Best Barber Clippers For Fades (Top Picks For 2017)

Right now in the men’s fashion niche, fades are all the rage when it comes to popular hair styles. This method of cutting hair isn’t necessarily difficult or challenging, but it’s been steadily creating for a ton of buzz over the past year or two. Whether you’re a professional stylist or just an average dude, having the best barber clippers for fades is essentially to pulling this look off.

However, that’s easier said than done. While we could sit here all day and tell you to go out and get high-quality barber clippers in order to achieve the acclaimed fades, that wouldn’t do you any good.

What you need is a guide of the top barber clippers that can currently be bought, and that’s what we’re here today to do. We’ve hand-picked the top 5 best barber clippers for fades that are on the market right now, and with all of that talk out of the way, let’s get into things.

5. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

The first and most expensive clipper on this list is the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper, and along with being the most pricy option, it’s also one of our favorites. Oster has been around in the men’s grooming world for an incredibly long time, and the Fast Feed is quickly shaping up to be one of the company’s best products to date.

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As the name of the Fast Feed suggests, its pivot motor kicks out an insane amount of power while also being dead quiet. The Oster has no trouble at all breezing through all types of hair, so whether you’re working with a head that’s wet or dry, you shouldn’t have any issues detailing those fades that you’re after.

The overall design of the Fast Feed makes it incredibly comfortable to hold, and the included guide combs provide for some nicely added function. You aren’t able to use this trimmer wirelessly, but the 8-foot power cord should easily offer more than enough wiggle room.

4. Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

You’ll see a lot of Wahl products mentioned on this particular list, and the first of those is the Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit. The Color Pro is the cheapest trimmer on this list, but don’t let that smaller price tag fool you into thinking that this is a lesser set of clippers.

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Wahl included some shockingly nice self-sharpening blades on the Color Pro, and they carbon steel construction provides for a super sharp cut that should stay that way for a number of years to come. Also welcome here is the soft touch grip that makes holding the Color Pro very comfortable when getting that perfect faded look.

With a name like Color Pro, you expect to see some color scattered throughout. Wahl brought in the “Color” branding because of the way that all of the included combs and settings on the trimmer itself are color-coded. This makes finding the comb and setting to use with dead simple, and it’s honestly something that we saw more often with clippers.

3. Wahl Chrome Pro Haircut Kit

Another Wahl trimmer that’s worth checking out is the Wahl Chrome Pro Haircut Kit. You won’t find as many colors with the Chrome Pro, but what it lacks is colorful combs it makes up for pretty much everywhere else.

Self-sharpening precision blades are the start of the show with the Wahl Chrome Pro, and they kick out a cut that’s quite a bit sharper and more precise than with what’s usually found in this price range. This is especially useful when working with fades, so this is a very welcome addition to say the least.

Right below the blades is a taper lever, and this makes it very easy to smoothly adjust the length at which you’d like to cut. A nice fade cut is all about getting the hair cut at just the right length, so having something like this makes pulling off the look easier than ever before.

2. Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer

Stepping away from Wahl for a moment, let’s see what Andis has to offer with the Professional T-Outliner. Andis is another name that’s pretty much synonymous with men’s style and grooming, and the expertise that Andis is known for is on full display with the T-Outliner.

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The biggest takeaway with the T-Outliner is its fantastic T-Blade. This blade has made quite a name for itself among men’s barbers, and there’s some good reason for this. Andis’ T-Blade is an absolute rockstar at delivering a cut that’s smooth, close to the skin, accurate, and sharp. The blades are made out of carbon-steel, and they perform most efficiently when used with dry hair.

Andis doesn’t mess around with any unnecessary features or gimmicks with the T-Outliner, and that’s honestly what makes this trimmer so damn awesome. Andis stuck to the basics with the T-Outliner, and as such, it offers one of the best cuts of any of the trimmers on this list.

1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip

We said that there were a lot of Wahl clippers on this list, and we’re finishing this one up with the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip. Wahl has kicked out quite a lot of quality trimmers over the years, but few are iconic and well-put-together as the Magic Clip.

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Wahl crafted the 5-Start Magic Clip for use specifically by professionals in the grooming industry, and this really shows when looking at everything this product is capable of. The blades featured on this unit have absolutely zero overlap and the V9000 motor offers around 50% more power than what you’ll find with traditional consumer-grade clippers.

By default, the Magic Clip is capable of easily tearing through all types of hair in a fashion that’s smooth, accurate, and incredibly tight. However, if you want to have a bit more control over your cut (something you’ll likely be in search of if you’re going for a faded look), you can easily make use of the included accessories that come with the Magic Clip. There are 8 total attachments that come with the trimmer out of the box, and they’re all a joy to use.

Final Thoughts

There’s no telling how long the faded look will remain as ultra-popular as it is right now, but for the time being, it’s important to have the tools necessary to pull of this style as best as you can. Any of the five clippers listed here will do a phenomenal job with the faded hair style, and when the next big thing eventually comes along, you’ll be well-equipped to handle it as well.


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