The Best Crampons for Running 5 Picks for Strong Traction

When Winter comes around, it may seem like your typical running routine faces insurmountable obstacles in the form of snow and ice. While running in the cold and icy weather is definitely more difficult, there are ways to get the job done and log your workout. The first thing to do is search for the best crampons for running.

Choosing the Best Crampons

If you’ve never thought about finding the best crampons for running, you’re seriously missing out. Crampons are an accessory that adds an extra level of ease and convenience to your day to day life. To make sure that you choose the best crampons for your needs, there are a few factors you should consider beforehand:


  • Material: crampon frames are generally made of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Steel crampons are the strongest and most durable overall. On the other hand, aluminum frames may be advantageous for running, as they are lighter weight.
  • Bindings: there are three main types of binding systems used for crampons: hybrid, step-in, and a strap-on. Hybrid bindings are simple to fit when wearing gloves and require shoes with a stiff sole. Step-in bindings are the easiest to put on while wearing gloves, usually, come with an ankle strap, and require rigid soles. Strap-on bindings are the most versatile type and can be worn with most shoe types.
  • Points: most crampons are made with either 10 or 12 points, which are strategically placed based on the purpose of the crampons. The front points of crampons you will use for running should be horizontal. This dual point positioning is the most flexible and can be used for many purposes. You will come across modular and non-modular points. The non-modular points are lighter and stay in place more securely, making them the better choice for running.
  • Weight: aluminum crampons are usually the best choice for running, as they are lightweight. Just keep in mind that they are not ideal for steep climbing.
  • Construction: look for crampons that are designed with semi-rigid construction. This means that you will have sufficient flex for performance in the broadest assortment of conditions. Some crampons even come with the ability to adjust from semi-rigid to flexible for specific situations.


The Top 5 Crampons for Running

1. Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats 

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The Yaktrax crampons are a strap-on option that will work well for most types of shoes. These crampons are ideal for very snowy and icy conditions, as they are made from strong and durable stainless steel. The rubber frames wrap around your shoes for a secure and comfortable fit. When you are choosing the size for your crampons, it’s safest to go with a size larger than suggested.

These Yaktrax crampons are super convenient for running and everyday wear, as they slide on and off easily and quickly. If you’ve become accustomed to feeling like you’re running in the sand during Winter, get ready to be surprised. The Yaktrax crampons give you the full feeling of balance and control and protect against slipping while you run.

2. Kahtoola MICROspikes Footwear Traction 

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The Kahtoola crampons are made with 12 stainless steel points and are a great option for running, hiking, and climbing Winter trails. These crampons are strap-on and you will find that they slip on and off with total ease, making your transitions fast. Whether you find yourself running on flat ground, or up or down hills, these Kahtoola crampons will keep you safe and balanced.

The Kahtoola crampons may seem like a bit of a larger investment than some other models, but what you get are impeccable quality and a long-lasting product. If you spend a lot of time running in Winter conditions, these crampons are a practical addition to your collection.

3. OuterStar Ice & Snow Grips Crampons 

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The OuterStar crampons are a great option if you’re looking to test the waters with your first pair of crampons. These strap-on crampons are simple yet effective and will allow you to enjoy your run even when you’re surrounded by snow and ice. The OuterStar crampons are very affordable and will work with most styles of shoes, so you really only need one pair.

Running with crampons is an art that can be difficult to get used to, but with the OuterStar crampons, you will forget that you’re even wearing anything on your shoes, as they’ll help you feel steady and balanced. To keep these crampons in optimal shape, wipe them with a dry cloth after each use.

4. EONPOW Ice Grips, Ice & Snow Grips Cleat Crampons 

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The EONPOW crampons are another pair that is easy to wear while maintaining effectiveness. The points are made specifically to be non-slipping from strong, ground-gripping steel to make your runs as smooth as possible. These strap-on crampons are lightweight and easy to slide on and off at a moment’s notice.

EONPOW has got you covered and provides you with extra studs just in case wear and tear causes you to lose any while you’re running. You’ll be able to replace them easily yourself and be ready to get going once again. These crampons will keep you steady on snow and ice, but make sure you don’t try to walk on hardwood floors with them!

5. Limm Pro Traction Cleats For Ice and Snow 

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The Limm Pro crampons are another affordable option for anyone looking to adjust to the feeling of wearing crampons while getting strong support for their running practice. They will help you learn to run while wearing shoes that move feel heavier than what you are used to. These strap-on crampons are made with 10 stainless steel points that provide traction in the snow and ice. These crampons work well with most styles of shoes and will help you stay balanced.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite running workout just because the Winter has come around. Find yourself an effective and practical pair of crampons and hit your running trail in whatever weather comes your way!


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