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Our society loves men with facial hair. Whether it is a well-groomed goatee, a stubble beard or even a full-grown facial hair, the bearded look has gained acceptance and even admiration by everyone from professional businesspersons to blue-collar workers. The same cannot be said, however, of chest hair.

Whereas the disheveled look of a stubble beard expresses confidence and poise, the scruffy look of unkempt chest hair is usually frowned upon.

Luckily, with a few simple tricks, you can keep your chest hair under control so that it can complement your groomed and professional image. In this brief article we will give you three simple grooming tips to make your chest rock.

Trim Your Chest Evenly

To have a good looking chest, the first thing you will need to do is invest in a quality shaver. Unless you have lots of time to spare, scissors simply will not do the trick nor will they give you a clean, uniform shave. There is nothing wrong with leaving a little bit of hair on your chest and torso, but you will want to make sure that it is even all around.

You definitely won’t want to leave patches of long hair in some places and shorter hair in others. So when you do shave your chest, make sure to shave all the way down your torso to your underwear line. If you have back hair as well, you are going to need to find a friend willing to take the shaver to your back as well.

The men's magazine GQ advises for men to trim their chest, going in the direction of the grain,

Use a Body Lotion Afterwards

Many men suffer from sensitive skin, and our chest and torsos, unless you are a lifeguard, aren’t exactly areas of our body that receive lots of punishment from the elements. Shaving your chest can cause discomfort, redness and even ingrown hairs, especially if you are a newcomer to chest shaving.

If it comes to a choice between having your chest look like Bigfoot or like a pink skinned baby pig, it is probably best to go with the Sasquatch look. Most people wouldn't be attracted to a bright pink chest dimpled with ingrown hairs that look like you have an outdated, adolescent problem with zits.

Every time you do shave your chest and torso, it is best to shower before in order to open your pores and hair follicles. After shaving, you will want to generously apply a body lotion in order to reduce irritation and help your sensitive skin recover from the shave.

Combine Your Facial Hair Look with Your Chest Hair

If you have decided to grow out a beard for the winter or have taken up the permanent scruffy look of a stubble beard, then you won’t want to have a clean shaven chest. If, however, you have decided to forsake facial hair for the clean shaven look, then feel free to set that shaver to the lowest setting to get rid of those chest hairs.

Though most of us do wear shirts during the majority day that cover our chest hair, body hair should ideally combine with the hair on your face for one complete look. A full bearded man with a completely clean shaven chest simply does not coalesce.

Another thing you will want to consider is how your body will look underneath your chest and torso hair. A clean shaven chest and stomach will reveal those extra pounds that you have been trying to hide. Leaving a little bit of stubble on the chest and torso is a great way to conceal your love affair with pizza and doughnuts.

And lastly, never forget to completely forego back hair. Even if you have a full grown beard combined with a nice fluff of well groomed chest hair, back hair is almost never sexy and is one area that you will want to keep completely trimmed down to the skin.

According to Men's Journal, is the best to have a professional groom the areas that you cannot actually see. Is it possible to trim your own back, but it could involve a trip to your local chiropractor.

For those of us not lucky enough to have a naturally hairless chest, taking on the task of grooming your chest hair is a necessary addition to our grooming routine. Though it can seem tedious at time, well maintained chest hair can even contribute to your image.