Best Beard Style for Short Hair (Be Dynamic and Well Groomed!)

 short hair with short beard

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Making the decision to grow out your beard can be tough, especially if you’re not sure what style you want to keep. When you have longer hair, letting your beard grow and playing it by ear works out well. Shorter hair, on the other hand, may not leave as much stylistic freedom before you start looking unkempt. There’s no need to worry, you can still grow your beard out. You just need to figure out the best beard style for short hair.

Choosing Your Style

In order to decide the best beard style for short hair, you first need to think about what overall style you’re going for. There are many combinations you can create with your hair and beard, all of which you can find through a bit of searching. The point isn’t to go with the trend of the time, but to choose a style that suits you.

The first thing to consider is whether your hairstyle is already set, or if you will be doing a total overhaul and changing both hair and beard styles. If your hairstyle is already short and satisfactory, then you will need to think about which beard styles will match well with your current look. Whereas, if you’re going for a completely new look, you’ll have more creative freedom in considering style combinations.

Face Shape

Whether you’re sticking with your current hairstyle or going for a new one, when you’re deciding which beard style to go with, you must take into consideration the shape of your face. Think about it, you could just go with any style that you like the look of on another person, but if you choose a style that works well with your specific face shape, it will definitely suit you better.

Think about which face shape you have:

  • Round Face: beards with short sides and a longer bottom work well, like a diamond shape.
  • Square Face: go for a trim that gives you a full chin and shorter sides.
  • Long Face: you will look best with less hair on your chin and more on the sides.
  • Diamond Face: go for a full beard on all sides.
  • Inverted Triangle Face: if you have a pointy chin, you may want to try a look with a short beard covering your chin, and more of a goatee style on the sides.

So before you head to the barber shop or take the trimmers to your beard by yourself, spend some time examining your face from different angles in the mirror.

Short Hair with Short Beard

The combination of short hair with a short beard is one that is commonly sought after, and can work very well, as long as you choose the right style for your face. Depending on the shortness of your hair, you will want to adjust your beard length, as well, to achieve the best aesthetic look.

Some possible short beard styles to accompany your short hair are:

  • Stubble: if your hair is on the shorter side of short, you may want to consider keeping your beard at light stubble level, as it may balance out your look.
  • Thick Stubble: with a bit more hair and the desire for a beard, but not an overwhelming one, you can go with thick stubble. It’s purposeful without dominating your features.
  • Short Full Beard: if you’re interested in the full facial hair style, but have shorter hair, you can still pull it off. Grow out your beard fully, let it cover your whole face. Instead of allowing it to grow long, keep it up by trimming it evenly. The thickness should be balanced on the bottom and sides.

The thing to focus on when combining your short hair with a short beard style is to keep a good balance.

Fade Haircut with Beard

If you’re interested in having your fade haircut blend into your beard naturally, the best thing to do is leave it to a professional, at least for the initial styling. Getting the right trim and fade isn’t easy, so it’s not something to do at home by yourself.

The signature look of the fade haircut with a beard attached is the connection at the sideburns. It’s this seamless connection which gives this style its edge. The thickness of the connection at the sideburns will depend on the thickness of your hairstyle. For example, if you have a buzz cut level of shortness near your ears, then the beginning of your beard will match that thickness.

How you style your beard after the sideburns connection is up to you. You can choose to keep the beard itself like stubble, full but short, or you can even go for a long beard if your hairstyle will balance it out.

If you’re not sure, ask for your barber’s opinion.

Very Short Hair with Beard

Having very short hair like a buzz cut, or being almost bald can still work with a beard, no worries. The thing you’ll need to decide is whether you want to complete your look with an equally short beard style, or if you want to contrast your hair and beard styles.

When you have very short hair, keeping a beard that’s in the middle of the long range doesn’t give the best look. You’re better off keeping to the extremes, in this case. Go big or go home, right? Imagine yourself with your very short hair and a beard that matches that shortness versus a full, long beard that brings a dynamic punch. Which look do you prefer?

Beard Upkeep Tips

Whatever style of beard you decide to go with for your short hair, you want to make sure that you take care of it well and that you’ll be satisfied with your look. Keep these things in mind before you commit to your beard:

  • Skin Type: upkeeping a beard requires a lot of trimming, shaving, and product. If you have very sensitive skin, consider the practicality of a beard.
  • Beard Color: sometimes your beard will grow in a different color than the hair on your head. Are you okay with that?
  • Maintenance: how much time do you have to devote to your beard upkeep? This should influence your decision of beard style.

Your beard will affect your everyday look. Be sure that you choose a style that really works for you.

Final Thoughts

Having a beard with short hairstyles can really round out your look. Take the time to think about the aesthetic you want and the lifestyle you lead. You’ll be happiest with a beard style that speaks to who you are.


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