The 5 Best Curling Iron for Thick Coarse Hair: Rings and Things

One of the dream hairstyles for women is big thick curls that wave around the head: beach hair. On some women, it seems effortless, and indeed on some women, it is. But for the rest of us, it takes a product, it takes work, and that work involves a curling iron. But you have to have the right curling iron, and if you’ve got any ethnic blood in you at all, and many, many of us do, you’re going to need the best curling iron for thick coarse hair. Because everyone deserves beach hair when we want it.

Hair Types

Ethnic blooded women, women with thick coarse hair, are becoming more noticed for their natural beauty and natural styles. Look around and you’ll see more women of African descent rocking their ‘fros or letting their ringlets fall naturally around their faces. It is no longer about long, straight, relaxed hair. For decades now, women without thick coarse hair have headed to the salon for permanent curls, desperate to mimic what black women were born with.


But every once in a while, it’s nice to have options. Summer is coming and beach hair is in every single summer without fail. That careless bedhead look is the desire of women of all colors everywhere. And honestly, regardless of your hair type, you can change it up and get the beach hair look; you just need the right tools. This is where you curling iron comes in.

Curling Iron Styles

Some curling irons just heat up too quickly, too hot, and don’t give you temperature settings. With thick coarse hair, you do indeed need a super hot iron, but you also want to be able to control the setting based on how big or small you want your ringlets or waves.

It is also nice to have a glove to accompany an iron that doesn’t have a cool tip or an iron with a cool tip. Either way, you don’t want perfect hair and burnt fingers. That’s nobody’s idea of a good summer look.

Another feature that’s helpful is the swivel cord. Since you’ll need to go all around your head, and you need to be patient with yourself, it is essential to have that swivel cord that will move around the iron as you move around your head, angling this way and that.

Absolute Best Curling Iron for Thick Coarse Hair: 5 to Style

1. Curling Wand

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This curling wand comes with a heat protection glove, which really seems to be critical to hair styling these days. It also comes with 4 interchangeable barrels, so you can explore different sizes and different styles discovering the best curling iron size for thick hair according to your standards. Because all of the barrels are made with ceramic tourmaline, your hair will not dry out or burn as the iron heats your hair.

Speaking of heating, the temperature will reach up to 410 degrees F and will adjust back down to 210 degrees, which is a nice option to have. You, of course, get the swivel cable, and the iron has dual voltage, so you can travel the world with it.

2. Anjou Curling Iron

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This may seem like just your basic curling iron, but it is all the rave on Amazon. The ceramic tourmaline will protect your hair from drying out. It heats up fast so you can be sure it will hold its heat as you curl even the thickest hair. This iron measures 1.25 inches so you can use it for long or short hair. Because of its size and its heat settings, as well as its construction, this may well be the curling iron for frizzy hair.

3. MiroPure

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In the frizz reduction field, this one will give the Anjou a run for its money. The designers promise that not only will this iron not create frizz, but also that it will actually reduce and possibly even eliminate your frizz. It has 6 different heat setting, dual voltage, and the swivel cord. And of course it comes with the heat protection glove.

You can use the barrel along with the glove, or you can clip on the attachment to keep hair in place as you curl, depending on how big or loose you want your curls.

4. Bubble Wand

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No, not that kind of bubble wand. This curling iron is ideal for curling frizzy hair. It will heat up fast and adjust from 14o to 410 degrees. You can use the wand with the heat glove as you wrap your strand around the iron. It is made of ceramic tourmaline to reduce frizz, and it comes in 1 inch barrel size, so you can get perfect ringlets that will shake out into great beach hair if you so desire.

5. Bed Head

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And finally, here is a “curling iron” that is specifically designed to give you the beach/bed head look you long for. It is a cross between a crimping iron and a curling iron, and according to reviews, it gets the job done. This wand will work on all hair types, which means you, and it’s got all of the other features you need.

It heats up high and will adjust accordingly, it has the swivel cord, and it is made with ceramic tourmaline to keep your hair from frizzing.

Final Thoughts

This choice is going to come down to your personal preference because you really can’t go wrong with any of them. The lifetime guarantee might seems like a no-brainer, but since you’re on Amazon, you know you’ve got some pretty good guarantees already in place.

Whether you are looking for big curls or loose waves, you simply need a good iron, any of the above will do, and then you need to practice your technique repeatedly until you get the look you want.

As an act of self-care, treat yourself to the curling iron that resonates best with you. Take the time to investigate each iron. It comes down to browsing the site, clicking and exploring, and just buying.


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