The 5 Best Cordless Hair Clippers for Bald Head Persons!

Average every day trimmers are not going to give you a close shave if you’ve decided to go bald. Bald heads are one of the best looks to have right now, and more and more men are opting out of a head full of hair. Also, summer is fast approaching, and yes, you still have to maintain the bald head. If anything, you have to maintain it a bit more because you have to stay on top of stubble. In order to do that, and do it right, you’ll need the best cordless hair clippers for bald head persons.

Why Cordless?

Cordless is almost always the way to go. Although exceptions do exist; if you are a professional barber and have no downtime in between shaves, you may need a corded shaver simply because you don’t have the luxury of letting it recharge.

But if you are only cutting your own hair or the hair of the people in your household, you should use a cordless shaver. Think of how unwieldy and unmanageable it is to have to maneuver a shaver around your head as you cut under, over, and around back. Cordless hair clippers that cut the closest are just so much more convenient.

Going, Bald.

Whether you’re going bald against your wishes or “going bald” voluntarily by shaving your locks off, a bald shaver is necessary. You cannot use just any shaver or razor on a bald head. Why?

Try it. Try using a run of the mill razor not specifically meant for bald heads.

Okay, don’t really try it. What you will find is that your head gets cut up from an unreliable razor or a shaver meant to trim, not shave. You will have to tell your friends a story about how you were attacked by a monkey in the woods rather than confess that you thought you could shave your bald head with the wrong tool.

When you decide that you want to shave your head, or if you have already decided, do it the right way. Get the best balding clippers you need to keep your head looking clean cut and well kept.

Beware the Maintenance

Know going in that, while it is much easier to simply shave your head, you will absolutely have to maintain your head regularly. Some men shave their heads every other day. The last thing you want is someone asking if you are “growing your hair in.”

Stubble grows fast, and if you have dark hair, it will be even more noticeable that you are behind in upkeep. So beware that if you want a bald head, you will need to keep it bald until and unless you change your mind. For this reason, especially it is important to have the best head shaver. That much shaving requires a solid machine.

5 Best Cordless Hair Clippers for Bald Head Persons:


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AMCHOICE is a 6 in 1 set of hair clippers. You can cut a variety of different styles and lengths. This means you can change your style at some point and still have clippers that serve you, or if you have friends or family around that need your clippers, they can use them too.

You can charge this shaver for just an hour and get thirty minutes out of it. It comes with several different combs and trimmer guards.

2. Cordless Bald Head Shaver

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This cordless will hold its charge for thirty minutes after being fully charged. It is ergonomically correct, so you won’t have to worry about hand cramps and problems adjusting as you work around your head.

Further, it works both forward and backward, so you can run it along with your head both ways. The dual shaving foils will fit the different landscapes of your head, so you can be sure that you won’t have random tufts of hair sticking up all over the place.

3. TurnRaise Hair Clipper

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This shaver promises not only a close cut but guarantees no rash and no allergic reaction. It will not pull at your hair as it works its way over your head either. The TurnRaise will charge on a cord and then you can use it cordless. The nice thing is, because it is on a cord, if you need to still use it after it loses its charge, you can shave with it plugged in.

Even better, with this shaver, you can shave your head and your face. It is the perfect shaver for any man who is hair free all over. This shaver (literally) has your back.

4. Remington

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This shaver will fit in the palm of your hand, run along the back of your head, behind your ears, and along the back of your neck. It is handy to have around for anyone who wants to shave his own head. It is rechargeable and will hold its charge for up to 40 minutes when fully charged.

Furthermore, you can rinse it off in water. At 100% waterproof, this shaver is incredibly convenient, easy to clean, and you will have to deal with less mess afterward.

5. Bald Eagle Shaver

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The Bald Eagle is the monster of cordless bald head shavers. It will power through 90 minutes of shaving without its cord because of its lithium ion battery source. The coils work around your skull for a masterful shave that will give you a clean look all around.

Bald Eagle has made a point out of building this shaver specifically for a man’s bald head, so it is designed for men’s hands, strong and stable, and energy that won’t let you down by dying out in the middle of a shave.

Final Thoughts

This decision is really going to come down to your hands and your head. You may choose the Bald Eagle because you have large, strong hands that can master a powerful machine. On the other hand, you may want something lighter and easier to deal with, say if you prefer a more ergonomic feel. Whichever way you go, you won’t go wrong.


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