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The Best Eyebrow Waxing Products

Trying to get that perfect brow? It is incredibly hard to do without tweezing and waxing done biweekly by a professional. Needless to say having to deal with pesky eyebrow hair, always tends to be a challenge. Whether male or female. However, there are products and ways to get around seeing a professional for trimming. Now this list contains the best eyebrow wax for at home or professional use and the best eyebrow wax strips that are reliable and readily available for purchase.

With luck this list will make time consuming task of looking for what to buy and where to buy it from much smoother and easier. This leaves more time to actually take care of your beauty routine needs.

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Your Face, Brows & Bikini Areas


Marketed towards women. This traditional look on modern day removal is as simple as it laying it on and peeling it away. The wax strip design allows for use anywhere on the body, from eyebrow to the bikini line. The application process and simple. The wax strip is warmed up by a rubbing motion between your hands. This generates heat, thus allowing for the wax to melt.

Next step is to apply the wax and then wait for the wax to cool and then to quickly take it off. This allows for almost all of the hair to be pulled off without trouble. If there are any stragglers left, simply reuse the strip once again. But be mindful of skin irritation, it can become inflamed with too much use on certain areas.

Parissa Brow Shaper Mini Wax Strips


A very useful miniature wax strip, allowing for more minute and specific shapings for a variety of places, such as eyebrows, hands, and toes. There is no need for prep time as these can be put on right after opening the packaging. After completely smoothing the skin over, quickly take off the waxing strip to create the best results.

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Using the strip on the same place twice however, can lead to discomfort and irritation. Thankfully this item comes packaged with a soothing salve that helps with any discomfort or irritation from a single strip pull or the occasional second. A generally simple and easy process and cost effective too!

Micro Tweeze Hair Microwave Hair Remover


A slightly different product, this item is more of a wax application, then an easy strip. This however, does not diminish the effectiveness or ability. The wax must be warmed in order to work properly, either by microwave or warming up a a bit in a bowl or pan.

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After applying the wax to a specific area either by a wooden stick applicator, or something to that effect allow for a couple of minutes to pass in order to allow for the wax to cool. The last step is to quickly and effectively pull it away. Then to wash it away any residue that is left on the affected skin. Although, you may need a wash cloth or cotton balls to help with waxing, this item is a great pick for anyone looking for an effective wax.

Parissa Warm Wax


Coming in a four ounce jar of wax, this item is highly regarded as one of the best eyebrow wax on the market. But it can be used for any body part such your toes or arms. Its unique formula allows for the largest and toughest of hair to be pulled away. All the directions and steps needed are to warm the wax either in a pot or pan are self explanatory.

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You must apply the wax onto wax stripping paper which is sadly however sold separately. And pull swiftly and powerfully and wash with warm water any residue remaining. The natural ingredients inside of this product ensures little skin irritation and easily clean up.

DBluezoo epilatory Roll-On Hot Wax Cartridge


Lastly, but certainly not the least, this item stands a bit differently from the rest. An important note of this product is that it must be heated before application. There is no need for application strips, for the package it comes in is also its method of application. The back contains rollers that allow for easy application by simply rolling the wax onto the areas that need waxing. After cooling, a quick peeling off of the residual wax is done. This is product is made with several minerals and pine resins, This ensures skin to be well protected and moisturized even after the application.

StubblePatrol Deductions:

Looking for the right item and fit for a waxing job can be a hassle. Sensitive areas require specific items to work efficiently. These are the highest ended products that guarantee to be useful and satisfactory in all beauty needs.The waxes have the advantage of being low cost and easy to apply. However, the pain factor involved such as the burning and swelling that occurs is not fully addressed with many products.

A wax product does give the added advantage of longer time needed in between for upkeep of shaved areas. The use of cutting devices leaves the consumer with stubble regrowth within days. And unsightly growth periods in between shaves is also a factor to consider. Whether it be female or male, an item that is affordable and gets the job done is alway in demand and with consumer satisfaction in mind, innovations in depilatory devices will continue to evolve.


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