Best Bay Rum Aftershave (5 Old-Fashioned Scents to Enjoy)

If you’ve done any kind of research about different scents to wear in your aftershaves or colognes, then chances are you’ve come across the suggestion of bay rum. If not, no worries, you can start learning about the popular scent here and now. Soon you’ll be running out to find the best bay run aftershave for you.

What Is Bay Rum?

When you hear the name bay rum describing a scent, you’re probably imagining some cocktail that has a nice smell to it. Well, you’re not too far off the mark. Bay rum is a concoction of Jamaican rum (your cocktail) and bay leaf from the West Indies. The best bay rum aftershave will probably use a few other spices as well, which will vary. You could even make your own at home.

How to Find the Best Bay Rum Aftershaves?

You’re probably be wondering where and how you can find the best bay rum cologne. Like any scent, it’s subjective when it comes to the final decision, but there are certain things you can look for along your way to make sure you end up with quality options to choose from.

Keep these things in mind as you search for the right bay rum aftershave for you:

  • Rum: just like the name tells you, a good bay rum aftershave will have rum as an ingredient. This may sound like a pointless thing to say, but there are many companies who skip real rum and use grain alcohol instead. Be vigilant, read all the ingredients, and prioritize aftershaves that use Jamaican rum, specifically.
  • Bay Leaf: another thing to remember is that there are bay leaf trees in many places. The thing that gives bay rum aftershaves their signature scent, however, is a bay leaf from West Indian trees. The trees grow all over the Caribbean, but it is said that the strongest and best-scented bay leaves come from the trees grown in Jamaica, Bermuda, and the Virgin Islands.
  • Other Spices: each brand and aftershave within a brand is likely to have a slightly different scent depending on what other spices have been added to the mix. So some spend time understanding the smells of other spices so that you’ll know which bay rum blends to test for yourself.

There is one more important tip that you shouldn’t ignore. Remember, your bay rum aftershave will contain alcohol, which might be tough on your skin. Make sure to test a small amount to see how your skin will react before smearing it all over your face!

Best 5 Bay Rum Aftershaves

Reading through a whole collection of bay rum aftershave reviews can be tiring and boring. We’ve taken the dirty work out of the process for you. Here are the top 5 bay rum aftershaves:

1. Clubman Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum, 12 Ounce 

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With the classic bay rum scent that has made the aftershave so popular, Clubman Pinaud provides yet another product that will satisfy your aftershave needs. Whether you’re interested in investing in a smaller bottle for first-time trial and personal use, or a larger bottle to share or use because you know you love, Clubman Pinaud has you covered with 6 and 12-ounce options.

The old-fashioned, barbershop will linger long after the cooling effects this aftershave brings to your face. You can even put a bit in your hair to leave you with traces of a mild, but masculine scent all day.

2. Bay Rum Aftershave Splash for Men – 4oz. 

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Barberry Coast’s bay rum aftershave is the right option for you if you’re interested in investing in all-natural products. This aftershave is vegan, non-GMO, and free of all parabens. Don’t think that will affect the quality and texture, however. Balancing out the alcohol’s drying effect is pure glycerin, so your skin will be left soft and hydrated.

Barberry Coast bay rum aftershave is made in the United States and adheres to high-quality standards. If you are not satisfied with your aftershave, Barberry Coast ensures a lifetime 100% guarantee for your money back.

 3. 8 oz Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Regular 

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Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Aftershave is another product that will transport you back to your childhood days spent getting haircuts. That scent you associated with being a man is bottled for you with this aftershave.

This aftershave is one that you will be able to rely on over time as your go-to scent. If you like clove and eggnog, then you’ll feel happy as you smell this aftershave throughout the day. Otherwise, you can check out some of Ogallala’s other bay rum aftershaves with different spice combinations.

4. GABELS Bay Rum After Shave Lotion 16oz

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GABEL’s bay rum aftershave is the ultimate value if you’re looking to commit to this one scent for the long run. You are not likely to find a better price, while still maintaining quality.

The scent you get with GABEL’s has a strong clove and citrus base, but will not overpower your sense. People will notice your manly aroma without feeling like they can’t breathe around you.

5. Captain’s Choice Original Bay Rum 4.0 oz After Shave Pour 

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Captain’s Choice bay rum aftershave will make you feel like you have traveled to the days of your grandfather’s youth. While you’ll pay a little more for Captain’s Choice, the quality and moisturizing effect on your skin make it worth it.

If you want to have a signature scent without dousing yourself with cologne, Captain’s Choice bay rum aftershave could be just what you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts

There are many reliable bay rum aftershaves on the market and this list. Our top recommendation is Clubman Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum. Get ready to bring a classic scent to any room you enter.


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