Best Dress Shirts for the Money (More For Less)

All of us have been in this situation. You’ve got a new job. You have to go to an interview. You just got promoted from the mailroom to the sales floor, or from the stockroom to the bullpen. You used to be able to wear a t-shirt and jeans to work. At worst you may have had to pull out a polo shirt. But now, you’re on the hunt for the best dress shirts for the money.

Dress Shirt

A dress shirt is a shirt your dad wears to work every day. Maybe not even your dad, maybe your grandpa, whatever the situation might be dress shirts are the professionals, and you hadn’t quite made it there until just now. You’ve had champagne taste on a beer budget. You’ve been more on the lookout for the best mens casual shirts. Until now.

With a new professional job, or your first dress up job out of college, you have to look nice, but you don’t have a lot of money to do that. You need long sleeves. You need a collar. Buttons are going to be required. Hunting for nice dress shirts is a high priority on your list, likely you need them by Monday.


Dress shirts can get incredibly pricey. The CEO of Bank of America probably has his custom made for around five hundred bucks each. You can bet Mitt Romney is not shopping the blue light specials at WalMart for his shirts. Typically, when people think of the best dress shirts in the world, they think of the good stuff, the Armani Exchange, the Louis Vuitton.

Many people think that those really nice, really expensive dress shirts are the only option you have. But you can actually find really good dress shirts that get great reviews from verified buyers at a great cost. In fact, every single shirt listed here can be considered one of the best dress shirts for under 50 bucks.

1.Men’s Gioberto Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

This shirt is the low price leader. You can’t beat a great deal for a shirt that has a good fit, long enough sleeves, a collar that holds up well, and vivid colors. Men’s Gioberto comes in a variety of colors, and they arrive as they appear on your computer screen, bright and bold.

The material is thin, so these shirts will be perfect for summers at the office, or outdoor events. You can always add layers, a vest or a jacket, when it gets cold. It is machine washable, and it is an almost even mix of cotton and polyester.  Click here to read more about Gioberto Long Sleeve Dress Shirt on Amazon.

2.Geoffrey Beene Regular Fit Sateen Solid

First of all, Geoffrey Beene is a long time recognizable brand, so you already have a sense of what you’re getting. These shirts are reliable and long lasting. They fit well and can accommodate smaller and bigger frames.

These dress shirts are an almost even mix of cotton and polyester. They come in a variety of colors, so you can buy many of the same style. They also have the option of spread color or point color. For the price, you will be getting soft, comfortable, yet professional shirts.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on Geoffrey Beene Regular Fit Sateen.

3.Van Heusen Men’s Poplin Regular Fit

The Van Heusen is another recognizable name in dress shirts. These are made of more polyester than cotton, so you will be able to feel the difference in terms of thin material. If you are looking for something very light, as in see through, this is the shirt for you. Just make sure you throw a plain white t shirt underneath your dress shirt for  a professional look. Unless your goal is to flash your nipples at your coworkers, then go without.

Perhaps you live in Southern California or Arizona and you need a much lighter weight shirt than most. Buy the Van Heusen. It is well made. You can expect a good fit. And the shirts are machine washable.  Click here to read reviews posted about Van Hausen Regular Fit on Amazon.

4.Kenneth Cole Men’s Chambray

Kenneth Cole is well known for a solid fit. You can look forward to wearing these shirts in the morning when you are getting ready for work. The material is the opposite of the Van Heusen’s. These Kenneth Cole’s are mostly cotton with a bit of polyester for stiffness.

The collar will hold up well. The fit is snug and comfortable without being tight. They are machine washable and come in a few different colors, at least one for every day of the workweek.  Click here to see the pricing for the Kenneth Cole Chambray on Amazon.

5.Buttoned Down Men’s Classic Fit

The Buttoned Down shirt is 100% cotton, so you can expect very little stiffness in this shirt. It is going to fit you like a nice comfortable shirt that you have had for years after just a few years The nice thing is, it will still hold up professionally and look the part.

It is machine washable and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. It is also on the pricier range, so you will definitely get what you pay for.

Speaking of pricey, though, Buttoned Down guarantees your satisfaction or they will give you your money back. You just can’t go wrong with these kinds of assurances.

Final Thoughts

Whether you just got a promotion or you just need a quick shirt for your sister’s wedding, you can certainly find a nice dress shirt for good money. A dress shirt should take you from the boardroom to a dinner meeting, and all of these shirts will do that. Expect each of these to hold up their end of the deal in terms of wash and wear.

In the end, every man should own a nice dress shirt. You’ll need to go to a wedding, a graduation, or a bat mitzvah. Eventually, you will need to go to an interview. And once you go to an interview, you’ll have to buy even more dress shirts for that job you nailed. You might as well get started stocking up on the good stuff now. And it won’t even break your bank.