Best House Slippers For Hardwood Floors (5 Softest Choices)

While grooming tools and products are definitely our main focus here at Stubble Patrol, we also know the importance of a man having a trusty, comfy pair of slippers that he can call home after a long day of work. Lots of guys often wear their slippers indoors, and for many men, their homes are covered in hardwood flooring. Not all slippers are created equal, and because of this, today we’re going to be talking about the best house slippers for hardwood floors.

This might seem like a very niche topic of discussion, but it’s something that definitely deserves being talked about. While you could go out and purchase the first pair of slippers you see online or in your local store, you’re going to be slipping and sliding everywhere in your house if they weren’t made specifically for use with wooden floors.

A good pair of indoor slippers should give you the traction, grip, and comfort that you desire, and because of that, we’ve selected our favorite indoor slippers that will keep your feet happy while also not letting you slide on your butt while wearing them in the house.

1. HomyWolf Unisex Cotton House Slippers

There are lots of indoor slippers to choose from, but if you’re on the hunt for some of the best quiet slippers for hardwood floors, then the HomyWolf Unisex Cotton House Slippers might be right up your alley.

On the upper part of the HomyWolf slippers, you’ll find find a super-soft cotton material that feels wonderful and is nice and warm during the cold winter months. A faux fur collar surrounds the opening of the slipper, and even though it’s faux, it’s still super fluffy and adds a nice sense of style to the product as a whole.

Move over to the bottom of the HomyWolf slippers, and you’ll find a solid rubber sole that does a great job at offering a super solid grip when walking around on hardwood floors. Better yet, these slippers make hardly any noise when wearing them, so you’ll never have to worry about waking up loved ones when heading to the fridge at 3 in the morning to get that last slice of pie.

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2. UltraIdeas Men’s Cozy Warm Slippers

UltraIdeas makes the next pair of slippers on our list, and they are easily some of the best indoor slippers for hardwood floors that money can buy. The appearance of UltraIdeas’ slippers are a bit more modern and laid-back then what you’ll find with HomyWolf’s option, and you can choose between a grey and black color option.


These slippers are so comfy that UltraIdeas says you’ll feel like you’re “walking on a cloud” with them on, and we can absolutely say that this claim is 100% accurate. I don’t know what sort of magic UltraIdeas used here, but these are some of the comfiest slippers that I’ve ever put on my feet.

A high-grade cotton material is used throughout the slippers, and along with making them incredibly comfortable, it also makes them incredibly durable and resistant to normal wear and tear. Even better, UltraIdeas incorporated a waterproof rubber sole on the bottom that kicks out some of the best grip you can find for a slipper in the price bracket.

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3. KushyShoo Men’s Slip-On Slippers

KushyShoo is a company that’s quickly becoming a favorite for lots of guys when it comes to indoor slippers, and if you're someone who’s specifically trying to look for the best house shoes for sore feet, look no further.

Similar to the other two slippers we’ve looked at so far, you’ll find a cotton design with the KushyShoo slippers that allows them to be comfy and durable at the same time. A rubber sole means you won’t be slipping or sliding whether you’re wearing these things indoors or out, and there are two main colors to choose from.

However, perhaps the best part about these slippers is the super warm and soft plush lining on the inside. This lining, although not the most premium or fancy out there, is ridiculously soft and comfortable. It’s easy to get sore feet throughout your day, and if you’re a guy who often struggles with this, you’ll be excited every day to come home and slide your feet into this cotton wonderland that is the KushyShoo Men’s Slip-On Slippers (click to see on Amazon).


4. HomeIdeas Men’s Cashmere House Slippers

If you’d rather have a pair of slippers that look a bit more professional and classy for about the same price, HomeIdeas Men’s Cashmere House Slippers are more than worth your time and attention. The four different colors that you have to choose from all look fantastic, and the sticking throughout the front is some of the best out of all the slippers on this list.

The entire front of the HomeIdeas slippers is made out of cashmere, and this is what really puts them over the top when compared to the other four options you’ll find here. Cashmere is a wonderful material that strikes an awesome balance of being comfortable, light, and breathable all at the same time.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the thermo plastic rubber sole on the bottom delivers phenomenal resistance against accidental slippage and is even waterproof to ensure maximum security when wearing the slippers outdoors.

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5. Vonmay Men’s Wool Plush House Slippers

To bring this list to a close, let’s talk about the Vonmay Men’s Wool Plush House Slippers. Vonmay’s slippers are another pair that amaze me every time I put them on with just how insanely comfortable they are. These comfort levels are thanks to the use of wool and faux suede throughout the shoes, and once you put your feet inside of these things, you’ll never want to take them out.

Although the suede and fleece lining are technically fake, they offer a great feeling and still look incredibly nice and fancy when wearing the slippers around the house. Also, thanks to the side-seamed outsole, the slippers are incredibly resilient against water and any dampness that your slippers may encounter while wearing them. These slippers are available on Amazon.


Final Thoughts

By the way, do you call them house shoes or slippers?

The marketplace has a lot of choices when it comes to the best house slippers for hardwood floors, but if you only want to look at the best of the best, you don’t need to go any further than the products mentioned in this guide. A quality pair of indoor house slippers offers a high level of comfort, durability, and resistance to slippage. All 5 of the slippers here go above and beyond what you've come to expect from a normal pair of slippers, and that’s what makes them so great.