Best Electric Shaver For A Tough Beard And Sensitive Skin (Top 5)

Over the years, electric shavers have quickly become the go-to tool for men looking to safely and efficiently trim or shave off their unruly beard. Manual clippers and other tools have worked for a number of years, but you simply can’t beat the added function that comes with electric-powered tools. Electric shavers can be specialized for all sorts of scenarios, and today we’re focusing on the best electric shaver for a tough beard and sensitive skin.

Tough beards and sensitive skin can be painful enough to deal with on their own, but add the two together, and you can end up with a whole word of hurt if you aren’t careful about the tools you’re using to trim up your manly facial hair.

Thankfully, all hope is far from lost!

Electric shavers have gotten insanely good over the past few years, and we’ve selected 5 of the very best that can make easy work of tough beards and sensitive skin in one single swoop.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started.

1. Braun Series 9

Braun is one of the leaders in the electric shaver market, and the company’s absolute best product to date so far is the Braun Series 9. This is easily the most expensive men’s electric shaver on our list, but if you need something that can work well for a heavy beard and with skin sensitivity, this will do wonders.

There are five specialized elements throughout the Series 9, and this allows the shaver to capture more hair in a single stroke compared to most other options. Because of this, you can cut the same amount of hair in fewer strokes, resulting in less overall irritation for your skin.

Braun’s SyncroSonic technology is on full display here, and this allows the Series 9 to quickly adapt to the type of your beard 160 times every second so that you can get an extra boost of power for those particularly hard-to-each areas.

When you’re done using the Series 9, the included five-action alcohol-based Clean & Charge station cleans, lubricates, and dries the Series 9 in the blink of an eye. It truly is something to behold, and if you have the cash to cover it’s cost, the Series 9 is one helluva shaver that is absolutely worth picking up.  Click here to view Braun Series 8 on Amazon.

2. Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor

Moving right along, the Panasonic Arc4 offers all of the features you need and then some without breaking the bank. You won’t get every single bell and whistle that Braun has to offer, but there’s still plenty here to get excited about.

For starters, the Arc4 uses Panasonic’s four ultra-sharp Arc4 Nanotech blades that allow for super quick and clean cuts whether you’re shaving dry or wet. The super thin and stainless-steel multi-fit foil is able to conform ever so gently to the natural contours of your face, and this results in a shave that is way closer and accurate than it has any right to be.

The main shaving head is flexible and can pivot so shaving from your chin, face, neck, and jaw is seamless as can be, and the high-performance motor that’s packed into the Arc4 manages to kick out 13,000 cuts every single minute.

The Arc4 isn’t nearly as flashy from a design point of view as the Series 9, but from a power and functionality standpoint, there’s more than enough to like.

3. Philips Norelco OneBlade

Philips’ Norelco OneBlade is one of the newest products on our list, and although it may not look like much at first glance, the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is more accurate here than any other shaver on our list.

Although the OneBlade might look like a manual shaver at first, this is in fact an electric tool. The OneBlade can be recharged with ease, and it’s capable of trimming, edging, and shaving just about any length of hair imaginable.

The OneBlade doesn’t cut quite as close to the skin as you’ll find with more traditional blades, but Philips designed this intentionally so that it is as easy on your skin as can be. However, even with this being the case, the OneBlade still chops through even the toughest of hair without breaking a sweat. Count us as impressed.

4. Philips Norelco 3100

Sticking with the Philips brand but looking at something a little more traditional and expensive, the Philips Norelco 3100 is a fantastic rotary shaver that has proven to be one of the most reliable of its kind.

The 3100 provides an extremely smooth and comfortable shave on even the most sensitive of skin, and it manages to do this thanks to the 4-direction Flex Heads that are able to move with ease across your face every time you power the 3100 on.

A lithium ion battery powers the 3100, and a one-touch-open system makes it super easy to clean the shaver even after a rigorous cleaning.

5. Braun Series 7

Last but most certainly not least, the Braun Series 7 packs a lot of the same features found in the Series 9, but in a slightly different body with a few tweaks here and there. This isn’t the most affordable shaver around, but for guys looking for something on the premium side of things, this is an amazing buy.

Braun’s Series 7 uses the company’s Intelligent Sonic technology, and this means that the shaver can automatically ramp up its power when it detects that it’s come into contact with denser hair. The 1000 micro-vibrations per minute offer more than enough power, and the ActiveLift trimmer even gets at flat-lying hairs that you would otherwise miss.

The 2X OptiFoil cut system manages to cut close to the skin without causing any sort of irritation, and just like the Series 9, you also have the 5-action cleaning station.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been shopping around for the best electric shaver for a tough beard and sensitive skin but haven’t had any luck, do yourself a favor and pick something up that’s on this list. All 5 of the shavers mentioned here work admirably with both tough beards and sensitive skin, and whether you’re on a tight budget or want to be more frivolous with your cash, there’s something here that’ll fit the bill perfectly.