The Best Hair Straightener Brush for African American Hair, For Easy Use!

Every woman at some point in their life wanted to try out the straight-haired look. For those with a naturally more curly hair, this can be next to impossible. Often times to even get your hair to fall down in the morning, preplanning the day before, followed by sleeping on your hair a certain way, and finally brushed out for hours on end.

Not to mention normal hair straighteners often leave bumps and unevenly heat your hair. Who has time for all of that preparing for a single day of straight hair? For this large glaring issue plaguing many a person with a darker complexion, I give you the best hair straightener brush for African American Hair.

How Do you Straighten Your Hair?

A hair straightener is usually defined as an item that uses heat to cause the hair to smooth out. The hair straightener uses hot plates of different types of material, whether it be by ceramic, iron, or titanium. These plates are used to heat up the shaft of your hair, and while there are differences in quality depending on the material, it accomplishes the same concept of straightening your hair to your style.

The actual process of the hair straightening is done by a physical reaction. This reaction is found in a chemical found in your hair shaft, Keratin. This chemical controls the way your hair continuously holds your natural form and causes it to look straight, curly or kinky. Keratin can also be manipulated to change the way your hair looks.

With a certain amount of heat, you can change the natural look of your hair; which is why heat based straightener is such a big deal. Although there is a slight issue that no doubt people will notice, the moment that you put water in your hair it will most likely be put back to normal. This is due to the reversal effect that occurs when water causes your hair to retract back to its normal form.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Straight

  • Once your hair has been straightened try not to get any water in it. This will cause your Keratin in your hair to return to its original shape.
  • Let your hair rest from time to time, if you heat your hair too many times breakage may occur. This can cause issues for your hair in a long-term sense.
  • Be sure to straighten your hair after showering and when it is completely dry, and water may cause long-term damage to your hair shaft.

Top 5 Best Hair Straightener Brush for African American Hair

1. MiroPure Ionic Hair Straightener

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Trying to find a high-quality hair straightener perfect for newcomers and veterans to styling their hair. This Hairbrush straightener boasts a large amount of nano comb bristles, perfect for getting tangles out of your hair while straightening. This straightener comes standard with an LED display that shows how hot you have your brush at.

With a maximum of 446 Fahrenheit, heat will not be an issue. This hair straightener also comes standard with a set of preset heating values, perfect for anyone to use if they are in a hurry. This item also comes with a special item, a heat glove that is perfect for anyone scared they might burn themselves.

2. Straightening Brush 2.0, GLAMFIELDS Hair Straightener

Looking for an affordable but high-quality hair brush straightener? Look no further, this straightener has it all. This straightener has 59 different that ensure that you will be getting an even amount of heat throughout your hair. The LED display will alert you to what temperature you set it to. This heat level can range from 330 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The quick warm-up time of  30 seconds is due largely impart by the high-quality metal ceramic heater. This straightener is a must by for anyone on the go, as its small size can fit into any travel bag.

3. Ionic Hair Straightener Brush, CNXUS MCH Ceramic Heating

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Rounding off this list, we have a fantastic choice for anyone afraid of getting burned. With double-sided bristles that extend further than their ceramic counterparts, this straightener can curb all fears for burns. Although with that said this item can dish out heat, from 300-450 degrees Fahrenheit and has several presets that can help you attain your ideal style.

4. AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush 

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This hair straightening brush is perfect for anyone wanting a slimmer and easier to hold product. The bristles are is constructed of high-quality plastic materials, and features a patented CE- and FCC-certified design to prevent scalding and burning. The brush surface maintains ensures a constant temperature, so no issue of having uneven burns here!

The design also makes an effort to stop the user from burning their skin or hands. This is great for anyone looking for a much smaller and user-friendly alternative to hair straightening.

5. Hair Straightener Brush Amzdeal Anion

Last on this list, we have a very well put together high-quality hair brush straightener. This item has a very interesting dynamic of hair care, as this brush boasts the ability to, “release plenty of negative ions to neutralize overabundance of positive ions”.

This interaction supposedly causes your hair to eliminate naturally occurring frizz, reduce knots and split ends and make your hair not only straight but also smoother and shinier. This item also comes with a heat-resistant glove, for those who want a little extra protection. Take this choice if your hair is prone to knots and frizz.

Final Thoughts

I am a firm believer that hair straighteners should do their job without leaving bumps, burns, and overall damage to your hair. These facts are often overlooked and leave hair straighteners with too much of the limelight. However, anyone with any knowledge of the type of hair African American or black people have; is that it is much different from other types of hair. Other types of hair whether it be kinky, long and unruly, has nothing on how crazy hair can get when it’s curly. Truly, traditional straighteners do not do curly or voluminous hair, justice.


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