Best Bra for Acid Reflux (5 to Ease Your Discomfort)

If you’ve ever experienced acid reflux, then you know just how disruptive it can be both to your waking day and sleep. Have you ever thought that there could be a connection between the bra you’re wearing regularly and your GERD? It may be surprising but finding the best bra for acid reflux can change your whole experience.

The Connection: Tight Bra and Heartburn

The first thing to think about as you begin your search for the best bra for acid reflux is whether you tend to wear bras that hug your body very tightly. If that sounds like you, then you could be contributing to your own problem.

The importance of getting a proper bra fitting doesn’t stop with making sure that your breasts look good in the clothes you wear, it also has an influence on your health. If you are wearing the wrong bra size, especially one that is too small for you, it is likely that you are exacerbating any issues with GERD that you have.

There is no reason to wear a bra that is too tight around your body, all you need is one that effectively supports your breasts and back.

What is Hiatal Hernia Bras?

Have you been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia? If so, then you really to take the time to find a bra that will not interfere with your existing health issue. You will not find the right bra to accommodate your hiatal hernia by searching a category solely for this need. Instead, what you need to do is be aware of what features the ideal bras for these hernias have.

This is what you need in a bra for your hiatal hernia:

  • Soft Cups: you do not want anything applying too much pressure to the area around your hernia.
  • No Underwire: the underwire is one of the main things that can cut into your stomach and worsen your issues with acid reflux and bother your hiatal hernia. Choosing bras without an underwire will help you avoid unnecessary pain.
  • Low Impact Sports Bra: one of the best choices for hiatal hernias is a low impact sports bra. This type of bra will provide you with basic support without squeezing your body too tightly.
  • Sizing: one thing to keep in mind when you have a hiatal hernia, is that you may need to shift sizes to find a bra that is comfortable and doesn’t cause any irritation. you can try your normal bra size in a soft cup style first, but if it still feels tight, go up a size for a looser fit.

5 Top Bras for GERD Sufferers

Learning was the first step to finding the right bra to help you ease your acid reflux discomfort, now it’s time to take a look at reliable options:

1. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Cotton Pullover Sport Bra 

The Fruit of the Loom Pullover Sport Bra is the ideal option for you if you have a hiatal hernia or GERD that is very distracting and uncomfortable. The bra is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so it is completely soft and just stretchy enough to provide the support you need without clinging to and squeezing your body.

The bra has a band at the bottom which ensures that your breasts are kept in place and supported, but will not leave you feeling like there is pressure against your body. These bras are very affordable and come in many different colors, so you can choose a design that matches your personality. This bra is a reliable option to wear every day to help you lessen the effects of acid reflux.

2. Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Bra #4049 

If you want to be able to wear a more structured bra for work or other purposes, but worry about the bra being too tight and worsening your heartburn, try the Playtex Seamless Smoothing Bra. This seamless bra is made with two-ply soft cups for your comfort and support. It even has no-slip straps that are narrow yet cushioned for all-day wear.

The bra is not made with padding, but a double layer of fabric for optimal comfort. This bra will be an easy addition to your collection, as it’s machine-wash.  Click here to view product x on Amazon.

3. Just My Size Women’s Active Lifestyle Wirefree Bra

If you work hard all day or in an environment that causes you to sweat, the Just My Size Wirefree Bra could be the perfect option for you. It is designed with soft two-ply cups for support and comfort, while also boasting CoolDri lining to wick moisture and help you avoid feeling sticky or smelly.

The soft and stretchy cotton fabric of this bra means that you won’t even notice it as you move throughout the day, as it will stick with you in a naturally flowing way. This bra closes with a back closure, so you will need to think about whether you might want to order it in a size larger than your typical measurement to avoid tightness.

4. Hanes Women’s Ultimate Comfy Support Wire-Free Bra 

Hanes is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to everyday comfort, and their wire-free bra is no different. If you’re looking for a bra to get you through each and every day without worsening your struggle with a hiatal hernia or acid reflux, then this Hanes bra will be just what you need.

It is designed in a classic style with a back closure and comfortable straps but is seamless tag-free providing the most comfortable experience possible.  Click here to read more about Hanes Comfy Support Wife-Free Bra on Amazon.

5. Under Armour Women’s Seamless Essential Bra 

The Under Armour Seamless Essential Bra is another reliable option if you like pull over bras. This bra is designed for low-impact activity, which means that it won’t squeeze your body too tightly. The bra will support your breasts and keep you dry and fresh with the Signature Moisture Transport System.

Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing issues with a hiatal hernia or heartburn, changing the bra you wear on a regular basis could lead to a decrease in discomfort. Remember to focus on soft and loose fitting bras for best results.