The Best HMB Supplement In 2017 (Try One Of These Top 5)

best hmb supplement

In the muscle-building and fitness world, there are a lot of different supplements you can choose to take in an effort to get the most out of your workout. We’ve covered a number of different supplements here on Stubble Patrol recently, and the supplement we’re talking about today is HMB. More specifically, the best HMB supplement that you can and should be taking right now.

According to, “HMB is an active metabolite of leucine that reduces muscle protein breakdown.” The site also goes on to say that, “When compared to leucine, HMB appears to be significantly more potent on a gram per gram basis at attenuating the rate of muscle protein breakdown…”

After looking through a wide array of bulk supplements and pure HMB powder, we’ve come up with a list of the 5 best supplements that are currently on the market.

The following supplements have proven to work considerably better than their competitors, and if you’re in the market to truly maximize your gym time, these are the supplements for you.


1. Double Wood Supplements HMB Supplement


Our very first choice comes from Double Wood Supplements, and the product is simply named, “HMB Supplement.” Double Wood Supplements makes its HMB products right here in the United States, and every single batch is carefully tested for its purity to ensure maximum results and nutrition.

Double Wood Supplements says that its supplement is capable of helping to reduce muscle loss when working together with a calorie deficit, providing your body with more physical power so you can set more personal bests at the gym, and even increasing your body’s protein synthesis.


We’ve been extremely pleased with the results of Double Wood Supplements’ product, but if you try it out and aren’t all that impressed, you can easily contact the company and make use of the offered 100% money back guarantee.

Whether you’re aiming to lift more weights at the gym or aid your weight loss efforts, Double Wood Supplements’s HMB Supplement is one of the most effective and natural ways to aid your body throughout either of these journeys.

2. HMB by VitaMonk


Next up on the list is HMB by VitaMonk. VitaMonk makes a wide array of various supplements and vitamins to help you lead as healthy of a life as you possibly can, and the company’s HMB supplement provides a whole lot of power in addition to a lot of great bang for your buck.

With VitaMonk’s HMB option, you can help repair any damaged muscle fibers, keep your existing music in great shape, see more significant gains with your weightlifting, and maintain a stronger setup with your muscle’s cell membranes so you can then have a lesser protein breakdown.


All of VitaMonk’s products follow GMP compliance standards, and they’re made using only the best of the best ingredients on the market. Also, just like with Double Wood Supplements, VitaMonk provides its customers with a 100% money back guarantee so you can feel even more confident with your purchase.

VitaMonk gives you a total of 180 capsules to use. Add this with the HMB dosage recommendation of taking two capsules a day, and you’re looking at around 3 full months of use before needing to restock.

3. Optimum Nutrition HMB


Moving over to Optimum Nutrition HMB, this is another fantastic option that many of our readers have reported excellent results with.

Optimum Nutrition’s supplement works in a similar way to what you’ll find with most other products, as it helps to preserve healthy muscle throughout your body while also supporting an overall lean-body mass.


There is a smaller count of capsules here at 90, but the amount of HMB in each capsule is a bit higher at 1000mg.

The vast majority of reviews for Optimum Nutrition HMB on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive, and most customers seem to agree that this is an absolutely necessary product for keeping your muscles in tip-top shape. You’ll obviously need to include a regular workout routine to go alongside the supplements to get the best results possible, but the effect of the capsules is extremely noticeable.




If you like the higher HMB count in Optimum Nutrition’s product but want to save a bit of cash, we suggest directing your attention to MET-Rx’s HMB supplement. This is another option that comes with a whopping 1000mg of HMB in each capsule, and once again, there’s also 90 capsules per bottle.

In addition to the HMB, MET-Rx also includes generous amounts of Calcium B-Hydroxy, B-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate, and other nutritious and helpful ingredients. All of these come together to help your body have stronger muscles and overall more strength when hitting the gym, and the effect here is rather eye-opening the first time around when compared to your performance prior to taking the supplements.


MET-Rx says that you can take the capsules up to four times each day in order to get the absolute best results, and while you may not want to dive right into this high of a dosage, you are free to do so later on once you’ve seen how your body reacts to one or two pills per day.  Click here to view MET-Rx HMB on Amazon.


5. MuscleTech Clear Muscle Strength Builder and Recovery


Last but not least, let’s talk about Muscle Tech Clear Muscle Strength Builder and Recovery. Also referred to as Clear Muscle HMB, this is considered by many to be the absolute best HMB supplement ever created. MuscleTech is one of the most trusted names in the supplement market, and Clear Muscle is a prime example of MuscleTech’s expertise and phenomenal attention to detail.


According to MuscleTech, people that took Clear Muscle reported gaining a whopping 16.3-pounds of muscle after just 12 weeks of taking the supplement — whereas a placebo group gained just 4.6-pounds. The results that MuscleTech came across are the most profound to ever be seen during an HMB test, and real-world customers have reported similar results as well.

Whether you want to build muscle mass, get stronger, reduce your body’s recovery time, or all three things, Clear Muscle HMB has you covered. Click here to see the pricing for the MuscleTech Builder and Recovery on Amazon


Final Thoughts


In conclusion, you really can’t go wrong no matter which of the 5 supplements you end up choosing. All of these products have proven to get fantastic real-world results, and if you’re someone who’s really looking to make their body stronger and build more impressive muscles, these supplements will be critical for that process.

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