Best Hair Clay For Fine Hair (Our 5 Favorite Choices)

Trying to find the styling product that works the best for your hair can often be a real challenge. Between gel, wax, clay, and more, determining which product will be the best fit for you and your hair type is often a rather daunting task. And, if you have thin or fine hair, trying to find something that plays nicely with that creates for yet another challenge. Today, we’re going to be talking about the best hair clay for fine hair that’s worth picking up.

Why talk about hair clay? Hair clay works similar to what you’d find with a wax, meaning that it generally keeps hair soft and also helps to detangle it when necessary. Additionally, clays tend to be a more sensitive and easy on finer hair. There are some clays that are a bit more aggressive, but for the most part, clay finds itself right at home when dealing with fine locks.

If you’re a guy with this kind of hair type, this is the guide/article for you. We’ve spent some time gathering together our 5 favorite picks for the best hair clay for guys, and without further ado, this is what we came up with.

1. LAMEL Best Molding Creme for Strong Hold Matte Finish

LAMEL’s Best Molding Creme is the first pick on our list, and the big marketing push for this particular clay is the amount of hold that it has to offer while still keeping your hair feeling extremely soft and smooth to the touch. Finding a perfect balance of hold and touchability is sometimes a struggle with men’s hair products, but this is simply not the case for what LAMEL is bringing to the table.


A matte finish is also present with this clay, and that means your hair won’t feature a super shiny appearance like you’d find with other gels and waxes. A lot of customers have commented that the scent with LAMELs product is quite a bit weaker than what you’ll find with similar brands, and depending on what you’re looking for in a styling clay, this will come as either a pro or a con.

We find it hard to believe you’d be dissatisfied with LAMEL’s clay, but if you are, the company does offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t complete blown away by what it has to offer.

2. Rocky Mountain Hair Styling Clay for Men

LAMEL packs a pretty hefty punch with its product, but if you’re looking for something a tad more affordable that will hold your hair for a ridiculously long amount of time, Rocky Mountain styling clay has your back.

The Rocky Mountain brand is quickly becoming a favorite for guys in the hair grooming market, and the company’s styling clay is an excellent example as to why so many men are making the switch to the Rocky Mountain side.


Rocky Mountain uses all-natural ingredients for its clay, and it offers a hold that’s very similar to what you’d find with hair gel. However, unlike gel, the clay here won’t leave your hair feeling crunchy and crispy. Even better, you won’t have to deal with any flaking or clumping like you often do with other hair grooming tools.

All of Rocky Mountain’s clay is made in-house in very small batches, and this attention to detail helps to keep every can of the company’s clay as fantastic and perfect as it can possibly be.

3. Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay for Men

If you’re a guy that’s on the hunt for the best matte hair product for thin hair, you won’t want to look any further once you try out Smooth Viking’s Hair Styling Clay for Men. Smooth Viking is another brand that’s recently become quite popular for men’s grooming, and Smooth Viking offers everything that you’ll find with Rocky Mountain and then some.

Smooth Viking offers an extremely strong hold that’s some of the best we’ve ever tested for men’s hair clay. The hold here just doesn’t give in no matter what you throw at it, and while it’s doing this, your hair will still remain just as smooth and soft as it was before you applied the stuff.


Matte hairstyles are easily pulled-off with Smooth Viking’s clay, and this is largely thanks to the shine-free nature that you’ll find with pretty much all of Smooth Viking’s clays.

4. Krieger + Sohne Premium Styling Caky for Men

This next clay comes from Krieger + Sohne (more commonly known as K+S), and one of the most impressive parts of K+S’ cream is the hold that it offers. It may seem like this is something we’re talking about for a lot of the clays on this list, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. All of the clays you’ll find here offer insanely strong holds, and K+S’ clay is no exception.

No matter if you’re grinding at the office, hitting the weights at your gym, running around the house with your kids, or anything else in between, Krieger + Sohne has the hold that you need to keep your hair looking stylish and clean throughout all of it.

The actual price of the clay is a bit on the expensive side, but K+S packs in quite a bit more than what you’ll find with most competing clays. This added bang for your buck isn’t necessary for us to recommend this product, but it sure is a great addition. Click here to view Krieger+Sohne Premium Styling Caky for Men on Amazon.


5. Woody’s Matte Finish Clay for Men

The fifth and final product we’d like to talk about is Woody’s Matte Finish Clay for Men. You get 3.4-ounces of styling clay for just a little more than $11, and that right there is some serious value that’s rather hard to beat.


Woody’s can be used for a wide variety of different hair styles and types, and this holds just as true even if you’ve got fine hair! Some owners aren’t all that keen about the blue dye that colors the clay, but once applied to your hair, it’s nearly impossible to tell that anything is in there at all.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best hair clay for fine hair may not seem like the easiest thing on paper, but hopefully this guide helps you out a bit and paints a bit clearer of a picture of what options you should be looking at if you want to spend your money as wisely as you can. All five of the clays here won’t ever let you down, and no matter which one you end up siding with, you can rest easy knowing that you and your thin hair will be looking better than ever before.