Best Deodorant for Sweaty Armpits (Smell Better)

Discovering the best deodorant for smelly armpits can be like discovering the holy grail. If you sweat excessively, getting an antiperspirant that works for you is essential. The last thing you want is to go in for a hug only to have someone recoil in horror. Worse, try reaching your arm around a potential love interest only to have your sweaty armpit cup his or her shoulder. Gross.


Sweat is something everyone does, but not everyone does it equally. Some people barely break a sweat after a marathon. Have you ever seen Floyd Mayweather fight? The looks as fresh and clean coming out of the ring after 12 rounds as he did going in. Others sweat like a leaky faucet in a broken down building.

Regardless, the armpits are the one area that pretty much everyone has to worry about. And if you also happen to be hairy, forget about it. You need to find the best deodorant for excessive sweating. Get covered.


Many men find themselves thinking, great, I had a deodorant I loved, but now my deodorant doesn’t work anymore. Body chemistry changes over time. You may have gained or lost weight, or you may have simply aged. It happens. Deodorant, face wash, body wash, all of these products can go from being your favorite to let you down, hard.

What you need to do is find a deodorant that will last all day long. The worst is to start smelling your own stench around midday, with no relief in sight. But you also need a deodorant that doesn’t get white and sticky and spread to your clothes or come off on others. It really is a delicate balance.


You will typically combine your deodorant with a partnered soap. And fortunately, most deodorants are made my soap brands or vice versa. You can pair them up for maximum effect. Usually, you will find similar smelling products within the same brand name. For instance, you might buy Axe body spray in Kilo scent, then find Kilo scented Axe body wash. Once you’ve chosen your deodorant, be sure to investigate body wash products by the same company.

1.Dove Men Care Deodorant Stick

Dove is relatively new to the armpit odor scene, but it is coming in with a bang. Dove promises 48 hours of odor protection, that’s two whole days. It also offers moisturizer, which is helpful when trying to prevent excessive sweat and stink. Often, when trying to prevent sweat, the product reaches the other extreme and results in dry skin.

Dove also promises a clean feeling after use, which is helpful for those worried about any kind of sticky after effect.

2.Old Spice Sweat Defense

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Old Spice will not let you down. This brand has been around longer than you or me, I promise. It is as reliable as your grandpa, and if you want the old school real man smell, this is the way to go.

Sweat Defense promises a clean, fresh feeling and scent. It also claims to keep you dry, which, as we all know, is a big factor in personal stink.

3.Old Spice Hardest Working

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Old Spice Hardest Working claims to go even farther than Sweat Defense. It says it will make you smell extra manly. It goes above and beyond, promising to block sweat, stench, and keep you clean, fighting off dirt.

That is quite an accomplishment. Hardest Working deodorant really does sound like you have hired your own manservant to follow you around with a broom and a dustpan. Who could complain about that?

4.Axe Antiperspirant Stick for Men

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Axe body spray and antiperspirant sticks are all the rage these days. Ever since those commercials came out years ago with pretty blonde women falling for mannequins wearing Axe, men have been slipping over to this relatively new brand.

And there is a good reason for that. Axe has a particularly pleasing smell. It also acts as a bit of a luxury item, including peppercorn and mint as ingredients in some of their products.

This particular stick comes in a pack of four, which is typical of Axe. It promises to last for 24 hours, too, so a four-pack could end up lasting you quite a while.

5.MegaDry Extra Strength Antiperspirant


MegaDry is the fancy product of the five. It was designed and is marketed by a dermatologist. This antiperspirant is designed not only to keep you dry and stink-free but also to take care of your skin.

The great thing about MegaDry is that you can use it anywhere, on your arms and legs, check, back, and yes, your armpits. This stick aims at keeping you dry and sweat free all over.

And before you worry about blocking hormones or glands, remember that it was designed by a doctor who claims it is even safe for people with sensitive skin. If you are even a bit curious about the Beverly Hills way of deodorizing, this is worth a look.

Final Thoughts

Say goodbye to sweaty pits. With so many products on the market, why waste valuable time stinking to high heaven? Find the stick that is right for you, whether it be old school or upstart, and get yourself together. If you find yourself adapting or changing in terms of body chemistry, and the deodorant starts letting you down midday, come back to this list and check another one out.

Remember, your body chemistry is unique to you. Be sure to pass all the test. Drink plenty of water. Hydration goes a long way to preventing stinky sweat. Eat a balanced diet. Good nutrition and clean eating will control your sweat levels to a degree. And wear light, breathable fabrics. Too much, too heavy clothing will ruin anyone’s day. Then, to top it all off, grab yourself one of the best deodorants on the market to keep yourself smelling great.


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