Which are the Best Dress Socks for Sweaty Feet? Learn How to Choose Socks!

Socks are special knitted garments made for human feet. Socks play a more vital and central role for people with sweaty feet by removing the excess moisture from their feet. Feet sweating is a very common event but excessive sweaty feet are quite uncommon. Excess sweats in the feet can cause bad odor and uncomfortable feeling to the entire body of those suffering from it.

However, there are ways to solve this problem. Rather than occasionally putting off your shoes to clean your feet, you can easily put on specialized socks for sweaty feet. There are several socks for sweaty feet but how do you select the best? The following tips will help you to understand and select the best dress socks for sweaty feet.

Best Dress Socks for Sweaty Feet

1. Wigwam Men’s At Work 3-Pack Crew Socks

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Wigwam Wills Inc. is a leading manufacturer of top-rated, durable, and innovative socks for over 110 years. The company has an enviable track of uncompromising quality which is guaranteed un134der the most challenging condition. These socks are made in the US and all the composing fibers are supplied by local yarn suppliers.

Wigwam Crew Socks are made of 67% Cotton, 17% Acrylic, 13% Nylon and less than 3% Elastic rubber. The product is treated with odor guard in order to control foot odors and athlete’s foot. Furthermore, the socks are reinforced with synthetic fibers, making it even more durable. The last thing you would expect is to find a hole at the top tip of your socks after work.

What’s more, the socks are cushioned to provide added comfort and protection. It gives you confidence even for a long-hour usage.

2. Copper Antibacterial Athletic Socks

If you are looking for moisture wicking socks, then this product would probably be your most preferred option. Copper athletic socks soothes-aching muscles while the fabric enhances a proper airflow allowing you to stay cool. Copper Athletic socks are made of 80% combed cotton and 20% antimicrobial Copper yarn. This helps to prevent painful blisters during sporting activities.

The socks are “Y” shaped which makes them fitted with the contours of the foot. This will keep the socks in place without sliding over a long period of time. The product is also treated with antibacterial which kills 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses in the feet within 2 hours. This will eliminate those embarrassing and deadly smells coming from your feet.

Aside from being antibacterial socks, Copper Athletic socks are one of the best socks for hot feet.

3. PowerSox Men’s Socks

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PowerSox Cushioned Socks is made up of 44% Coolmax polyester, 33% cotton, 16% Polyester, and 2% Spandex. The product is light-weighted for added comfort and can be easily washed using a machine. It has a “Y” heel shape which keeps the socks in place even with series of leg movement. Furthermore, the socks help in moisture control and allow for proper ventilation.

Since the socks allow for proper ventilation, feet odors are drastically reduced, if not totally eliminated. Another interesting feature of PowerSox is the Arch support and comfort toe seams.

4. Wigwam Men’s Merino Wool Socks

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This is another Wigwam product coming up on our list. This time around, the company is here with a Merino wool socks made of 67% of Merino wool, 21% of stretch nylon, improved 7% of elastic rubber, and 5% of acrylic. The whole manufacturing process is done in the US. What’s more, local yarn providers are consulted in order to acquire quality fibers for the production process.

Wigwam Merino Wool socks are fully cushioned and well ventilated. This ensures that no moisture is left uncaught and as well eliminates the possible odor from the feet. Furthermore, this Merino comfort hiker makes use of an improved stretch nylon and elastic which keeps your socks intact even during an intense walk out. The product is also available in different colors to match your outfit.

5. FUN TOES Men’s Merino Wool Socks

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Aside from the Wigwam’s Merino socks, here are the Fun toes merino wool socks with a slight modification. This product is made of 50% of merino wool, 40% of nylon, 9% of polyester and less than 1% of spandex. This wool socks will keep you warm even during the coldest seasons. More so, the socks are light-weighted and stretchy, with sizes ranging from 8 to 12.

Fun Toes merino wool socks offer a great support for your feet. The product is well-equipped with Arch support which makes your feet comfortable all day. This merino product does not cause any form of itching or odor, unlike some other merino wool socks. Another exciting feature is the presence of odor-fighting feature which keeps your feet fresh.

Cotton vs Wool socks

Cotton socks

Socks made with at least, 80% of cotton are one of the best socks for sweaty feet. Socks made of cotton may be thick but the reality is that they breathe better than other synthetic socks, such as nylon, rayon, and Lycra. More so, socks with up to 98% of cotton and 2% spandex can wick moisture away from the feet. This will keep the foot cool and dry through the day.

Wool socks

Wool is a natural fiber that can also be made into great socks. They have the potentialities of controlling the temperature better than the synthetic one. Aside from the fact that wool socks help to keep the feet dry and warm, it also helps to eliminate the bacteria causing your feet to smell. If wool socks are too warm for you, you can try the socks with wool a synthetic fabric. This combination should properly wick sweat and prevent the feet from smelling. The video below further explains the major differences between the wool and cotton socks.

Final Thoughts

There are many factors to consider aside from the color and size of dress socks. In fact, you need to look beyond the physical appearance and focus on the design materials and other factors. People with sweaty feet should opt for socks that will not only absorb the moisture from the feet but also kill the bacteria that cause odors and perfectly wick the feet. Hopefully, the products reviewed above will ease your decision-making process.


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