The Best DE Blades For Sensitive Skin (Our 5 Favorites)

Today, men have access to a lot of different tools and gadgets for trimming/shaving their face. It can be easy to think that disposable Gillette-branding razors are the only thing we have available to us, but this simply is not the case! Double edge razors (also commonly referred to as safety razors or DE razors) are one of the finest tools at your disposal that you likely aren’t using, and these razors come with a host of the best DE blades for sensitive skin.

Double edge razors are some of the best on the market today for shaving skin that’s particularly sensitive, and they’re actually the predecessor to what we know as modern safety razors today. However, these older DE blades and razors tend to offer a much finer and more accurate cut while also still being incredibly easy on the skin.

If you’re in the market for the best double edge razor and want to know which blades to get with it, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

The very first blade I’d like to talk about comes from the fine folks over at Astra. This is a name you’ll come across quite a lot if you’ve ever done a Google search for "double edge razor blade reviews”, and that’s because Astra is one of the oldest and most popular companies around when it comes to these sort of products.

Every single blade that Astra sells comes wrapped individually in wax paper, and this helps keep the blades in the finest and purest condition possible before you’re ready to actually use them. This may seem like a small touch, but it truly makes a world of difference compared to companies that don’t offer some sort of protection like this out of the box.

There are 20 total packages included with this bundle, and each package comes with five of these individually wrapped blades. All of Astra’s blades are made over in Russia, and the quality of the cut that they deliver is absolutely phenomenal.

You’re going to find just a little more sharpness with a Feather blade, but Astra is a very, very close second. Along with the sharp cut. Astra also does a great job at making sure the blades are safe to use on sensitive skin — helping to prevent any unwanted irritation. Click here to read more about Astra Platinum Razor Blades on Amazon.


2. Personna Double Edge Razor Blades

The next product on this list comes by way of Personna, and this is a slightly more expensive blade than what you’ll find with Astra’s offering. However, for those few extra dollars, you’re getting a truly wonderful DE blade.

Personna recently redid the way that it manufactures its blades, and thanks to a new glide-coating process for the stainless steel, all of the company’s blades are now 25% sharper than what it was producing before. This creates for an exceptionally sharp cut, and it makes getting down to the root of your facial hairs that much easier.

All of the blades that come in this package are wrapped in their own individual package, and similar to what Astra is selling, this allows the blades to stay in pristine condition while living in storage.

Lot’s of men have found lots of success with Personna’s offering, and a lot of this has to do with the blade striking a nice balance between sharpness and forgiveness if you aren’t necessarily the most skilled shaver around. Click here to view Personna Razor Blades on Amazon.


3. Dorco ST300 Platinum Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

If you’re really looking for one heck of a deal and want to get the most bang for your buck, this is where Dorco steps into the picture. This is another offering of 100 total blades, but unlike Astra and Personna, Dorco sells the blades for considerably less money.

This steep of a price cut would usually result in a much lesser quality product, but this thankfully isn’t the case with Dorco’s ST300 Platinum Extra Double Edge Razor Blades. Imported all the way from Korea, Dorco’s blades are surprisingly sharp and provide for extremely accurate and close shaves whenever put to the test.


In addition to this, Dorco’s blade construction also makes it very possible to go over an area multiple times without feeling any sort of irritation at all — even with super sensitive skin! The blade is a touch duller than Personna’s blades, but there’s still plenty of power here for most guys that want a good balance between a close cut and something that won’t tear up their skin.


4. Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Pack

The best DE blades for sensitive skin will vary from man to man, and because of this, you’ll likely be looking at a little bit of trial and error if you’ve never owned or used an old-school safety razor before. If you want to try out as many different brands as possible in order to get an idea for what will work best for you, you simply cannot go wrong with the Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Pack.


This pack features three blades from seven of the most popular brands around — providing for a total of 21 blades. That’s considerably less than what you’ll find for the money when compared to any of the other products on this list, but being able to try out so many blades from so many different companies really is a treat if you want to get an idea of what everyone has to offer.

We typically suggest that newcomers purchase this first to understand what blade works best for them, and once you find the blade that will be the perfect fit, you can go all in with one of the 100-count packs mentioned throughout the rest of this list.

5. Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

Going back to more traditional packages of blades, we’re ending this list with the Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades. All of Derby’s blades are made out of pure stainless steel, and they should be able to fit pretty much any safety razor that you can find.


Lots of men swear by Derby’s blades as being some of the best out there if you want to get as close of a shave as possible without ending up with loads of nicks and cuts all over your face. The blade is sharp, forgiving, and oh-so accurate.

Many people often ask us, “How long do safety razor blades last?” With Derby’s blades and essentially all of the other ones on here, you can expect to get about one week’s worth of use out of a single blade before needing to throw a new one on. So, with 100 blades and each blade lasting one week, you’re looking at over two year’s worth of shaving before you need to stock up on blades again.

Final Thoughts

Double edge razors might seem like a tricky weapon to wield at first, but once you get the hang of it, we find it very unlikely that you’ll ever want to go back to traditional multi-blade razors again. Plus, when you have a trusty razor and the best DE blades for sensitive skin, you’re looking at the ultimate combo that cannot be replaced.