Best Blender For Smoothies With Ice: Five to Crush It!

We’ve all been there: on a  budget, buying the cheapest blender on Amazon Prime (it got great reviews!) only to have the thing break down under all the ice crushing we demand of it. When you are a smoothie enthusiast, you absolutely must buy a blender with a strong motor and strong metal blades. Many reviews and product descriptions will try to convince you that plastic blades or blades that simply chop but don’t cut are perfectly fine. They aren’t. But a killer bender to get the smoothie you are looking for every time for a long time. You’ll need to find the best blender for smoothies with ice that you can keep for years.

Motor Factor

Obviously, the motor in your blender is going to be an issue. You can have amazing blades that are sharp as a samurai sword, but a bad motor will kill you. And what you want is a motor to crush ice, not your heart. Find a high powered motor that has been tested with the best of them.

You also want to make sure that your power cord is strong enough. Your cord needs to handle high voltage or it can burn out your outlet. It sounds crazy, but you are doing major work chopping ice, frozen fruits and veggies, and anything else you add to your smoothie. Some guys throw nuts in their drinks! So the more power, cord, and motor, the better. In this case, you may be looking for an actual ice blender machine.

Sharp as a Tack

Of course, you do need really sharp blades, too. Some blenders these days come with safety blades that aren’t actually blades. They are dull sided with not points, so you won’t cut yourself when you disassemble the parts for cleaning. Forget that. Just be careful not to cut yourself on the blades, and you’ll be fine.

Blades need to be both sharp and strong. You can also end up, if you’re not careful, with flimsy blades that end up bent beyond belief as a result of ice and frozen food. So watch carefully for sharp and well built, solid blades.


A final factor many don’t consider is capacity. You need to have a blender that is big enough to hold multiple servings if you plan on making smoothies for the whole family or your buddies. At the same time, you’ll need to be sure your blender is not so big that it won’t blend small amounts if you only want one serving. You’ll need the best personal blender for crushing ice. Sometimes too big can be worse than too small.

In the end, you have several factors to consider when buying a top of the line smoothie blender. Fortunately, you can simply peruse this list and pick the best blender for frozen drinks from here.

Top 5: Best Blender for Smoothies with Ice

1. Betitay Professional Commercial Blender

  1. Honestly, this doesn’t even seem like a blender, it seems like a smoothie “experience.” It has everything you need to pump out smoothies all day long. You’ll get copper motor at 28000rpm and 1500 watts of power. It can take anything from fresh fruit to frozen veggies, and yes, ice.
  2. It is a large blender, able to hold 64 ounces in a BPA free container that will help you save the earth and yourself from all the nasty chemicals that come with some containers. It also has a separate smoothie container and a stick for mixing your smoothie as you blend.  Click here to view Betitay Professional Commercial Blender on Amazon.

2. Oster Pro Plus

  1. This blender is your typical strong, high powered blender. It holds 6 cups or 48 ounces of liquid; it also comes with a 24-ounce smoothie cup. The blades are set widely apart for extra smoothie flow. The motor will give you 1200 watts of power, and the container is dishwasher safe glass.
  2. You can’t go wrong with Oster. The company is good and the reviews always sing its praises. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this one.  Click here to read more about Oster Pro Plus on Amazon.

3. PopBabies

  1. So here’s that personal blender mentioned above. As personal smoothie makers go, this one is where it’s at. It even comes with its own ice tray. This blender holds 16 ounces of liquid, is built to chop through the ice and frozen veggies, and can even blend up baby food if you’re a proud papa bear and you’re willing to share.
  2. As a bonus, this PopBabies is mobile. You can recharge it with a USB cord and go! You can use this blender to make your smoothie and then pop the container of the blade and go. It is that simple. If you are an individual smoothie maker, and you make smoothies regularly, this is the machine for you.

4. Ninja

  1. Everyone who knows blenders knows the Ninja. This blender is designed specifically to crush ice. The selling point is, indeed, the crushing power.
  2. This blender has 1000 watts of power and holds 72 ounces of liquid. You can crush ice for the whole family and set everyone up for smoothies for years.  Click here to read more about Ninja on Amazon.

5. Vremi

  1. The Vremi is another commercial grade blender with multiple speeds and functions. You can compare it to the Betitay, and you may end up saving money. It holds 8 cups and has 1400 watts of power, so you can crush ice or frozen vegetables with the best of them.
  2. The container is BPA free glass of course, and it has a reversible blade so you can chop, crush, or pulsate according to your smoothie making needs.

Blend Away

While many blenders are similar, no two are alike, and in the end, you will have to decide. Make your decision based on your own personal needs, and you can’t go wrong. If you are looking for just a personal smoothie maker, the PopBabies is your machine. Likewise, if you need multiple smoothies made at your fingertips, you will want a higher capacity commercial blender. Then there are you in between options. In the end, just be sure you know what you want, and from there you’ll get what you need.