The Best House Slippers for Flat Feet (5 Picks, Maximum Support)

Flat Feet

Many women (up to 20-30% of the population) suffer to some extent from flat feet—a condition that occurs when the arches of one’s feet do not fully develop.

Flat feet, though common and fairly benign, can lead to a number of issues including foot and knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and difficulty walking. These problems can be compounded if you do not purchase shoes that accommodate your feet.

Slippers with designs that help to combat flat feet are often difficult to find and not always affordable. Luckily for you, we have some recommendations.

All of the slippers below are of good quality and have been shown to help with flat feet and its associated issues. Here are the best house slippers for flat feet.

Best House Slippers for Flat Feet

1. Orthofeet Comfortable Arch Support Orthopedic Leather Charlotte Women’s Slippers

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Arch support is the number one factor you should look for when trying to find slippers for flat feet. Sturdy arches can help put your feet in a more natural walking position and make you less susceptible to overpronation and foot pain.

These slippers not only have solid arch support but also have a nice style, are not too expensive, and are very warm.

The shoes’ Ortho-Cushion technology helps distribute your weight evenly between all parts of your feet, meaning that no one part will be under excessive strain.

The slipper is also good for many of the problems that can arise from flat feet, such as plantar fasciitis, as well as other nonrelated issues like bunions, diabetes, and arthritis. If you have flat feet, and especially if you have any of the additional problems listed above, you should try these slippers.

2. Dearfoams Women’s Microfiber Clog Slipper

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You can’t go wrong with these shoes because they’re priced extremely inexpensively and possibly the most comfortable slippers to ever exist. The insoles are specifically designed to be soothing to your feet.

The outside of the slipper is made of plush microfiber, while the inside is made of memory foam—two soft, breathable, supportive materials.

If that wasn’t enough, the slippers are machine washable, meaning you don’t have to deal with dirty, sweaty shoes that acquire more grime as time goes on.

According to Amazon reviewers, you can wear the slippers daily without having to worry that they’ll lose their cushion. If you have foot pain that’s associated with flat feet and are shopping on a budget, or simply value your own comfort, these slippers will soothe your feet and satisfy you.

3. Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap Slipper

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This is the shoe equivalent of hugging your foot. Its unique terry wrap design not only looks great but also provides the maximum amount of support, comfort, and warmth. Like the previous product, these slippers include memory foam insoles, and like the first product, they include arch support.

These two technologies in combination will work to combat your flat feet in different ways—the arch support will help to align your feet to their natural walking positions, and the memory foam will help to create an even weight distribution so that no one part of your foot is overly strained.

This product is also very inexpensive and comes in several color options, including black, pink, crème, and light blue.

4. Orthaheel Women’s Relax Slipper, Black Terry

This slipper is a bit more open than the last few, which is generally not desirable for flat feet due to the risk of slipping out, but these slippers combat that issue in a few ways. The first way is that the back of the shoe is not completely flat—it’s similar to the clog design in that it has a partially closed back.

Although it’s open-toed, the shoe solves this problem by providing arch support, which means it’s much more likely to stay on your foot. Additionally, the top of the shoe is adjustable in tightness, so you can decide whether you prefer more freedom or prefer a shoe that hugs your foot.

5. Orthaheel by Vionic Indulge Gemma Women Round Toe Canvas Gray Slipper

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We’ve included another Orthaheel slipper on this list because they’re a reputable brand known for their high-quality corrective shoes. This shoe is for if you prefer the closed-toe design but still want to try out an Orthaheel product.

Like the previous shoe, this one has solid arch support and a semi-open back. The EVA midsole technology will absorb shock and help distribute your weight evenly across your foot.

Final Thoughts

The five products listed above are the best house slippers for flat feet. If you suffer from the condition and need a shoe that will help correct poor posture, soothe issues you’ve developed as a result of your flat feet, or you simply wish to prevent these issues from arising, the shoes recommended in this article are sure to satisfy your needs.

Arch support and memory foam are your best friends when looking for slippers to help with flat feet, and all of these products have one or both of those aspects. The products on this list are also all within an affordable price range.

Before you start shopping, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, as the title of the article suggests, these are all house slippers.

Some of them have rubber soles, making them usable outside, but not all of the shoes are suitable to be worn outdoors. If you’re considering wearing your slippers outside as well as inside, be sure to check whether or not the product you’re buying has a rubber sole.

Also, decide which corrective features are most important to you in a slipper and choose your shoe based on those features. All of the shoes listed are within a fairly affordable range, so hopefully, you can choose primarily based on your needs and not worry too much about price.

Other than that, we wish you good luck and hope that you find the perfect slipper for you.

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