Best Body Groomer for Manscaping: The Top Five Groomers

It’s time for us men to be all honest with each other. No one likes a hairy dude. There may be some niche group somewhere deep in the forest who prefer to live in caves. Those guys may be super into excess hair growing from all body parts and peeking out of buttonholes. But the rest of us civilized men enjoy keeping our body hair grooming. To that end, we need to keep our eyes open for the best body groomer for manscaping.

Clean Shaven or Cleanly Trimmed?

Manscaping does not mean that you have to be completely cleanly shaven. Though there are benefits to cleaning up all your hair and keeping the smooth skin. It is much more hygienic; it is easier to manage, and there are certainly more than a few ladies looking for smooth skin.

But if you want to keep your body hair closer to a natural, by all means, trim. You can keep it really close to your body or you can let it curl a bit. What you want to avoid is looking like a jungle is growing independently from your body. Keep it tight.


Many of these body groomers come with guiding combs, trimming scissors, and zippered pouches. Depending on what you are looking for, you can go all in or you can keep it simple. If you have a lot of body hair to manage, you may want guiding combs. If your hair is really long, you may want to invest in a set with trimming scissors. Just like with the hair on your head, your trimmer will leave you with a few stray hairs.

And it is always nice to have a carrying case for all your equipment.

1. Phillips Norelco Multigroom

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The Phillips comes with a plethora of accessories. You will get guiding combs for your hair, for your beard, your mustache, and anything else you need to groom.

This trimmer also comes with self-sharpening blades. This innovative technology ensures the blades sharpen themselves as they cut, so you can rest assured that your trimmer will remain sharp for years.

You also get an ear trimmer and a nose trimmer attachment for your extra trimming needs. And as an added bonus, this trimmer doesn’t need to be oiled like most trimmers. You can just rinse and go.

2. Remington Head to Toe

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The Remington title says it all. This trimmer is for all of your needs from head to toe. It comes with the expected guiding combs for facial hair. You will get the nose trimmer and ear trimmer. You will also get a vertical body trimmer.

The device also comes with self-sharpening blades. The lithium battery will make sure your trimmer runs for over an hour off the charger. It is convenient to also have a cordless trimmer as it is a huge pain to have to wrap a cord around your back and neck to cut your hair.

Finally, the Remington has its own charging station that neatly keeps all of your equipment in place for when you need it. You can keep the station by the side of your sink and use it on the spot.

3. Mangroomer Professional

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The Mangroomer Professional is unique in that it is designed specifically for shaving your back hair. It has a long handle that bends at the center, allowing you an easy trim.

The handle has a rubberized grip that will ensure you don’t lose your grip on the trimmer while shaving your back. It keeps its charge well and sits on a charger between uses.

4. Braun Cruzer

The Braun uses Gillette technology and provides a wet shave. Wet shaving is a different experience entirely from trimming dry. Many proponents argue that a wet shave leaves skin much smoother and softer in the long run.

This shaver is designed for the body. You can use it in the shower or near it, but you’ll want to be close to a water supply. The best plan for wet shaving is to use hot water and shave in a steamy closed room. The heat will keep your skin supple and ready to shave, which will also allow you to get a much closer shave.

5. Sharper Image

The Sharper Image body trimmer/shaver does not disappoint. Like with most Sharper Image products, this trimmer comes with a little something extra over the competition.

This trimmer is double-sided. One side of the trimmer is a shaver for your face and the other side is a trimmer/clippers for your head or your body.

It sits on a charger and holds that charge for forty-five minutes. It will let you know after about 25 minutes off the charger that it is wearing down.

If you are trying to keep your genitalia, this is easily the best way to manscape balls. While it might not seem like a huge issue, trust me, maintaining clean and tidy man parts is essential to any hope for a second time around with a lucky lady. You don’t want to scare her off. The Sharper Image is the best body groomer for manscaping. But this could probably be considered the best body groomer for balls or the best body groomer for private parts.

To Invest or Not to Invest

You can of course go with the cheapest body trimmer you can find. If you choose the cheapest on this list, you won’t be sorry. You will end up with an awesome groomer for the ideal manscaping experience.

What you’ll get if you spend more is just a matter of extra accessories and charging capabilities.

The only real question is whether to invest in a man groomer at all. And the only real answer to that question is yes. Yes. You need to groom. Any self respecting man living in this millennium has figured out by now that clean is better.

Look around. Most men these days keep a close trim and a close shave. Even the most rugged man today has a trimmer and a mirror to make sure that he’s not heading out of the house looking like Hagrid from Harry Potter.


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