The Best Dance Pole for Home Use, 5 Pieces for Exercise

Until recently, pole dancing had a very specific reputation that didn’t necessarily have anything to do with exercise. The truth is, however, that working with a pole can help you get your body into tip-top shape, while you have a lot of fun. If you’re interested in seeing what pole dancing can do for your body, but feel too shy to join a class, look into finding the best dance pole for home use.


Benefits of Pole Dancing

Finding the best dance pole for home use will bring a new level of fun to your at home workouts, in addition to providing you with a surprising collection of benefits. Though it may be hard to believe, pole dancing can actually make a big impact on your fitness and overall health.

These are some of the main benefits of developing a pole dancing practice:


  • Build Muscle and Flexibility: this is a type of exercise which focuses a lot on what you can do with your core strength. When you work toward improving your skills on the pole, you will find that your muscles get stronger without targeted effort. Another helpful consequence of this workout is improved flexibility. Each time you work with the pole, you will see that you are able to push your body a little more.
  • Dance Technique: in addition to building your muscle, you will be working to develop your basic dance skills as you learn more moves on the pole.
  • Stress Relief: just like any form of exercise, pole dancing provides you with an activity that will lower your levels of stress by releasing endorphins.
  • Self-Confidence: dancing is a form of exercise that not only works to help you improve the state of your body, but also how you feel about yourself. As you improve your flexibility and dance skill, you will feel that you are more comfortable in your own skin and notice your self-esteem rising.
  • Fat Blasting: the combination of cardiovascular and resistance elements present in pole dancing results in optimal fat burning.
  • Sculpt Your Core: the majority of moves on the pole require cores strength, and as you increase your skill, you will see your abs bounce into good shape.
  • Express Yourself: embrace the artistic nature of this form of exercise and enjoy the release while expressing whatever feelings you’re experiencing.



The Top 5 At Home Dance Poles


1. MegaBrand Portable Fitness Exercise Spinning Dancing Pole 

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If you’re looking to get the feeling of a professional pole dancing experience, then the MegaBrand dancing pole is the choice for you. This pole is an investment but will provide you with top-notch quality and the ability to change your workout space without much hassle. This pole can be extended from 7 feet and 4 inches to 9 feet and 3 inches and does not need to be screwed to the ceiling.

When you’ve positioned your pole for dancing, you can secure it in place using the angular stability lock. The pole holds up to 440 pounds, so don’t worry about putting your whole body weight as you exercise. Installing the pole is simple and you will be ready to dance within no time!

2. AW 45mm Removable Dancing Pole Kit Portable Fitness Dance Sport

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The AW pole is made of a high grade electroplated chrome finish and extends up to 9 feet to fit rooms with high ceilings. The pole’s support dome ensures that the pressure is spread evenly on the ceiling and accommodates up to 440 pounds. When you receive your pole, you will have everything you need to install it and start dancing. The only thing you’ll need is a wrench!

As you improve your pole dancing skills, you will appreciate the ability of this pole to work in both static and spinning positions for flexibility in your workout. For a very reasonable price, you get a durable and safe pole for your home dancing needs.

3. Pro-Fit Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole 

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The Pro-Fit dance pole is an ideal option for you if you plan to work out in various locations. This pole is easy to set up and take down and comes with a carry bag for convenient and discrete transport from place to place. This pole is practical and friendly for all levels of dancers from beginners to those who are more advanced. If you set up the pole without screwing it to the ceiling, it can support up to 250 pounds.

One of the special things about pole dancing workouts is the creativity involved. The Pro-Fit pole contributes an extra boost to your creativity with the LED light that can be set to stay-on and light show modes for more fun.

4. Pinty Professional Portable Dancing Pole 

The Pinty Professional pole is a flexible option that can be adjusted to fit in spaces of different sizes. This pole is heavy duty and reliable as it is constructed from strong stainless steel and able to hold up to 440 pounds comfortably. Your safety is the main priority for Pinty and the angular stability lock ensures that you will be able to maintain your balance as you try new tricks and moves.

Installing the Pinty pole is straightforward and you will be able to do it on your own with just a bit of patience. The pole will ship to your house in a discreet box and you’ll be able to workout in a static or spinning position, depending on your preference.

5. Amzdeal Fitness Pole Spinning Dancing Pole 

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The Amzdeal dance pole is a durable and easy to clean option for your home workout needs. The pole has an adjustable height and can hold up to 440 pounds. Installing this pole is easy and it suits the needs of beginners to advanced pole dancers. The reasonably priced pole is high quality and comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Times have changed and pole dancing has developed into one of the most popular forms of exercise. If you’re interested in getting in on the fun and having the option of sculpting your core from the comfort of your own home, think about investing in your own dance pole!


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