Best Cross Training Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis (Top 5!)

Even without any sort of foot issues or troubles, shopping for shoes can already be something of a pain. However, that point is heightened even more when you have to live with something such as plantar fasciitis. Trying to scout out and purchase shoes that will accommodate your aching feet properly is never an easy task, but we’re here to help change that with our list of the best cross training shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Also referred to as policeman’s heel, plantar fasciitis is when you have inflammation of a thick tissue band that’s connected between your heel bone and toes. This often creates for a stabbing pain either on or near the heel, and some people find that it can be even worse in the morning.

There are plenty of ways to treat plantar fasciitis, and if you’re someone who enjoys running, working out, or doing any other sort of physical activity, having to deal with an issue like this can often put a damper on your favorite hobbies.

However, it doesn’t have to.

These are our 5 picks for the best cross training shoes for plantar fasciitis.

1. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

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Kicking off this list, let’s talk about Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes. As the name suggests, these are shoes that are made to be worn whenever you want to hit the trail or road for a brisk walk. This is something that’s usually quite challenging when living with plantar fasciitis, but this isn’t the case with Brooks’ shoes on your feet.

Made out of leather and available in three striking colors, these shoes look just about as great as they feel. The leather that’s used here feels extremely durable and like it’ll be able to hold up nicely throughout a few years of use, and the actual design is simplistic and clean — something we greatly appreciate.

However, it’s what’s inside of the shoes that really counts. There’s a ton of support found here, including help for your low arches and better control for your overpronation. Most people that have worn these shoes say that it feels as if they’re walking on a cloud, and the comfort that they can provide to people with constantly aching feet really is quite remarkable. In other words, this is one of the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis that you can buy.

2. Vionic Men’s Contest Active Lace Up Shoe

Moving along to number two, the Vionic Men’s Contest Active Lace Up Shoe is another great option for those looking to spend a little less than what Brooks is asking for its shoe. Vionic’s product is made out of synthetic material, and although it may not be quite as fancy as Brooks’ leather construction, we honestly don’t have an issue with the use of synthetic at all.

This synthetic material still looks and feels great, and it offers better breathability for your feet when walking or running. The mesh upper area is particularly great at this, and the rubber outsole offers an awesome amount of traction and grip no matter what surface you happen to be on.

The included footbed has been designed by podiatrists to provide you with the most comfortable wearing experience possible, but if it’s for some reason not cutting it for you, Vionic allows you to easily throw in your own personal orthotic if that’ll work better for you.

3. Orthofeet Sprint Comfort Orthopedic Plantar Fasciitis Diabetic Men’s Sneakers Velcro

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If you’re shopping for shoes for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, one of the most well-rounded options is the Orthofeet Sprint Comfort Orthopedic Plantar Fasciitis Diabetic Men’s Sneaker Velcro shoes.

These shoes are all about providing as much support and comfort for your feet as possible, and after trying them out in the real world, we can confidently say that there’s more than enough here to keep your aching feet happy and content.

This support starts off with an orthotic insole with an anatomical arch support system and gel padded around the heel that forms to the natural contours of your foot. This not only enhances the comfort that you feel, but also does a great job at alleviating foot, hell, knee, hip, and lower back pain.

Orthofeet design these shoes to be non-binding and offer extra depth in the toe box, and this allows for less pressure on hammer toes or bunions as well. Add this together with a soft, seam-free lining and a durable synthetic build, and you’ve got one heck of a shoe that can provide relief to even the most irritated of feet.

4. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Training Shoe

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When it comes to Nike shoes for plantar fasciitis, the one that will likely be the best fit for you is the Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Training Shoe. This particular option is made out of a combo of leather and synthetic, and the end result is a shoe that looks and feels extremely premium.

A rubber sole on the bottom provides for some of the best traction and grip for a shoe of this caliber, and the Nike Air system offers awesome levels of comfort and plus cushioning to all parts of your feet. There’s also a pivot circle near the forefoot, and this enables the shoes to stay grounded on all sorts of surfaces — creating for a more stable and secure fit.

The shoes are on the expensive side of things because of the Nike brand, but if you have the cash to spend and want something that will help you keep moving despite your plantar fasciitis, this is a really great way to go.

5. ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 21 Running Shoe

Our fifth shoe pick goes to the ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 21 Running Shoe. ASCIS is another popular shoe brand, and while this one won’t cost you quite as much as the Nike one, it’s still right up there when it comes to price.

What exactly are you getting for that higher cost?

For starters, there’s a synthetic construction that feels and looks amazing. The rubber sole allows for fantastic traction on nearly any kind of surface, and ASICS’ FluidRide bounce back cushioning keeps your feet protected and cushioned no matter how fast or hard you’re moving.

There’s also a moisture control system, AHAR+ high-abrasion outsole, Guidance Line vertical flex grooves, and even more. All of these things come together to keep your foot feeling as great as can be even while on a brisk run, and the end result is a shoe that can absolutely keep up with you no matter what.

Final Thoughts

Although no one likes to live with plantar fasciitis, these shoes make dealing with this pain just a fair bit easier. You deserve to have as much comfort for your feet as you can, and all of these shoes answer the call of duty in these regards. They’re made well, look great, and offer plenty of protection even while retaining your active lifestyle. Could you really ask for anything more?


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