Best Gillette Razor For Sensitive Skin (Our 5 Favorites)

After spending a certain amount of time looking at and buying men’s grooming products, you start to become familiar with the top brands that seem to get the most attention. When it comes to shaving, one company that often seems to be in the limelight is Gillette. Gillette is one of the biggest and most iconic brands around when it comes to grooming and looking as good as you possibly can, and in this article, we’re going to look at the best Gillette razor for sensitive skin.

Actually, there are 5 razors that we’ll be talking about today. Gillette has created tons of razors, shavers, trimmers, and more over the years that have aimed at guys who have sensitive skin. Shaving hair while having sensitive skin isn’t always the most enjoyable thing in the world, and this is something that Gillette seems to have a really good understanding of.

If you’ve spent any amount of time trying to find the best shaving razor for sensitive skin, you’ll want to keep reading on.

There are 5 Gillette razors currently on the market that simply excel when it comes to working with easily irritable skin, and we’re going to talk about all of them right now.

1. Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Men’s Razor


Kicking off this list, we’ve got Gillette’s Fusion5 ProShield Men’s Razor. This is considered by a lot of guys to be one of the best Gillette razors of 2017, and we couldn’t agree more with that statement.

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Fusion5 is one of the latest product lines from Gillette, and it offers up a shave that’s extremely smooth, clean, and accurate. The blades of Fusion5 ProShield offer fantastic lubrication both before and after the blades come into contact with your skin. This helps to drastically reduce the amount of irritation that your skin has to deal with while shaving, and for guys with sensitive skin, it’s something of a dream come true.

Fusion5 is the thinnest and finest line of blades that Gillette has ever put out, and this means that you won’t deal with nearly as much tug or pull while shaving that you’d find with competing products.

Add this together with a rotating ball that allows ProShield to follow the natural contours of your face, and you’ve got one hell of a razor that is an absolute boss for working with sensitive skin.

2. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Men’s Razor with FlexBall


Another product similar to Fusion5 ProGlide is Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide Power Men’s Razor with FlexBall. This is a slightly older razor than the Fusion5 line, but what’s great is that you can add Fusion5 heads later on if you want to get all of the benefits that come with that lineup.

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Out of the box though, Gillette offers something special with this particular razor — power!

With the press of a button, the ProGlide Power comes to life to make your shaving experience unforgettable. The addition of battery-powered enhancements allows the razor to provide for a shave that’s ridiculously close to the skin, smooth, and clean. You don’t have quite as much lubrication as you do with the previous razor, but there’s still enough here to create for a quality experience for guys with softer and easily irritated skin.

You're going to pay a bit more money for this product, but if you want a no-compromise shaving experience, this is the razor for you.

3. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor


Along with ProGlide and ProShield, another popular lineup of razors for Gillette is Mach3. Mach3 isn’t quite as feature-rich as the Pro lineup, but what it lacks in fancy features it makes up for with getting the basics done right in a cost-effective manner.

As the name suggests, Gillette’s Mach3 razors feature 3 blades that help to provide a very tight and comfortable shave. Micro-lubricants at the top of the blades helps to smooth out your skin so that you don’t have to put up with any unwanted irritation, and this is also backed up by the Mach3’s Skin Guard fins.

Even through Mach3 is a more affordable disposable razor, Gillette says that it will still provide you with a closer and more comfortable shave even on your 10th go with it than what you’ll find with the first shave of a competing product. That’s a pretty bold claim to make, but in our testing, we were pleased to find out that it was extremely accurate.

4. Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill Men’s Razor


If money is no option and you simply want to purchase the best men’s razor in 2017, we find it hard to recommend anything other than the Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Chill Men’s Razor. This is currently the top-of-the-line razor that Gillette creates, and it’s the successor to the regular Fusion5 ProShield.

The main differentiating factor here is the fact that the ProShield Chill comes with special cooling technology that allows your shave to be even more refreshing than you ever though possible. The feeling here is unlike anything else we’ve ever experienced with a Gillette product, and it’s one that we honestly can’t get enough of.

On top of that, you’ve also got everything else that makes the Fusion5 ProShield so great — including lubrication on top and below the blades, a super thin blade design, and an extremely accurate cut every single time.

It’s truly amazing as to how much tech Gillette was able to pack into such a small package, and for guys looking for a no-compromise shaving experience that will be easy and safe on skin of all types, this is the ultimate blade that we wholeheartedly recommend.

5. Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor Sensitive


As great and amazing as the ProShield Chill is, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for other blades to look at. The Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor Sensitive is a product that Gillette put together specifically for guys with sensitive skin, and as such, it’s easily one of your best picks for a blade that will keep your skin calm and irritation-free even during the longest of shaving sessions.

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The three-blade design allows you to cut more hair in fewer strokes, and these blades are also coated in Gillette’s patented DLC formula. This concoction allows the blades to be extremely sharp and strong, and the end result is truly fantastic.

A lubrication strip near the top keeps your shave super smooth, and you’ll also be able to easily rinse the blades thanks to the Open Architecture System. You'll pay a bit more upfront here than what you will for the ProShield Chill, but you’re getting 6 blades as opposed to one. In other words, you’re going to save a lot more cash in the long haul.

Final Thoughts

You have a lot of different options to choose from in regards to the best Gillette razor for sensitive skin, and while picking one of these five razors might seem like a difficult choice, you can rest easy knowing that — no matter which one you pick — it’ll keep your skin calm and happy while leaving your face looking great. Take a look at your budget, see which features are the most important to you, and pick the razor that will fit your needs in the best way possible.


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