”, then you have probably also considered some of the drawbacks. Since it can take a few months to grow back a full head of hair, it is important to think about some of the disadvantages of a shaved head before actually cutting it all off.

First of all, your head can and will burn in the hot summer sun if you don´t take steps to prevent it. If you´re not a hat guy, you´ll need to be lathering up that bald skull with sunscreen to avoid having your head look like Rudolph´s nose.

benefits of shaving your head

Despite the fact that the bald head look is increasingly accepted as an option for guys, there still will be some folks who consider it to be a thug look. Nevertheless, the advantages of shaving your head bald can be huge. Depending on how you dress, your shaved head could draw you some comparisons to some rather shady figures. However, if you wear a suit and tie with your shaved head, those negative comparisons shouldn´t be a problem.

One other thing to consider is the shape of actual head. Most of us have no idea what our head actually looks ( we fail to see the head shave benefits ) like because we´re so used to our full head of hair. When you do you shave your head, you might find that your head looks strangely egg-shaped or squared off on the top. Most people get used to the look of their head shapes, but it can be a little disconcerting at first to see a part of our bodies that has been hidden behind hair for years.

Give it a Shot

Like any hairstyle, a shaved head can be changed. Give it a shot if you´re thinking of going for the bald look. You should be weighing the pros and cons of shaving your head. If you´re not happy with your look, take a hat with you for a couple of weeks until your hair grows back. If you do like it, you´ll be able to experiment with a whole another look.

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