The 5 Best Blow Dryers for Natural African American Hair: Blow It Out!

African American Hair is tricky. It takes knowledge and skill to style it correctly. Drying it is even trickier. Too hot and you dry out already naturally dry hair. Too cold and you end up with limp and lifeless hair. So you need a dryer that will shift temperatures and diffuse your glorious locks into the epitome of their natural state. The best blow dryers for natural African American hair will adjust to the hair, not expect the hair to adjust to them. These are dryers that are made with tight, curly hair in mind, that also allows for a relaxed style if you so choose.

Too Hot

A blow dryer that only has one setting, hot, will dry out and even burn your hair. Walking around with a burnt afro is not going to make you feel good. And your hair should always make you feel good. Too much heat saps all the moisture out of hair that you have likely worked hard to moisturize. Don’t settle for an inferior blow dryer when the best blow dryer for natural hair for 2018 is waiting for you.

Natural Is In

Yes, you should be celebrating your wild mane. Natural is all the rave right now. You will be on trend and on point with your lovely kinks on display. With the best blow dryer for natural black hair, you can walk out into the world each morning with your head held high and your hair on fire (but not literally). Embrace your tight curls and find the dryer that is best for you.

Diffuse What?

A diffuser is this magical attachment that will dry your hair at the right temperature setting and help you keep your curls in place instead of a dryer or hotter than you intended. It spreads the heat out among your lovely locks evenly, without burning or overdrying. You bunch and dry your hair at the same time, encouraging your hair to be tight and curly in its natural state. If you are looking for the best hair dryer for African American relaxed hair, you definitely do not want a diffuser, so you can feel free to choose from among our other selections, but you still might want one just in case. Someday you may choose to go back to your kinky curls, and then you’ll be happy you have a diffuser.

Top 5 Best Blow Dryers for Natural African American Hair

1. Beautural

This hair dryer certainly seems to have it all. You’ll get 3 different temperature settings and 2 different speeds. You will get a fast dry that won’t dry out your hair. You also get a cool setting and a diffuser attachment to boot. So if you’re going for curly without a ton of frizz, this is the way to go. If you’re going for relaxed, just leave off the diffuser.

It also has an AC motor, so you know it won’t overheat. The an ionic feature will make sure that you keep the moisture in your hair that you worked so hard to get in there in the first place.  Click here to view Beautural on Amazon.

2. Bed Head

This diffuser dryer is designed to be used to work on curls. You can of course remove the diffuser, but the design has one intention, to lock in your curls. It has 3 settings and 2 speeds, plus a cool shot button. The nice thing about this dryer is its shape. Instead of the long nose that you usually get on a dryer, this dryer has a short fat head with a wand. So you will essentially press the head against your own hair and dry around your hair. This can be helpful to keep your hair from drying out too much.  Click here to read more about Bed Head on Amazon.

3. Jinri

This hair dryer comes highly recommended from reviewers. It has 3 settings, 2 speeds, and 3 different attachments! So you can style your hair any way you like with this powerful machine. It uses salon technology to dry your hair faster, so you can be sure your hair won’t dry out. It also employs negative ions, so you can expect your hair to stay shiny and silky smooth if you are looking for the relaxed look, or visibly curly with minimal frizz if you are looking for the natural curly look.  Click here to see the pricing for the Jinri on Amazon.

4. Xtava

Xtava gives you many options. You can opt for the flat iron and diffuser, just the diffuser, or just the dryer itself. You get to choose based on your style. It might be a good idea to go all in if you are a fan of switching back and forth from relaxed to natural and curly. This dryer has 2 heat settings and 3 speed settings, so you can choose to go fast and hot if you’re racing out of the house, or slow and low if you have time to tend to your locks.

It also has an AC motor, so you can expect the dryer to last you a long time without burning out the motor.

5. Conair

You had to know that Conair was going to make the list. This company has been in the hair drying business for decades, and its still going strong. With ceramic tourmaline technology, you can rest assured your dryer will last. It also has negative ions, so you can trust your hair to stay smooth and sleek, locking in moisture with a cool shot button. You get a diffuser attachment and a comb attachment, so you can choose from different styles depending on your mood that day.

Final Thoughts

Browse your options, click around, explore what each dryer has to offer you. Your hair is a precious commodity, and, after your face, it is the first thing people will notice about you. As a bold act of self-love, you want to be sure your hair is a direct reflection of who you are and how you feel about yourself. So get the dryer that will be sure to make you feel fabulous. From diffusers to settings to negative ions, you’ve got everything you need to rock a great style.