Best Foot Spray For Smelly and Sweaty Feet: 5 Picks To Win

The issue of stinky feet is a common one. Runners and lifters deal with it. Laborers have to confront it. People who stand on their feet all day in socks and shoes find this challenging. Even just people with a particularly strong body odor find their feet stink at the end of the day. The problem goes beyond stench, too. If you have foot odor, you could also have fungus, which can lead to further complications like itching. In the end, it is in your best interest to find the best foot spray for smelly and sweaty feet.


The primary issue for stinky feet is sweat. You have on nice warm socks in the winter time; although not as useful when going to work, where the environment is heated. You spend all day in those socks, and you may or may not have the newest shoes on. You then grab a bite to eat after work or stop at the store. By the time you hit the gym or head home, your feet have been marinating in warm socks and shoes for close to ten hours.

Marinating is right. That is just what your feet have been doing. The sweat builds up and then sits on your skin. Once that happens, it is only a few steps to the stench.


Sweat will cause your feet to stink. Anything, even the most fragrant rose, when trapped in a closed space and enclosed with heat, will stink after long enough. Your feet are no different. And if your shoes have already been dealing with your stinky feet for a while, they will carry that stink with them. Then, even though you take a shower every night and put clean socks on every morning, your shoes will help the sweat bring out the stink again.


Then there are the extreme complications. The sweat that leads to the smell can also lead to skin conditions and fungus. You may find yourself with planters warts, which are like tree roots that grow up into your foot and are incredibly painful. Run of the mill foot fungus, like athlete’s foot, is no fun either. It can cause itching, burning, and redness that leaves you miserable at the end of the day.

Your goal is to find the best foot deordorant spray that will not only stop the smell but prevent the sweat in the first place, so you can have clean, comfortable feet with no lurking fungus. You’ll need a good spray.

Top 5: Best Foot Spray For Smelly and Sweaty Feet

1. Natural Foot and Shoe Deodorizer

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  1. This all-natural product uses essential oils to kill bacteria that will cause your feet to sweat. It also has a sweet peppermint smelly that will mask any musk that may be lingering in the shoe or sock you wear.  The nice thing about this spray is that it is made from a small, family-run company in whose best interest it is to keep clients happy. You know they are working to keep your feet stink-free.
  2. They advise you to spray at least once daily before putting the shoe on and shake well before each use. This small bottle is good for several sprays, so invest in a couple of bottles and use liberally.

2. Funky Feet

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  1. Funky Feet is another small company invested in your best interest. All of its products are made here in the USA, and they are all organic, all natural ingredients. A blend of tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and other essential oils will kill the stink on your skin and in your shoes in no time. This mixture is one of the best foot odor eliminator.
  2. The spray comes in travel size and the company markets to athletes of even the most extreme caliber. They want to keep you hiking and biking and smelling sweet.

3. Fresh Foot Miracle

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  1. Fresh Foot Miracle acts as not only a deodorizer but also a fungus and bacteria killer. While other sprays purport to eliminate odors, and some even promise to kill fungus, Fresh Foot is unique. It claims to continue to kill bacteria and fungus long after the odor has disappeared.
  2. This company is also a US company promising local goods. The pine scent and oil are what makes this brand what it is. Pine is a natural bacteria killer, and the company capitalizes on that. You will end up as clean as a pine tree, and smelling like one as well.

4. Odor Reject

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  1. Odor Reject is a bit different in that it aims not only at your feet but at all of your equipment. This is a multi-purpose spray of sorts. You can use it on your bare feet straight out of the shower, and then you can apply it not only to your shoes and socks but your gym equipment and bag as well.
  2. This company is local, made in the USA and promises only all natural products, tea tree oil among them.

5. Odor Zapper

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  1. Odor Zapper is a family-friendly product geared mostly toward families that play tough. This spray will pack a punch with its strong smell. But the company promises that the smell of the spray will fade with the odor you are trying to eliminate.
  2. It is made with essential oils and all natural products; the company guarantees its safety for use with your children, so if you, like many of us, have rough and tumble kids that really wear in their gear, you can use this on their gear as well.

Stinky Feet Be Gone

In the end, do what you can to get rid of the stink. There is a wide range of products promising to be your foot spray for sweaty feet. If the stink you are dealing with is mild, just grab a basic essential oil spray listed here. If you are dealing with some major fungus, you may want to pick up the pine spray. Whichever one you choose, pick it and use it, to your and everyone else who has to smell your feet’s delight.


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