Best Fountain Pen Under 500 (5 Choices of High Quality)

There are people who view writing tools as simply a means to an end, and there are others who know that the right writing tool can change your whole expressive experience. Every writer who values the quality of their output wants to keep a fountain pen in their collection. This can be an expensive addition, which is why you should search for the best fountain pen under 500.

What is a Fountain Pen?

Before you get out and start your search for the best fountain pen under 500, you may need a little background. Fountain pens become known and used in the 19th century when they replaced the dip pen.

They are made with a metal nib, usually of gold, which connects to an internal reservoir to deliver ink to your page. Like dip pens, fountain pens provide more control in terms of the way in which your writing comes out on the page. When you think about how it feels to write with a standard ballpoint pen, you know that there really isn’t much room for creativity in your strokes.

It is this ability to show real expressiveness and finesse on paper that keeps the fountain pen an important staple in the writing niche.

Fountain Pens Under 500: Quality Check

You may be wondering if fountain pens that are more on the affordable side are as good as their more expensive counterparts. You need to take price with a grain of salt, and also accept the fact that, of course, when you choose different values, there will be some differences. What matters, however, is the quality of your fountain pen’s output.

Here is where you will notice differences when choosing fountain pens of better value:

  • The Nib: the nib of the fountain pen is what sets apart from other types of pens. The nib is a point that acts as the tip of the pen, which allows for many different types of cursive and cartography. Depending on the price of your pen, the material constructing the nib will vary.
  • Ink Reservoir: you will notice the use of different types of ink holders depending on price range.
  • Ink: the quality of ink is one of the more obvious things about price discrepancies. Remember, you can always purchase different ink than what your pen comes with.

When it comes down to it, there are plenty of fountain pens that are more affordable, while still giving you the quality experience you expect with a fountain pen.

Choosing New Fountain Pens

You will find that there are different features to distinguish when you search for your ideal fountain pen. Before you begin your search, think about these factors:

  • Nib Type: when choosing your nib, you will need to consider the tip size and shape.
  • Ink Filling System: you can decide between cartridge, converter, built-in system, or an eye dropper.
  • Fountain Pen Body: think about the size of the body you want, and the weight for comfortable writing.
  • Material: do you want plastic, aluminum, or some type of metal?
  • Cap or No Cap: there are both capped and retractable fountain pens.

If you think about these features beforehand, you will be able to narrow down you’re preferred options from the beginning and have a smoother search.

Best 5 Fountain Pens Under 500

Learning more about fountain pens probably has you itching to get started with your search. Here are your 5 best options under 500:

1. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Black Barrel, Classic Design, Fine Nib, Black Ink (91111) 

If you’re a beginner in the fountain pen business and you want to give the style a try without breaking the bank, Pilot provides you with the most affordable option, while still giving you the quality you’re after.

With a choice between fine and medium point and 3 different colors, your initial experience with this fountain pen will certainly be positive. This Pilot fountain pen comes with a converter and 1 ink cartridge. Whether you’re looking to initiate yourself into the fountain pen world, or simply add another affordable model to your collection, the Pilot will not disappoint.

2. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Charcoal – Fine

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Lamy is a German-owned brand that is known for their popular and quality writing tools. While you will pay an affordable price, the quality you get is more than satisfactory. This capped fountain pen has a sturdy plastic body and its nib is made of black coated steel.

The fountain pen comes with 1 cartridge and you can purchase a converter separately if you’re interested in more flexibility in your writing experience. The fine point of the pen will make you feel like you’re writing with a fountain pen of a much higher price. Once you try a Lamy product, you may start to collect all your writing tools from the company.

3. Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen with Gift Case 

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Do you want to give a fountain pen as a gift? Then look no further than this Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen with Gift Case. At an extremely affordable price in the world of fountain pens, you will be giving a gift of quality and sleekness.

The ergo comfort technology means that you or the person you gift the pen to will be able to spend hours at a time writing without pain or discomfort in the hand. The gift set comes with a converter for the medium-nib fountain pen, but you will need to purchase cartridges separately.

4. ZenZoi Fountain Pen Writing Set Case 

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If you’re looking for a stylish fountain pen, you may like the bamboo fountain pen from ZenZoi. For a reasonable price, you will add a pen to your collection which will give quality and style.

You can choose any fountain pen cartridges to pair with this pen to begin your writing journey, there are so many colors to choose from! Even when this pen is just sitting on your desk, you will admire the combination of its bamboo body and gold accents.

5. Waterman Hemisphere Blue, Fountain Pen with Fine nib and Blue ink (1904598)   

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With the Waterman Hemisphere Blue Fountain Pen, you get the look of a very high-level fountain pen for an affordable price. The pen is slim and sleek, giving it the look of professionalism.

The fine point of the fountain pen will allow you the maximum control in your writing expression. The stainless-steel nib is classy and even has an engravement, adding to its aesthetic. Choose between a few neat color combinations and get started with your creative expression on paper.

Final Thoughts

Fountain pens are always in style, but the highest quality models are not always in everyone’s price range. As you see, there’s no need to worry. You can find many sleek and quality fountain pens for less than 500.


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