Discover the 5 Best Bra for Minimizing Breast Size Options!

It is seemingly a gift, right? Women are supposed to be so happy with large breasts. We are more desirable, more feminine, and clothes fit us so much better. Right? Wrong. The truth is large breasts can be a huge pain, literally. They can cause back problems, make us feel fat, and attract too much of the wrong kind of attention. Our biggest saving grace is to discover the best bra for minimizing breast size options.

Pain and Suffering

The first reason you want a bra to minimize breast size is relief from pain. Large breasts make women top heavy in the front, which makes us lean forward, which can cause long-term back pain. A bra that minimizes breast size will provide a ton of support and help keep breasts compressed and lifted, not dragging the entire body forward.


Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last year has some awareness of the #metoo movement. Women are tired of being ogled, fondled, and sexually harassed. While the onus of responsibility for sexual harassment or cat calling is clearly not on us, sometimes women just get tired of being a constant focus of attention for our bodies, especially our breasts.

Not one woman wants to be objectified. The best minimizer bras for large breasts will serve this exact purpose. Smaller breasts – less objectification. Sadly, there is often no way to completely eliminate the attention, but we can hope to not be yelled at by construction workers because we happened to be born with larger breasts.


There are so many clothes made to fit small breasted women! Backless shirts, strappy shirts, and dresses, thin material. The best minimizing bras will help large breasted women enjoy these times of clothes as well. We can relax without worrying our breasts are going to break free of thin fabric.

5 The Best Bra for Minimizing Breast Size Options

1. Glamorise

This high impact support bra will keep everything in place. It’s got a nonstretch material across the breasts, so you know you’re safe not only to walk and climb but also to run and jump.

You can live a free life with this bra that has hook and eye closure to keep the fit perfect and seamless. The Glamorise uses hook and eye closure and promises technology that will both lift and compress your breasts while keeping you comfortable. You can expect to reduce your breast size by one cup with this bra.

2. Lilyette by Bali

The minimizer bra will keep your breasts from popping out in the middle of the day, and it will do wonders for your side boob. Yes, if you have large breasts, you know all about side boob.

The Lilyette is also lower cut, so you can wear a lower cut shirt here. The common fear is that a low cut bra will undo the minimizer effect, but not so here. The hook and eye closure, and the way the fabric is arranged, no padding and plenty of support, will keep your breasts exactly where you want them.  Click here to view Lylyette by Bali on Amazon.

3. Vanity Fair

This hook and eye closure bra will keep a seamless breast appearance from cleavage to underarm. Side boob is a thing of the past. Vanity Fair promises to minimize your bustline up to 1 1/2 inches, which can make a big difference for large breasted women.

The underwire is imperceptible, so you won’t have to worry about being poked while you’re trying to feel supported. The straps will stay in place and fix in place in the back, so you can expect support over the shoulders and carrying over to the front.

4. Wacoal

The Wacoal is nice because it is a pretty bra that is also functional. Often, when we are trying to be practical, we end up with dull and boring. The Wacoal comes in lace and a variety of colors. So while you may not want all the attention from the world of men, you can still enjoy your own body and the pretty adornments in your private space.

This bra is made of mostly nylon and some spandex, so you’ll get a bit of a stretch but mostly support. It will minimize your bust up to one inch, and keep your breasts in place throughout the day. It hooks with hook and eye closure in the back.

5. Chantelle

Chantelle is another minimizer that keeps it feminine. The bras come in soft colors and a lace mesh over the supportive cups. With large breasts, it can be hard to feel petite and dainty, and the colors of the bras as well as the soft features that are inlaid help with that.

You also get two styles in the back to choose from, leotard or strap. The bra closes with hook and eye in the back, and it is lightly lined, so you will have full coverage. The material here is mostly knit and spandex, so you will feel both comfortable and covered.  Click here to read more about Chantelle on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Large busted women the world over are wondering how to make breasts look smaller. And it is not an easy task. They are part of your body, and often compressing them means you have to be uncomfortable throughout an entire day and sometimes into the evening.

The alternative to wearing a bra for large breasted women is having very large body parts hang from your front, which can be even more uncomfortable. This is why it is so crucial to find the perfect minimizer bra that can be worn day and night.

At this point then, you are really making a choice about style, about closure positioning, about lace, about color, and so on. You can trust that the bras we’ve listed here won’t let you down, no pun intended.

Ultimately, you may find yourself wanting one, two, or even three different styles for different outfits and personal needs. Or, you may find yourself falling in love with one style and buying it in a wide variety of colors.