What is the Best Hat for Working in the Sun? Check out the Best Under the Sun!

Why are Hats Important?

Sun hats are very important as they contribute to the prevention of cancer. According to research, a lot of people expose themselves to the risk of cancer daily due to an excessive exposure to the sun. It is more likely to develop a skin cancer if the body is exposed to direct UV rays from the sun. Therefore, there is a need for a protection against these hazardous rays of the sun. Wearing a protective cover, especially on the head, is a good step towards preventing direct rays from hitting the skin.

Furthermore, exposure to direct sunlight can trigger the aging process and cause wrinkling of the skin. The early signs of this skin condition include crows’ feet, brown spots, saggy skin, and hyper-pigmentation. Generally, you will age faster if the top layer of your skin is incessantly exposed to direct UV radiation.

Hats have become relatively popular among men as a protection against the sun rays. In fact, there are several hats in the market today specially designed for working in the sun. These hats vary in design and are marketed by different companies. If you are looking for the best hat for working in the sun, the list below will help you make a wise choice.

Best Hats for Working in the Sun

Ddyoutdoor™ Fashion Summer Outdoor Sun Cap

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The Ddyoutdoor hat is a special fashion sun cap specifically made for total protection from the sun rays. It offers an effective protection against the UVA and UVB rays. It has collapsible flaps which serve as an additional protection for the face in case of directional sun rays. The Ddyoutdoor Sun Protection Hat is very good for boating, camping, gardening, hiking or any other work. The large bill and flap offer a great protection from the sun.

Furthermore, the hat has 2 large meshed brass eyelets which aid proper ventilation when the flaps are on. The also enhances quick-drying and wind-shielding. Generally, it is collapsible and easy to carry around. The nylon-made hat comes in a single universal size that fits almost everyone!

O’Neill Men’s Sonoma Prints Straw Hat

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The O’Neill men’s Hat is made of 100% other fibers. It features a contrast trim, logo patch, and a drawcord with a cord lock. The drawcord allows you to tighten and loosen the hat to fit your head. Also, the lock feature allows you to key the drawcord in your desired position.

What’s more, O’Neill Men’s Sonoma has a spot-clean feature which makes it fit for various work style. It has a dimension of 10 x 12 x 2 inches. O’Neill is one of the oldest men’s sun protection hats known. It first became available on Amazon on July 26, 2017. This long-time existence makes it one of the most trusted in mens straw sun hats on the market.

Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Hat

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Camo Coll Outdoor Hat is made of the combination of Cotton and Polyester. It is light weighted and comfortable to wear. Also, it has a diameter of 13.5 (to the outer) and 7.5 (to the inner) inches. The hat has an adjustable drawstring used for fixing the hat. This will keep the hat in place especially on windy days. The mesh part of the hat will keep you cool even in hot sun and enhance the entire body comfort.

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

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Sombriolet Sun Hat is made of 14% polyester and 86% nylon. Plus, it has a 100% nylon laid under the brim and a form-stiffened Brim Floats. It is light-weighted and good for extreme heat, sun, and humidity. It is designed using a SolarShield structure which offers UPF 50+ sun protection.

What’s more, Sombriolet hats are built with vents and mesh lining which facilitates cooling and effective moisture management. Other notable features of this hat include the external drawcord adjustment, transaction headband, and chin cord for a perfect fit. The TransAction headband facilitates a secure and perfect fit while the external drawcord adjustment ensures that the hat stays in place.

Columbia Sportswear Sun Hats

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Columbia Sportswear Hats is a perfect hat for sporting activities. It is made of 100% nylon which makes it a good sun resistant. It has an adjustable drawcord toggle at the back which allows you tighten and loosen the hat until it perfectly fits. Columbia sun hat is a versatile hat, offering an Omni-wick sweatband and Omni-shade UPF-50 sun protection. This helps to protect you from 98% of the harmful UVB and UVA

Aside from the adjustable drawcord, it also has an adjustable Chin Strap for more firmness and comfort. The quick dry feature means that the sweats from your head will dry out in the twinkle of an eye. Generally, if you are looking for the best sun hat for hiking, Columbia Sportswear hat is a perfect option.

Choosing sun hats

Now that we have examined the 5 top picks for the best sun hats for hiking, working, or anything that might come need some sun protection. With a couple of things to consider when making your choice. The below tips will help you make a wise decision.

1.     Coverage and protection

You will agree that you cannot cover your face regardless of the clothes you wear. This is one of the reasons why you need a sun hat, especially during the summer. Also, it is more likely that you opt for a light clothing material during summer which would expose your shoulder part to sun rays. Hence, you should consider a hat with wide coverage area so that it covers your entire head and shoulder.

2.     Material

Materials are also another important factor to consider when choosing a hat. Some materials may be too thin and therefore allows the penetration of sun rays. More so, some materials may be too heavy, thereby making the hat not comfortable for you. Due to this, you may consider a material that totally obstructs sun rays, yet light-weighted for comfort.

3.     Matching clothes

The fact that you want to wear a sun hat does not necessarily mean it should mismatch your clothes. Hence, you may want to buy hats whose color match with what you plan to wear. There are several colors of men’s straw sun hats available in the market which you can easily choose from.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, a better understanding of the damages sun rays have on the skin will help you to better understand why you need men’s sun protection hats. Get the best hat for working in the sun today and free yourself from the potential hazards of direct sun rays. These hats are more important in the summer due to the heightened intensity of sun rays.


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