Top 5 Best Curling Iron for Asian Hair: Straight to Great!

Asian women have some of the most sought after and enviable hair in the world. Next, to Indian women, Asian hair is the hair to crave. Asian women sell their hair to be turned into wigs that sell for hundreds of dollars, and there is a good reason. These fabulous ladies typically have jet black, straight, thick hair. The only problem with this luxury is when an Asian woman is looking for a curl. Then she heads to the internet to hunt for the best curling iron for Asian hair. The factors to consider are steep.

Thick Hair Don’t Care

Thick hair is glorious. It is truly a beautiful thing. Thick hair is the hair you see in fashion ads, on shampoo commercials, and on all the women we long to look like. Women with thin hair do everything they can to make their hair thicker. Have you ever noticed how many volumizing shampoos there are in the drug store?

But the grass is always greener, isn’t it? Thick hair is virtually impossible to style. Imagine trying to get a solid wooden log to bend versus a twig from a sapling. Yes. It’s that bad. Asian women have to use a lot of product to get it to hold curls all day long. Thick hair does not care if you want curls. It wants to do its own thing, not figure out how to make Asian hair wavy; it wants to lay flat and straight and gorgeous.

Straight as a Board

When you have thick, straight hair like Asian women do, it is so difficult to curl because it is tough to get it hot enough to bend. Remember that wooden log we were talking about? Well, if you could get it hot enough, you actually could get it to bend. This heating process is actually how boats are made.

Asian women across the globe are trying to figure out how to curl Asian hair and make it stay. Heat. Heat is the answer. You need a good hot curling iron and a protective glove so you don’t burn your hand in the process. You also need to make sure you curl your hair in layered strips. Piece by piece you take a thin layer of hair, wrap it around the iron, hold for 10 to 15 seconds, and pull the iron from within the spiral. Be sure you have a hot curling iron temperature for Asian hair.

Best Curling Iron for Asian Hair: Top 5 for Spirals and Waves

1. Kadori

The Kadori curling iron has it all. You can get five different heat setting, which is perfect for all lengths of Asian hair. It will reach up to 450 degrees at its highest setting, so it will get through even the thickest layer.

On the practical side, this iron has a 360-degree swivel cool top, so you can touch the tip of the iron as you curl, which can be helpful when you have a lot of long hair to deal with. It also has dual voltage so you can travel the world with your own personal curling iron. Finally, it will shut off automatically after 60 minutes, so you won’t burn your house down.

2. Hot Tools

Hot Tools has a curling iron you will love. The barrel is 24K gold plated, so it will hold its heat as long as you need it to, at an even pace, so you won’t have burn spots. It also has a long cooling tip, which makes it ideal for longer hair that must be wound around the iron extensively.

Speaking of winding around, the cord will swivel 360 degrees, so you can maneuver and manipulate the iron as you style your whole head without getting tangled up in a cord. It will heat up to 430 degrees.  Click here to read more about Hot Tools on Amazon.

3. Infiniti Pro

This iron will hold its heat as long as you need it to, while you style your hair. It will heat up to 400 degrees, but it guarantees no burn spots thanks to nanotechnology that provides an even heat.

Infinit Pro has natural ions so the iron will keep your hair silky and shiny, and it promises to keep your curls in place for 24 hours.  Click here to view Infiniti Pro on Amazon.

4. Phoebe

If long, big curls are what you are looking for, Phoebe is the iron for you. This curling iron is a brush iron, so it has bristles. Essentially what you’ll do is comb through your hair with this brush/iron and it will keep the curl in place as you curl and brush at the same time.

It will heat up to 430 degrees for that thick straight hair, and because you are pulling it out while you brush, it will hold the curl in place, possibly for even longer than a regular curling iron.  Click here to read reviews posted about Phoebe on Amazon

5. Anjou

Anjou is the classic curling iron from the good old days. It will heat up to 410 degrees, and it will do so quickly, within 60 seconds of turning it on. The iron is coated in ceramic for even heating, so you won’t worry about burn spots.

It also has a swivel cord so you can style all over your head without worrying about the cord getting in your way. You will also get that scald proof tip that stays cool throughout heating while you curl. So you have something to hold onto while you style your straight locks into curls.

Final Thoughts

All of the irons listed here will do the job. They will heat hot and quickly, they will prevent you from burning your hair, and they will help you hold the curl. You will have to decide among styles and little extras. If you want a tighter curl, choose a thinner rod. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a big wavy curl, go with the brush curling iron.

The nice thing is, you can explore your options from above and know that you won’t go wrong. You can have curly hair, no matter how thick it is. Asian hair does not have to be straight for life.