5 Best Bra for Hot Humid Weather: Goodbye Boob Sweat!

Boob sweat is one of the most awful curses of womanhood. Not only do we have to buy extra clothing just to protect our extra body parts, but we also have to contend with the uncomfortable reality of sweating under and between our breasts. And often that clothing we buy, bras, only make it worse. The wrong fabric in a bra can create even more sweat during those hot days, so it is essential to find the best bra for hot humid weather.

Boob Sweat

We frequently hear large breasted women complain about this phenomenon: “ugh, summertime means boob sweat.” But the sweat under and between our breasts is not unique to our buxom sisters. Small breasted women get boob sweat too, and every woman in between knows the deal.

The truth is, sweating has little to do with body size and much to do with your glands. You could be a particularly sweaty person. Or you could never worry about sweat at all. The worse combo though is being a woman prone to sweat, with larger breasts, in hot humid weather. A breathable bra for summer is critical to your comfort.

Humidity Is a Curse

Humidity is far worse than dry heat. At least with a dry heat, you can jump in a pool and cool off, even temporarily. In humid weather, a pool almost makes things worse. You get wet, hot, and irritated.

We already have to worry about hair issues in humid weather. Curly hair gets frizzy. Straight hair gets limp.

Boob sweat only adds insult to injury. The humidity makes an existing problem that much worse. And it creates a problem where there wasn’t one in the first place. So now we have to deal with frizzy hair, irritated moods and boob sweat, possibly worse than we already had it.

Bra to the Rescue

Many women don’t realize this, but the right bra can change all of that. Having the wrong fabric can make matters worse. The right fabric and the right construction can eliminate the problem altogether.

Cotton will absorb sweat, wicking it away from your skin. Fleece will make you sweat more, and leave the sweat rubbing against your skin. Knowledge is power in this instance. Knowing what works for you will save you in the worst humidity. Sweat-wicking everyday bras, especially if you live in a particularly humid region, can make all the difference.

A breathable spacer bra has a way of making you forget you are wearing a bra completely, which is quite an accomplishment in and of itself. This is even truer in a hot zone.

Best Bra for Hot Humid Weather: Top 5

1. Frugue Spacer Bra

This bra does it all. It is a classic molded bra, so you will be comfortable while you wear it. It is made of mostly cotton, so it will absorb sweat rather than leave it inside your garment. The Frugue also cleanly separates your breasts, so you won’t have to worry about cleavage sweat.

This bra is designed to make you feel fit, fabulous, and feminine. It is constructed so that it will adjust to your body as opposed to forcing you into a structure that will leave you feeling miserable all day.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on Frugue Spacer Bra.

2. N Naansi

This company has made it a point to build bras specific to a woman’s curves, her health, and her comfort. N Naansi bras are made with Egyptian cotton, so you can expect as little sweat as humanly possible. They are designed as a line of “leisure bras,” which means you should be able to go from morning to night, and even though the night, feeling effortless and weightless.

At the same time, you will still get the support you need from a bra. As many larger breasted women know, sometimes going braless is simply not an option.

3. Fruit of the Loom

Who knew Fruit of the Loom was in the bra game? Well, now you do. These bras are 90% cotton, unlined, and they come in a pack of two. They are made to keep you as comfortable as Michael Jordan always felt in his boxers.

They have underwire, which is a must for many women, but they remain unlined, so you can expect a clean look under your t-shirt or silk shirt, regardless.  Click here to see the pricing for the Fruit of The Loom Bra on Amazon.

4. Hanes

Obviously, Hanes is not going to let Fruit of the Loom get all the comfortable bra market. Hanes jumps into the scene with a wire-free boyfriend bra. It has a cool jersey look to it, and it can spend the day under your clothes, feeling like its own little piece of style.

Because it is wireless, it may not be appropriate for much larger breasts, but the rest of us women from smaller to medium-sized breasts may feel right at home in these bras made of 93% cotton. Anyway, why should men have all the cotton comfort?

5. Calvin Klein

In comes Calvin Klein with a hybrid bra for every woman’s breast sweat needs. This is more of a bralette than a bra, but that can actually be a good thing. Imagine your perfect bra top, now turn that into a bra. This means you can buy them in multiple colors and wear them with any other top you have. It can be such a pain to have to put on a bra top and then a shirt over it. Now you can simply wear the bralette under anything.

The one thing to think about with the bralette is that it will not separate out your cleavage, so while it is made of 53% cotton, cleavage sweat is unavoidable.

Final Thoughts

This is really about so much more than boob sweat. Once you get shopping for a cool cotton bra to keep you happy despite the mounting humidity, you may find yourself clicking and buying them all. A bra can change the way you feel about your body, and a bra that keeps you cool and looking cute can change your world.