The Best Fingernail Clippers In The World (5 Sharp Choices)

Guys, when’s the last time you bought a new pair of nail clippers? C’mon, be honest. If you’re like most men, you probably can’t even remember who was president when you last invested in a new pair of clippers. And, if you do, they were probably the first pair you found at your local Walmart. Today, this carelessness is going to change. Today, we’re going to show you the 5 best fingernail clippers in the world that you need to buy right now.

“Hold on”, you say, “Aren’t all fingernail clippers the same?” While all nail clippers might technically do the same thing, there’s a very big difference between quality clippers and ones that aren’t worth any amount of time or money.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on quality nail clippers, but you do need to consider the different options you have available to you and understand what makes a clipper worth buying.

Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you and are here to show you the 5 best clippers that you can (and should) pick up today.

1. BESTOPE Nail Clippers Set

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The first nail clipper we recommend looking into comes from BESTOPE. In fact, not only are you getting a set of fingernail clippers here, but a set of toenail clippers as well! Finger and toenail clippers are often sold as a set with one another, and this is an example of just that.

For well under ten bucks, BESTOPE’s Nail Clippers Set offers two clippers that are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and effortless use. The overall shape might not look very impressive at first, but in the hand, BESTOPE’s clippers feel wildly comfortable – even when clipping for long periods of time.

BESTOPE designed its clippers to be easily used with all shapes and sizes of nails, and the precise/sharp clipping allows for a super clean cut with hardly any effort required on your part. You’ll never have to worry about jagged edges, cracked nails, or anything along those lines.

Combine this with a super durable stainless steel construction, and you’ve got an awesome nail clipping package that’s hard to beat for this price.

2. Harperton Nail Clipper Set

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For our readers that want one of the best nail clippers for men ever made, look no further than the Harperton Nail Clipper Set. This is currently a number one best seller on Amazon, and that’s a title that’s not awarded lightly.

First off, Harperton’s nail clippers are designed with ergonomics in mind so that they’re as easy and comfortable to hold as possible. The amount of control that you have over your cut with such little effort is quite astonishing, and this allows for an insanely comfortable clip.

Hard-shaped stainless steel blades cut through even the thickest of nails without any issues, and this also helps to prevent the possibility of nail splitting. Also, just like the BESTOPE package, Harperton includes both finger and toenail clippers for one affordable price.

Harperton clippers are known to last for years and years without wearing down, so if you have a few extra bucks to spend, it’s worth it to go this route if you’re ok with the cost.

3. Tweezerman LTD Stainless Steel Deluxe Nail Clipper Set

The last finger and toenail set on this list is the Tweezerman LTD Stainless Steel Deluxe Nail Clipper Set. This has a similar feature set to what you’ll find with the BESTOPE, but with a different design and overall look.

Tweezerman’s clippers are made out of stainless steel, and because of this, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about them wearing down or giving up on you — even when trying to cut through some truly gnarly nails. The sharp blades work wonders and provide for a super smooth cut, and both the finger and toenail clippers are designed with comfort and cut accuracy in mind — something that shows in day-to-day use.

The sleek black color is really nice and a bit different from what you usually see with nail clippers, and all in all, this is another great package for getting quality clippers while also getting tremendous value.

4. Bokdy Nail Clipper High-End

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Our last two nail clipper options are solely fingernail clippers, and while the lack of toenail clippers do decrease the value somewhat, they offer nail clipping experiences like you’ve ever experienced.

Starting off with the Bokdy Nail Clipper, this is a truly unique take on the fingernail clipper that’s one of our favorite grooming products around. Bokdy uses a special 360-degree rotation cutter that’s very different compared to traditional fingernail cutters, and it’s a change that we seriously love.

The 360-degree nature of the cut means that you get a safe angle every single time so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary pain, and the undulating handle offers some of the best ergonomics around. Add this together with super sharp blades, a high temperature heat treatment, and a sleek design, and it’s no wonder why so many guys have fallen in love with this thing.

5. Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clip 580

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Our final pick on our list of the best fingernail clippers in the world goes to the Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clip 580.

This is made by Swiss Army, and as such, you know you’re getting something truly special right out of the box. Along with the nail clipper itself, the Nail Clip 580 also comes with a nail file, screwdriver, and key ring.

A small and lightweight design is very much appreciated, and it’s super easy to attach the product to a key chain for easy portability no matter where you go.

Final Thoughts

You might not have given fingernail clippers much of a second thought before now, but hopefully this guide opened your eyes a bit as to just what the nail clipper market really does have to offer. Those cheap clippers you’ve been using for eons might clip your nails, but the experience they offer is likely far inferior compared to what you could get for $10 or so with any of the clippers on this list. Buy one of these, spoil yourself, and you can thank us later.


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