Best Golf Hat for Hot Weather (5 Comfortable Choices)

When it comes time to go golfing, one of the first things you need to think about is whether the day will have a lot of sun. You’ll be spending a lot of time on the open golf range, and whether you realize it or not, your head will be affected by any sun present.  If you’re planning on golfing during the Spring or Summer, then you need to invest in the best golf hat for hot weather.

It is highly unlikely you are golfing in the rain. The typical weather for golf is nice and sunny, clear skies, beautiful green to tee off and land a birdie. Sure, sand pits are a pain, but for the most part, a golfer is a fair weatherman. For this reason, you must have head protection. You are prone to sunburns on bald heads and faces, sweat dripping down your face, and a poor shot because the sun is in your eyes. You need the best golf hat for hot weather.

Types of Golf Hat

Finding the best golf hat for hot weather will require a bit of searching. It’s not like there is one golf hat that fits every situation perfectly. There are different types of golf hats, which are best used in varying situations and worn by different types of people.

Here are some types of golf hat that you are likely to come across in your search:

  • Ball Caps (Baseball): these hats are like your standard baseball cap that you probably have in your closet. If you’re looking for a cheaper option of golf hat, then this may be the way to go. Stick to lighter materials, and consider choosing a ball cap with a mesh backing for more breathability. Also, keep in mind, that you don’t want your fit to be too tight. This style of golf hat is best for public ranges, as opposed to elite golf clubs.
  • Visors: this type of golf that is also on the cheaper side, but may be preferable if you don’t like the feeling of a full cap on your head. They’re also very airy and stylish.
  • Bucket Hats: these hats are popular for their level of comfort and the amount of shade they provide. They are reasonably priced and often made from mesh for ventilation.
  • Wide-Brim Hats: if you’re especially worried about sun protection, then a wide-brim hat is your best bet.

All of these types of golf hats can be worn during hot weather, it depends on your personal preference.

Best Golf Hat for Sweat

If you’re the type of person who sweats a lot, then you’ll want to pay special attention to the material of your golf hat. The best material to choose is a soft and lightweight one which has mesh built in for proper ventilation. Interestingly, the color of your hat is also important. Make sure to stay away from darker colors such as black or dark blues. Stick with the lighter colors, such brighter hues of blue or yellow. A golden cap is quite literally the best gold hat for sweat.

Another thing to look for in your golf cap to protect against the annoyance of sweating is moisture-wicking capabilities. Hats often come with internal sweatbands, which are a must-have, as they will stop the sweat from running into your eyes as you’re about to take your money shot.

Sunburns and Sweat

Not a great combo, right? If you’re bald, or balding (just embrace it and shave your head), you have a lot of sensitive skin to protect. You need a hat that will cover your head, face, and neck. Fortunately, there are some pretty cool full coverage hats that will do just that.

Even if you’ve got a full head of thick hair, you need to protect your head and neck, your face and even your chest, depending on what you’re wearing. 18 holes on a sunny Sunday morning can take up to 5 or 6 hours. That’s way too much UVA/UVB exposure. Don’t cut your life short by begging for skin cancer, especially while doing something that is actually supposed to extend your life, exercise, and enjoyable leisure activity.

And then there’s the sweat! Who needs sweat pouring down their faces from the top of their heads? You want a hat to catch the sweat in the brim. A baseball cap, a full brim hat, or even a visor will do the trick. Plus, you won’t be so hot, so you won’t sweat so much.

Low Visibility

Sometimes you’re out on the green and you’re shooting for hundreds of yards. The length of a football field is no easy shot to take, and if you can’t even see the green because the sun is in your eyes, you may as well just go home and give up. Your buddy is gonna beat the pants off of you because he brought his visor. Now you’re just frustrated and irritated, mostly with yourself. That is not the point of leisure activity or exercise. You want to be calm and relaxed. To improve your visibility. Bring the hat and put it on.

Choosing High Quality Golf Hats

When it comes to making sure that your golf hat is of good quality, there are few specific features that you should look for:

  • Material: lightweight, breathable, durable.
  • Sweat Protection: internal sweatband and moisture-wicking.
  • Sun Protection: built-in UV protection.
  • Comfort: flexible fit for long hours of golfing.
  • Style: fits the golf scene.

Don’t sacrifice quality for functionality because you can find them both in one ideal golf hat.

Best 5 Golf Hats Review

Now that you know more about what to look for in your golf hat for the hot months, check out your 5 best options:

1. MG Men’s Plaid Ivy Newsboy Cap Hat 

  • Click Image to See Amazon Pricing

If you’re into the classic style and look of golf hat, then the MG Men’s Plaid Ivy Newsboy Cap Hat will be the hat of your dreams. You’ll get the combination of the old school golfer look, while still getting the hot weather accommodation you need.

The mesh lining and moisture-wicking sweatband ensure that you won’t be disrupted by sweat while you golf. The hat is available in a range of sizes for all heads, and this is a golf hat you’ll be able to wear throughout all seasons. The investment is a value that you’ll be using for years of golfing.

2. Adidas Men’s Adizero Cap 

  • Click Image to See Amazon Pricing

Looking for a ball cap with a lot of color choices? Search no further, the Adidas Men’s Adizero Cap gives you the range of colors to choose from and protects your head while you golf in the heat.

The lightweight has a Climacool mesh which keeps the ventilation flowing and provides moisture-wicking, as well. The under visor provides non-glare protection, so the sun won’t interfere with your shot planning. You have the control to adjust the fit for optimal comfort with the adjustable hook-and-loop back. With the UPF 50 sun protection, you are good to get out on the range in the dead of summer.

3. Under Armour Men’s Blitzing II Stretch Fit Cap 

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Another great option for a popular brand, the Under Armour Men’s Blitzing II Stretch Fit Cap comes in a plethora of colors for you to choose from. This reasonably priced golf that will leave your head feeling comfortable for hours in the strong, but flexible fit.

With a built-in HeatGear sweatband, you won’t need to worry about sweat getting in your eyes, as it will be wicked away and you will feel dry all day. The 100% polyester cap comes in different sizes so there’s no need to worry about whether the closed-design will fit your head well.

4. Nike Mens Golf Legacy91 Tech Adjustable Hat 

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If you golf a lot or play any other sports, then you know that Nike won’t let you down during your Summer golfing sessions. Providing a few color choices, this Nike golf hat gives you the classic baseball cap look while protecting your heard perfectly in the hot weather.

You won’t know it by looking at the hat, but it provides the ultimate comfort and breathability due to its material and adjustable closing back. The Dri-Fit technology is invisible, but you’ll notice it when your head feels cool and dry after hours on the open range under the hot sun.

5. Dorfman Pacific Co. Men’s Soaker Hat with Mesh Sides 

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There’s a style of golf hat for everyone, and if you’re interested in a wide-brim and fashionable look, then you may like the Dorfman Pacific Co. Men’s Soaker Hat with Mesh Sides. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, this 100% Paper Braid hat is more than affordable.

It will keep your head protected and your eyes shaded throughout your golfing day while staying ventilated through its mesh crown insert. No need to fear sun damage, as this hat also gives you UPF 50 protection. You even get your choice of a few, nude shades.

Final Thoughts

The options here can be daunting because it really comes down to your own look, your own aesthetic, your own style. Different men will opt for different hats.

Think about what you already wear, how you want to best protect your skin, and how you feel about different styles. If you already have more melanin in your skin or a full head of glorious hair, you may go with the traditional golf hat or the visor.

If you’re bald or super pale, invest in a full coverage full brim hat with SPF protection.

Alongside those considerations, you also want to think about how you dress. Will a visor actually match your outfit? Do you tend to dress in an older gentlemanly style? Go with the golf hat or the wide brim hat. If you are a jeans and polos guy, you can totally rock the boonie hat. Trust your own aesthetic.


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