Best Barbell for Home Gym (5 Strong Additions)

The decision to move your workout center from the gym to home can benefit your lifestyle in many ways. The only difficulty during the process is finding the proper equipment to create your home collection to ensure that your workouts remain at gym standards. One of the most important things you will need to find is perhaps what is the best barbell for a home gym.

Choosing Your Home Barbell

The best barbell for a home gym isn’t something you will simply stumble upon. You will need to take some time search for your options. When you find the best powerlifting bar, you will know it’s the one for you, but that can only happen if you go into your search prepared.

Here’s what you need to know about barbells before buying one for your home:

  • Type: do you want an Olympic barbell (28mm) or a Powerlifting barbell (29mm)?
  • Bar Whip: this depends on the bar’s material and diameter of the bar.
  • Barbell Sleeves: how much spin your bar will get with either bearing (Olympic) or bushings (Powerlifting).
  • Barbell Strength: consider the yield (test by adding weight to both ends) and tensile (minimum 165,000 PSI) strength.
  • Load Capacity: how much weight can you will be able to lift.
  • Bar and Sleeve Finish: determines how the bar feels in your hands and can help or hinder lifting.
  • Knurling: this exists to assist with grip as you lift the bar.

Knowing your stance on these factors will guide your search and help you find the right barbell to bring home to for use in your personal gym.

Best Olympic Barbell Brands

When it comes to choosing the best Olympic barbell, you’ll come across many brands claiming to offer the most effective product. It will come down to your personal preferences on things like bar whip, barbell strength, load capacity, knurling, and finish.

One thing you should hold as a preference for your Olympic barbell is steel construction. This will ensure the highest possible quality of your workouts. Perhaps you’ve heard of Vulcan Olympic bar. This brand provides high-quality performance while also allowing you to choose your preferences to reach an almost custom level of gym equipment.

5 Best Barbells for Home

The next step in your process is to check a few of your best barbell options for home:

1. CAP Barbell Olympic Bar, 2-Inch, 1200-Pound Capacity, 7-Feet 

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An investment in your home gym, the CAP Olympic barbell can hold 2-inch Olympic plates. It is up to you to choose the brand and weight of the plates you work out with. This barbell has a load capacity of 1,000 pounds so that you can really push yourself while building your strength.

The barbell is finished with black oxide and its sleeves are polished steel. To help you with your deadlifts, this bar has medium-depth diamond knurling. You will find that this barbell gives you a comfortable spin, especially after you break it in well.

2. Body Solid 7-Feet Olympic Bar 

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Body Solid gives you a 7-foot barbell which comes with a chrome finish at a reasonable price for adding to your home gym. The load capacity of this barbell is 600 pounds, so you’ll be able to work up to a pretty high goal from home.

The 30mm diameter bar will withstand chipping, rusting, peeling, and scarring due to its triple layer chrome finish so you will have the high quality look you pay for years to come. The medium-depth knurling is a bit sharp, like a cheese grater, so you may want to sand it down before lifting.

3. Sunny Threaded Solid Chrome Barbell Bar (60-Inch) 

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If you’re a beginner or don’t plan to lift too much, then the Sunny barbell may be the perfect affordable and convenient addition to your home gym. Though it is a great value, you will still be able to lift up to 250 pounds.

You can fit any plates that have 1-inch center holes onto this barbell, so it is rather flexible. The weights you add to the bar will be secured with star-locked collars to protect them from falling off while you are practicing. If you prefer spring collars, you can switch those easily. For a great bargain, you’ll be working out with hardened steel without leaving home!

4. Titan 60″ Barbell Solid 2″ Olympic Plates Weight Bar Bench Press Chrome 

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If you like your gym equipment to be no-fuss, then you will work well with the Titan barbell. Made from hardened steel and finished with chrome, this barbell can withstand a lot of wear of tear without losing its high-quality look. This bar is compatible with all Olympic plates that have 2-inch center holes, and its load capacity is 500 pounds.

You won’t need to worry about the bar slipping from your hands, as you lift since this bar comes with knurling to ease your efforts. The total size of this barbell is 5-feet long and 45 pounds, making it ideal for a range of people and sizes. Get yourself some plates and start lifting.

5. Yaheetech Olympic Weight Bar Workout Gym Home Exercises Barbell 


Another option for you if you’re not looking to push the limits too far, the Yaheetech bar is affordable and its load capacity is 300 pounds. The sturdy metal construction is durable, and the anti-rust silver finish gives a sleek look that will withstand the test of time.

All standard 2-inch plates are compatible with this bar, so if you already have some at home, you can’t just put them on and get started. This bar is fitted with 1 spring collar on each end to ensure that your plates don’t fall off as you work out. You’ll be ready to get your routine started as soon as the box ships, as it comes to your house in one piece!

Final Thoughts

Making the shift from working out at the gym to home can be a stressful process because you need to be sure that your home setup is sufficient. Adding a durable barbell to your home gym will lead you to the same, if not better results than you were getting in the gym. Just think how great it will be to shower at home after your workout!


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