5 Best Bags for Uni Students: Binge on Books!

The best bag for college students is going to do it all right? You have billions of books to lug around. Calculators get lost without pockets to shove them into. Pencils and pens need their own home. And then you have to decide how you want to carry your bag, over the shoulder or on your back. Or even across your body. With so much to figure out, the list here of best bags for uni students will help keep your mind on your studies and not on the stress of buying a new bag.

Hefty Hefty

Books are heavy. One book is heavy enough, but if you are taking all of your classes, or even half of your classes in one day, all of your books may actually throw out your young and necessary back. A biology book, a math book, and a history book alone will make you want to just stay home for the day.

What you need is a bag that will provide support and carry your books without tearing open halfway through the semester, in the middle of the hallway. Not a great introduction to your peers on campus. Tote bags for college students are often aiming to be cool and modern, but what you really need is support and stability.

Pockets Full of Sunshine

You need pockets! With so many things to try to organize – books and a laptop, pencils and pens, calculators and paper clips, even lunch and keys – you need multiple places to store all your stuff. The biggest pain in school is having to dig to the bottom of your bag to find a pencil or your calculator as everyone else in the class is getting started on the work.

Student bags for university have all the storage space, small and large pockets that are easily accessible, that you need. This bag should last you throughout your time at university. You may get bored with the style and want an upgrade, or it may wear down in terms of fabric, but the storage and strength of the bag should go with you the full four years.

5 Best Bags for Uni Students:

1. Laptop Backpack

This backpack is the book bag of book bags. It’s got several pockets to organize all of your supplies. It has an interior sleeve to keep your laptop separate from your books. This backpack also has a waterproof zipper and extra durable material.

As a bonus, you get bottle holders on the sides of your bag and a hole for your headphone wire to fit through. To protect against wear and tear on your back, use the backpack’s chest buckle, which will equally distribute the weight from your back to your chest and shoulders. And you can enjoy the comfortable shoulder straps while you’re walking from class to class.  Click here to read reviews posted about Laptop Backpack on Amazon.

2. Upoalker

This backpack is for the cool kids. It comes in a retro gray canvas design that gives off a skater vibe. The Upoalker has all the pockets you’ll need. The fabric is mostly cotton, so it is comfortable to wear. And as opposed to a simple hole for your headphones, this backpack actually has a USB charging port. So when your favorite song is on and your phone dies, you can plug it into your charged and waiting backpack.

Just don’t forget to charge your backpack.  Click here to view Upoalker on Amazon.

3. Onson

Onson also charges your phone for you with a USB charging port, and it will keep your phone and wallet safe as well. This backpack has a combination lock zipper that guarantees no one will bust into your bag while you run to the bathroom. Further, this guarantee is the real deal. The company will give you your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with this product.

In addition to the cool additions, you also get the usual perks – multiple pockets for organization, waterproof fabric, comfort, and style.

4. Canvas

The Canvas college backpack is a vintage throwback for guys looking for a bit of a hipster boho look. It is a bit distressed looking, and it certainly stands out from the standard clean looking high tech bag. You will still get comfort and ergonomically friendly wear. The straps are adjustable and designed to keep you feeling good.

You also get plenty of pockets plus the side pockets for water bottles. You can wash this bag when you need to and it will last you throughout college.

5. Iswee

Speaking of standing out in style, this vintage retro backpack/bag/briefcase has got it all. It is made of genuine leather, so it is certainly durable, and it has a flip over the front, so it resembles a book bag more than a backpack. This bag also has a handle on top, so you can carry it in your hand like a briefcase.

You get multiple pockets for all of your storage, and you’ll get laptop space inside the bag for your tech needs. If you are into a different look and feel for college, this rucksack may be the way to go. You will have to take care of the leather, and it may be a bit heavier than a canvas bag, but it may be worth it for the style.  Click here to see the pricing for the Iswee on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are at a community college or a top-tier university, you will need a bag. While a shoulder bag may be the way to go if you don’t have a huge load, a backpack is more practical for college students. You need to redistribute all that weight.

Once you figure that out, it really comes down to style. How do you want to look? What do you want to feel like as you navigate your way around campus? Do you want a classic look or a throwback look? All of these factors play into what you choose, but one this is for sure, you can’t go wrong choosing any one of the backpacks here. Click, buy, and rest assured that you’re set for classes and all the books as well.