Best Clinical Strength Deodorant For Men (5 Stay-Dry Sticks)

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Throughout the day, there are a lot of things that need to get done. You’ve gotta go to work, deal with a pesky boss, mow the lawn, pick up the kids from school, fix a drippy faucet, etc. Whatever you have to deal with throughout your day, there’s no doubt that it can quickly pile up. And, if you’re a guy who frequently battles with excessive sweat, you likely need the best clinical strength deodorant for men in order to make your day bearable.

We understand the frustration, but trust us when we say that this doesn’t have to be a pain point any longer. Now, once you get the sigh of relief out of your system, let’s get to talking.

Men’s deodorant has seen some serious progress and changes over the years, and while on the surface these changes might be difficult to see, they’re incredibly evident once you get your hands on a truly quality stick of the best deodorant for men who sweat a lot.

If you’re tired of sweating through multiple shirts in one day and want to feel comfortable no matter how much work you do, keep on reading.

1. Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance

There are some guys out there who want to have the best smelling deodorant for men when shopping for antiperspirant, and while there’s nothing wrong with that at all, there’s also a group of guys who don’t care about smell and just want something that’s going to get the job done.

If you happen to fall into the latter of those two groups, Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance is for you.

Mitchum’s deodorant is entirely unscented, and while this might come off as a downside to some buyers, other guys will like the fact that it doesn’t get in the way and just gets to work. Mitchum crafted this deodorant with a special formula that eliminates any of that annoying white residue that’s often found with stronger sticks of deodorant, and this resides nicely with the water-based concoction that tackles your sweat before you even notice it yourself.


This is best-described as a no-frills stick of deodorant. It won’t amaze you with a wonderful scent or smell, but what it lacks here it quickly makes up for with top-notch performance and the fact that you don’t have to worry about it staining darker t-shirts.


In our book, that’s a solid win-win.  Click here to view Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance on Amazon.


2. Degree Men Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant Sport Strength

Following up Mitchum’s offering is Degree’s Men Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant Sport Strength. Degree has been crafting loads of different antiperspirant products for ages at this point, and the company's expertise and know-how really shines through with this one.

This particular deodorant is a bit different in the sense that Degree advises you apply it to your underarms right before you go to bed. This may seem odd at first, but Degree says that applying the deodorant to your armpits then will allow the formula to create a strong layer of protection for the following day. Better yet, that protection is rated to last you right up through the next night!

Degree added a “masculine” scent to make the deodorant a bit more appealing to guys that like smelling clean while also staying dry, and the makeup of Degree’s product is also able to help reduce irritation by moisturizing your skin.


While all of this comes together for a pretty fantastic package, do be aware that you’ll get white marks on dark clothes if you aren’t careful when applying the stick to your skin.

3. Dove Men+Care Clinical protection Antiperspirant Deodorant

Speaking of moisturizing the skin, finding a clinical-strength deodorant that’s also safe for sensitive skin can often prove to be a bit of a hassle. This is something that Dove was thinking about when crafting its Men+Care Clinical Protection Antiperspirant, and the end result is a super-strong deodorant that won’t leave your skin feeling irritated or aggravated.

Dove’s formula for this deodorant is clinically proven to not cause any unwanted irritation, and for men who have sensitive skin, this is somewhat of a Godsend. A whole quarter of Dove’s formula here is saved just for moisturizing your skin, but even with this being the case, you’re still getting 48 total hours of sweat-fighting protection that will leave your pits feeling dry and clean for up to two whole days.

Although you still might notice some streaking here and there if you’re a bit careless with the application process, a lot of customers have reported that Dove’s deodorant doesn’t glob up like some competitive products often do.

4. Degree Men Dry Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant Extreme Blast

While Dove’s product is great for guys that need to find a good balance of something that’ll battle sweat and also be easy on the skin, this isn’t something that every guy has to deal with. If your skin is a bit more resilient and you just want the absolute best antiperspirant for excessive sweating, Degree just may have you covered once again with its Extreme Blast Dry Protection deodorant.

The type of stick that Degree has crafted here is a solid one, and something that we love about it is the fact that it goes on completely clear. This helps to eliminate the possibility of any streaking with darker clothes, but that’s not all that it’s bringing to the table.

Extreme Blast is activated once it senses your body heat levels are increasing, and this helps keep your skin dry all-day long. It’s a great choice for working out or spending long hours outside, and the power here is simply unmatched.

5. Gillette Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Advanced Solid

Last but not least, let’s see what Gillette is bringing to the table with its Clinical Strength Anti-perspirant Deodorant Advanced Solid. Similar to the Degree product above, Gillette is all about eliminating sweat and perspiration at all costs. It isn’t necessarily the best choice for sensitive skin, but it sure does do a helluva job at preventing unwanted sweat.


Gillette’s product certainly does lean towards the pricier end of the spectrum, but if you have the money to spare for it, it’s well worth the added cost if all you care about is getting rid of your excessive sweating once and for all!


Final Thoughts

Trying to find the best clinical strength deodorant for men can be quite challenging on your own, and thanks to this guide, that no longer needs to be a problem for you. Whether you’ve got sensitive skin, a tight budget, or just need as much sweat-fighting power as possible, these are the five best sticks of deodorant that you can buy for your sweaty pits. That right there is one less thing for you to sweat over.